The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

XIV. George Meredith, Samuel Butler, George Gissing



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—— A Chronological List of George Meredith’s Publications, 1849–1911. 1914.

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Collected Works

The Works of George Meredith. [34 vols. published.] 1896, etc. The New Popular Edition. 18 vols. 1897, 1898. 18 vols. 1902–5. Memorial Edition. 27 vols. 1909–11 [vol. 27, Bibliography by Esdaile, A. J. K.]. Standard Edition. 1914.


Poems. 1851.

Modern Love and Poems of the English Roadside. 1862. Portland [U. S. A.], 1891.

See Swinburne’s article in The Spectator, 7 June, 1862.

Poems and Lyrics of the Joy of Earth. 1883.

Ballads and Poems of Tragic Life. 1887.

A Reading of the Earth. 1888.

Poems. The Empty Purse. With Odes to the Comic Spirit, to Youth in Memory, and Verses. 1892.

Jump-to-Glory Jane. [A poem rptd. from The Universal Review].… Ed. and arranged by Quilter, H. With forty-four designs invented, drawn and written by Lawrence [sic] Housman. 1892.

Odes in contribution to the Songs of French History. 1898.

A Reading of Life. 1901.

The Nature Poems of George Meredith. With sixteen … pictures … by William Hyde. 1907.

Poems written in Early Youth (published in 1851), Poems from Modern Love, and Scattered Poems. 1909.

Last Poems. 1909.

Poetical Works. With some notes by Trevelyan, G. M. 1912.

Separate Prose Works

The Shaving of Shagpat. An Arabian entertainment. 1856 [1855]. The Shaving of Shagpat … and Farina.… A new edn. 1889. Mackechnie, J. Meredith’s Allegory. The Shaving of Shagpat, interpreted. 1910.

Farina: a legend of Cologne. 1857, 1865.

The Ordeal of Richard Feverel. A history of Father and Son. 3 vols. 1859. Other edns.: 1878, 1890, 1897, 1899.

Evan Harrington. 3 vols. 1861. New edn. 1889.

Emilia in England. 3 vols. 1864. Another edn. entitled Sandra Belloni. 1889.

Rhoda Fleming. 3 vols. 1865. New edn. 1890.

Vittoria. 3 vols. 1867. A new edn. 1889.

The Adventures of Harry Richmond. 3 vols. 1871. New edn. 1889.

Beauchamp’s Career. 3 vols. 1876. New edn. 1889.

The House on the Beach. A realistic tale. New York, 1877. Harper’s Half-Hour Series.

On the idea of Comedy; and of the uses of the Comic Spirit. (A lecture delivered at the London Institution, February 1st, 1877.) [Signed: G. M.] [1877.] 1897, etc. Proofsheets, with the author’s corrections, of the Essay on Comedy, published in The New Quarterly Magazine, April, 1877.

The Egoist. A comedy in narrative. 3 vols. 1879, 1880, 1890.

The Tragic Comedians. A study in a well-known story. Enlarged from The Fortnightly Review. 2 vols. 1880. Revised and corrected by the Author. With an introductory note on Ferdinand Lassalle by Shorter, Clement. 1892.

Diana of the Crossways. A novel.… Considerably enlarged from The Fortnightly Review. 3 vols. 1885, 1890.

Sandra Belloni. 1889. See Emilia in England [first published under this title 1864].

The Case of General Ople and Lady Camper. New York [1890].

The Tale of Chloe: an episode in the history of Beau Beamish. New York [1890]. English edn. 1900.

One of Our Conquerors. 3 vols. 1891. New edn. 1892.

Lord Ormont and his Aminta. 1894.

The Amazing Marriage. 2 vols. 1895.

The Story of Bhanavar the Beautiful. [From The Shaving of Shagpat.] 1900. Celt and Saxon. 1910.

The Gentleman of Fifty and the Damsel of Nineteen. 1910.

Up to Midnight.… A series of dialogues contributed to the Graphic, now rptd. for the first time. Boston [U. S. A.], 1913.


Letters. Collected and ed. by his son [Meredith, W. M.]. 2 vols. 1912.

Letters from George Meredith to E. Clodd and C. K. Shorter. 1913. [30 copies privately ptd. for Wise, T. J.]

Biography and Criticism

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MSS. in British Museum

Additional 34486, ff. 56–86. Correspondence with Charles and Francis Darwin. 1863–1880.

—— 34486, f. 62. Letter to T. W. G. Butler, 1876.

—— 36711–36713. Original MSS. of Erewhon and Erewhon Revisited.

Single Works

Darwin among the Machines. [Signed: Cellarius, i.e. S. Butler. A cutting from The Press of Canterbury, N. Z.] [1863.]

A First Year in Canterbury Settlement. 1863. A First Year in Canterbury Settlement, with other early essays. Ed. Streatfeild, R. A. 1914.

Note on the Tempest, Act III, Sc. i. Literary Foundlings … collected in Canterbury, N. Z. 1864.

The Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ, as given by the Four Evangelists, critically examined. 1865. [Two copies in the B.M. (03127. ce. 14. 2–3) have MS. notes by the author.]

Erewhon; or Over the Range. 1872. 2nd edn. 1872. [The B.M. copy (c. 60. k. 9) has MS. notes by the author.] New and revised edn. 1901. Samuel Butler and The Press. The Germ of Erewhon. [An article extracted from The Press, Christchurch, N.Z. 25 May, 1911. Christchurch, N. Z. 1911.]

