The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

XIII. Lesser Novelists


[It has only been possible to give the titles of a few of the works of the novelists mentioned below.]

Adams, Francis William Lauderdale (1862–1892). Australian Essays. 1886. Songs of the Army of the Night. 1890. Australian Life. [Tales.] 1892. A Child of the Age. 1894.

Alexander, William (1826–1894). Johnny Gibb of Gushetneuk. 1871. Sketches of life among my ain folk. 1875.

Allen, Grant (pseud. Cecil Power, 1848–1899). Philistia. 3 vols. 1884.

Ashworth, John (1813–1875). Strange Tales, from humble life. Series 1–5. 1863, etc. Simple Records. Series 1–2. Manchester [1871, 1872].

Calman, A. L. Life and Labours of John Ashworth. Manchester, 1875.

Austin, Sarah (1793–1867.) The Story without an End. From the German of Carové, F. W. 1834. Various other translations.

Black, William. In Silk Attire. 3 vols. 1869. Kilmeny. 3 vols. 1870. A Daughter of Heth. 3 vols. 1871. The Strange Adventures of a Phaeton. 2nd edn. 2 vols. 1872. Three Feathers. 3 vols. 1875. Green Pastures and Piccadilly. 3 vols. 1877. Macleod of Dare. 3 vols. 1878. White Wings; a yachting romance. 3 vols. 1880. Yolande: the story of a Daughter. 3 vols. 1883. White Heather. 3 vols. 1885. The Strange Adventures of a House-Boat. 3 vols. 1888. [Novels.] New and revised edn. 1892, etc.

Reid, Sir T.W. William Black, Novelist. A biography. 1902.

Blackmore, Richard Doddridge. Lorna Doone: a romance of Exmoor. 3 vols. 1869. The Maid of Sker. 1872. Springhaven. A tale of the great war. 3 vols. 1887.

Snell, F. J. The Blackmore Country. 1906.

Bede, Cuthbert (pseud.). See Bradley, Edward.

Besant, Sir Walter. All sorts and conditions of men. An impossible story.… With illustrations by F. Barnard. 3 vols. 1882. All in a Garden Fair. The simple story of three boys and a girl. 3 vols. 1883. Dorothy Forster. 3 vols. 1884. The Children of Gibeon. 1886. The World went very well then. 3 vols. 1887.

Besant, Sir Walter, and Rice, James. The Golden Butterfly. 1871. Ready-Money-Mortiboy. 1872. ’Twas in Trafalgar’s Bay, and other stories. 1879. The Chaplain of the Fleet. 3 vols. 1881.

Autobiography of Sir Walter Besant. 1902.

Braddon, afterwards Maxwell, Mary Elizabeth. Lady Audley’s Secret. 3 vols. 1862. And many other novels.

Bradley, Edward (pseud., Cuthbert Bede, 1827–1889). The Adventures of Mr. Verdant Green. 1853.

Brierley, Benjamin (1825–1896). Tales and Sketches of Lancashire Life. 2 pts. Manchester [1862–3]. Ab-oth’-Yate in London. Manchester [1868]. Ab-oth’-Yate on Time and Things. Manchester [1869]. Ab-oth’-Yate in the Wild West. Manchester [1888]. Ben Brierley’s Works. Manchester, 1882, etc. Sketches and other short stories. Ed. Dronsfield, J. Oldham, 1896.

Brown, George Douglas (pseud. George Douglas, 1869–1902). The House with the Green Shutters. 1901.

The Bookman. Oct., 1902.

Lennox, C. George Douglas Brown.… A biographical memoir. 1903.

M’Clure’s Magazine. Nov., 1902.

Millar, J. P. A Literary History of Scotland. The Library of Literary History. 1903.

Brown, Oliver Maddox (1855–1874). Gabriel Denever. 1873. The Dwale Bluth, Hebditch’s Legacy, and other literary remains of O. M. B. Ed.

Rossetti, W. M. and Hueffer, F. With a memoir and two portraits. 2 vols. 1876.

Ingram, J. H. Oliver Maddox Brown. A biographical sketch; 1855–1874. 1883.

Brunton, Mary (1778–1818). Discipline; a novel. 1814. Another edn. to which is prefixed a Memoir of the Life and Writings of the author, including extracts from her correspondence. Standard Novels, No. 16. 1832. Emmeline. With some other pieces. To which is prefixed a memoir of her life by Brunton, Alexander. Edinburgh, 1819.

Buchanan, Robert Williams. God and the Man. 1881. The Master of the Mine. 2 vols. 1885. The Moment After: a tale of the unseen. 1890. Father Anthony: a romance of to-day. 1898.

See, also, ante, bibliographies to Chaps. VI and VIII.

