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George Herbert Clarke, ed. (1873–1953). A Treasury of War Poetry. 1917.

Dyneley Hussey


ALONE amid the battle-din untouched

Stands out one figure beautiful, serene;

No grime of smoke nor reeking blood hath smutched

The virgin brow of this unconquered queen.

She is the Joy of Courage vanquishing

The unstilled tremors of the fearful heart;

And it is she that bids the poet sing,

And gives to each the strength to bear his part.

Her eye shall not be dimmed, but as a flame

Shall light the distant ages with its fire,

That men may know the glory of her name,

That purified our souls of fear’s desire.

And she doth calm our sorrow, soothe our pain,

And she shall lead us back to peace again.