Cf. The Quarterly Review, January, 1914.

The Fair Haven. A work in defence of the miraculous element in Our Lord’s Ministry on earth. By the late John Pickard Owen. Edited by W. B. Owen, with a Memoir by the Author. [Entirely written by Butler, S.] 1873. 2nd edn. 1873.

The Fair Haven. Now reset; and edn., with an introduction by Streatfeild, R. A. 1913.

Life and Habit. 1878 [1877]. New edn., with author’s addenda. [Ed. Streatfeild, R. A.] 1910.

Evolution, old and new; or, the theories of Buffon, Dr. Erasmus Darwin, and Lamarck, as compared with that of Charles Darwin. 1879. 2nd edn., with an appendix and index. 1882. New edn. (third), with author’s revisions, appendix and index. [Ed. Streatfeild, R. A.] 1911.

Unconscious Memory: a comparison between the theory of Dr. Ewald Hering … and the Philosophy of the Unconscious of Dr. Edward von Hartmann; with translations from these authors, and preliminary chapters bearing on Life and Habit, Evolution, old and new, and Charles Darwin’s edn. of Dr. Krause’s Erasmus Darwin. 1880.

Alps and Sanctuaries of Piedmont and the Canton of Ticino. [With illustrations.] [1881.] New and enlarged edn., with author’s revisions and index, and an introduction by Streatfeild, R. A. 1913. [With illustrations.]

Selections from previous works. With remarks on G. J. Romanes’ Mental Evolution in Animals, and a Psalm of Montreal. 1884.

To the Electors of the Slade Professor of Fine Art. [A letter by Samuel Butler, with a list of his works and testimonials in support of his candidature for the Slade Professorship of Fine Art at Cambridge.] [1886.]

Holbein’s Dance. [Photographs of two drawings attributed to Holbein, with critical remarks.] [1886.]

Luck or Cunning, as the main means of Organic Modification? An attempt to throw additional light upon the late Charles Darwin’s theory of Natural Selection. 1887 [1886].

Ex Voto: an account of the Sacro Monte or New Jerusalem at Varallo-Sesia. With some notice of Tabachetti’s remaining at the Sanctuary of Crea. 1888.

A Lecture on the Humour of Homer. Jan. 30th, 1892. Rptd., with preface and additional matter, from The Eagle. Cambridge, 1892. [B.M. copy (11335. bbb. 43. 1.) has MS. corrections by the author.]

On the Trapanese Origin of the Odyssey. [An article rptd. from The Eagle, with a preface.] Cambridge, 1893.

A Translation, attempted in consequence of a challenge. [A translation into

Homeric verse of a passage from Martin Chuzzlewit. By Samuel Butler.] [1894.]

Sample Passages, from a new prose translation of the Odyssey. [1894.]

The Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Butler, Headmaster of Shrewsbury School, 1798–1836 … in so far as they illustrate the scholastic, religious, and social life of England, 1790–1840. 2 vols. 1896. [B.M. copy (Bks. 3. g. 2) contains MS. notes and corrections, with the addition of two quarto volumes of discarded and duplicate letters, arranged by the author.] Heitland, W. E. Dr. Butler of Shrewsbury School, etc. [A review of Samuel Butler’s Life and Letters of Dr. Samuel Butler.] 1897.

The Authoress of the Odyssey, where and when she wrote, who she was, the use she made of the Iliad, and how the poem grew under her hands. 1897.

The Illiad of Homer, rendered into English prose. 1898.

Shakespeare’s Sonnets. Reconsidered, and in part rearranged, with introductory chapters. 1899.

The Odyssey, rendered into English prose. 1900.

Erewhon Revisited twenty years later, both by the original discoverer of the country and his son. 1901, 1908.

The Way of all Flesh. [Ed. Streatfeild, R. A.] 1903.

Essays on Life, Art and Science. Ed. Streatfeild, R. A. 1904.

Seven Sonnets and a Psalm of Montreal. [Ed. Streatfeild, R. A.] Cambridge, 1904.

Darwin on the Origin of Species. A philosophic dialogue … originally published in the year 1862, and now rptd. with the correspondence relating thereto. [Cuttings from The Press, Christchurch, N.Z. June 1–8 and 15, 1912.] Christchurch [N.Z.], 1912.

The Notebooks of Samuel Butler, author of Erewhon. Selections arranged and ed. by Jones, H. F. 1912. [Another copy in B. M. (012354. ee. 15) has MS. notes by Henry Festing Jones.]

H., J. F. Samuel Butler and his Note-books. 1913.

The Humour of Homer, and other essays.… Ed. by Streatfeild, R.A. With a biographical sketch by Jones, H.F. 1913.

Biography and Criticism

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—— Life. (In preparation.)

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Contributions to Dickens Literature

Charles Dickens: a critical study. 1898. Works of Charles Dickens. Rochester edn., with introductions by G. G. 1900, etc. Charles Dickens. A critical study … with topographical illustrations by Kitton, F. G. 1902. Works of C. D. (Imperial edn.) 1902, etc. Forster’s Life of Dickens. Abridged and revised by Gissing, G. 1903 [1902]. Dickens. Homes and Haunts of Famous Authors. 1906.

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G. A. B.

HENRY JAMES (1843–1916)

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G. A. B.