George Herbert Clarke, ed. (1873–1953). A Treasury of War Poetry. 1917.

Index of Titles

Abraham Lincoln Walks at Midnight
A Chant of love for England
A Cross in Flanders
A Letter from the Front
All the Hills and Vales Along
A Mother’s Dedication
A Petition
A Prayer in Time of War
A Song
At St. Paul’s: April 20, 1917
Australia to England
Before Action
Between the Lines
British Merchant Service
“— But a Short Time to Live
Canada to England
Champagne, 1914–15
Chaplain to the Forces
Christmas: 1915
Destroyers off Jutland
Edith Cavell
England and America
England to Free Men
Expectans Expectavi
For All we Have and Are
For the Fallen
German Prisoners
Guns of Verdun
Harvest Moon
Harvest Moon: 1916
Hills of Home
Home Thoughts from Leventie
How Sleep the Brave!”
I Have a Rendezvous with Death
In the Trenches
Into Battle
In War-Time
Italy in Arms
Jimmy Doane
Langemarck at Ypres
Liberty Enlightening the World
Lines Written in Surrey, 1917
Lord Kitchener
Mare Liberum
Men of Verdun
Men who March Away
My Son
No Man’s Land
Not to Keep
O Glorious France
On Les Aura!”
On the Italian Front, MCMXVI
Oxford in War-Time
Oxford Revisited in War-Time
Place de la Concorde
Princeton, May, 1917
Pro Patria
Qui Vive?
Rheims Cathedral—1914
Rupert Brooke
Song of the Red Cross
Sonnets Written in the Fall of 1914
Spring in War-Time
The Anvil
The Battlefield
The Battle of Liège
The Beach Road by the Wood
The Casualty Clearing Station
The Challenge of the Guns
The Choice
The Cricketers of Flanders
The Dawn Patrol
The Day’s March
The Dead
The Death of Peace
The Debt
The Debt Unpayable
The Fallen Subaltern
The Guards Came Through
The Healers
The Hell-Gate of Soissons
The Island of Skyros
The Journey
The Kaiser and Belgium
The Kaiser and God
The Messages
The Messines Road
The Mine-Sweepers
The Mobilization in Brittany
The Name of France
Then and Now
The Old Soldier
The Passengers of a Retarded Submersible
The Players
The Pool Rings his Bells
The Red Cross Nurses
The Red Cross Spirit Speaks
The Return
The Road to Dieppe
The Searchlights
The Sign
The Soldier
The Soul of Jeanne d’Arc
The Spires of Oxford
The Superman
The Toy Band
The Trenches
The Vigil
The Virgin of Albert
The Volunteer
The War Films
The White Comrade
The Wife of Flanders
The “William P. Frye
Thomas of the Light Heart
Three Hills
To a Hero
To America
To a Mother
To an Old Lady Seen at a Guest-House for Soldiers
To a Soldier in Hospital
To Belgium
To Belgium in Exile
To Fellow Travellers in Greece
To France
To France
To our Fallen
To Russia New and Free
To the Belgians
To the Others
To the United States of America
Two Sonnets
Vive la France!
We Willed it Not
When there is Peace