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Alexander Pope (1688–1744). Complete Poetical Works. 1903.

Poems: 1713–17

Imitation of Tibullus

  • See the fourth elegy of Tibullus, lines 55, 56. In the course of his high-flown correspondence with Lady Mary Wortley Montagu, after her departure for the East, Pope often suggests the possibility of his travelling to meet her. ‘But if my fate be such,’ he says on the occasion which brought forth this couplet, ‘that this body of mine (which is as ill matched to my mind as any wife to her husband) be left behind in the journey, let the epitaph of Tibullus be set over it!’

  • HERE, stopt by hasty Death, Alexis lies,

    Who cross’d half Europe, led by Wortley’s eyes.