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Alexander Pope (1688–1744). Complete Poetical Works. 1903.

Poems: 1713–17

Imitation of Martial

  • Referred to in a letter from Trumbull to Pope dated January, 1716. The epigram imitated is the twenty-third of the tenth book.

  • AT length, my Friend (while Time, with still career,

    Wafts on his gentle wing his eightieth year),

    Sees his past days safe out of Fortune’s power,

    Nor dreads approaching Fate’s uncertain hour;

    Reviews his life, and in the strict survey,

    Finds not one moment he could wish away,

    Pleased with the series of each happy day.

    Such, such a man extends his life’s short space,

    And from the goal again renews the race;

    For he lives twice, who can at once employ

    The present well, and ev’n the past enjoy.