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George Herbert Clarke, ed. (1873–1953). A Treasury of War Poetry. 1917.

Robert Bridges

To the United States of America

BROTHERS in blood! They who this wrong began

To wreck our commonwealth, will rue the day

When first they challenged freemen to the fray,

And with the Briton dared the American.

Now are we pledged to win the Rights of man;

Labour and Justice now shall have their way,

And in a League of Peace—God grant we may—

Transform the earth, not patch up the old plan.

Sure is our hope since he who led your nation

Spake for mankind, and ye arose in awe

Of that high call to work the world’s salvation;

Clearing your minds of all estranging blindness

In the vision of Beauty and the Spirit’s law,

Freedom and Honour and sweet Lovingkindness.
April 30, 1917