Caldwell, afterwards Marsh, Anne. Two Old Men’s Tales. The Deformed, and The Admiral’s Daughter. 1834. Tales of the Woods and Fields, a second series of The Two Old Men’s Tales. 1836. Chronicles of Dartmoor. 3 vols. 1866.

Campbell, John Francis (1822–1885). Popular Tales of the West Highlands … new edn. Gael. and Eng. 4 vols. 1890–3.

Clive, Caroline. Paul Ferroll. 1855.

Collins, Charles Allston (1828–1873). A New Sentimental Journey. 1859. A Cruise on Wheels. 1863. The Bar Sinister. 2 vols. 1864. Strathcairn. 2 vols. 1864.

Collins, William Wilkie. Antonina; or the Fall of Rome. A romance of the fifth century. 3 vols. 1850. Hide and Seek. 3 vols. 1854. After Dark. 2 vols. 1856. The Dead Secret. 2 vols. 1857. The Woman in White. 3 vols. 1860. [First appeared in All the Year Round, 1860.] My Miscellanies. 3 vols. 1862. No Name. 1862. Armadale. 2 vols. 1866. The Moonstone. 3 vols. 1868. Man and Wife. 3 vols. 1870. Poor Miss Finch. 3 vols. 1872. The New Magdalen. 1873. A Rogue’s Life from his Birth to his Marriage. 1879. Little Novels. 3 vols. 1887.

For tales and plays in collaboration with Dickens, see, ante, bibliography to Chap. X, sections IV, V and VII.

Letters of Charles Dickens to Wilkie Collins, 1851–1870. 1892.

Wolzogen, E. L. von. Wilkie Collins. Ein biographisch-kritischer Versuch. 1885.

Conway, Hugh (pseud.). See Fargus, Frederick John.

Cooper, Edward Herbert (1867–1910). Mr. Blake of Newmarket. 1897. Children, Racehorses, and Ghosts. 1899. Wyemarke and the Sea-Fairies. Illustrated by Dudley Hardy. 1899. The Monk Wins. 1900.

Craigie, Pearl Mary Teresa (pseud. John Oliver Hobbes, 1867–1906). Some Emotions and a Moral. 1891. The School for Saints. 1897. Robert Orange: being a continuation of the history of Robert Orange, M.P., and a sequel to The School for Saints. 1900.

The Life of John Oliver Hobbes told in her correspondence with numerous friends. With a biographical sketch by her father John Morgan Richards, and an introduction by the Right Rev. Bishop Weldon. 1911.

Craik, D. M. See Mulock, Dinah Maria.

Crawford, Francis Marion (1854–1909). Mr. Isaacs, a tale of modern India. 1882. A Cigarette-Maker’s Romance. 2 vols. 1890.

De La Ramée, Louise (pseud. Ouida). Strathmore. 1865. (Parodied in

Punch by Burnard, Sir F. C. under the title Strapmore). Chandos. 3 vols. 1866. Cecil Castlemaine’s Gage, and other novelettes. Collected and revised by the author. 1867. [These short stories are interesting as being typically “Ouidaesque,” and as containing suggestive sketches of some of the characters more fully developed by her later.] Under two Flags. 3 vols. 1867. Tricotrin. 1869. Puck. 1870. Folle-Farine. 3 vols. 1871. A Dog of Flanders, and other stories. 1872. Two Little Wooden Shoes. 1874. In a Winter City. 1876. Ariadnê. 3 vols. 1877. Moths. 3 vols. 1880. Bimbi, stories for children. 1882. In Maremma. 1882.

Douglas, George (pseud.). See Brown, George Douglas.

Du Maurier, George Louis Palmella Busson. Peter Ibbetson. 1892 [1891]. Trilby. 3 vols. 1894. Another edn. with 121 illustrations by the author, and facsimiles of selected pencil studies. L.P. 1895. The Martian: with illustrations by the author. 1897. The History of the Jack Sprats appeared in Punch.

Lamont, L. M. Reminiscences of Du Maurier. Thomas Armstrong, C.B. A. Memoir. 1912.

Moscheles, F. In Bohemia with Du Maurier.… With 63 original drawings by G. du Maurier. [1896.]

Wood, T. M. George Du Maurier, the satirist of the Victorians. A review of his art and personality. 1913.

Edwards, Amelia Blandford (1831–1892). Barbara’s History. 3 vols. 1864 [1863]. Half a Million of Money. Collection of British Authors. Vols. 795, 796. 1865. A Thousand Miles up the Nile. 1877 [1876].

Falconer, Lanoe (pseud.). See Hawker, Mary.

Fargus, Frederick John (pseud. Hugh Conway, 1847–1885). Called Back. Bristol, 1885. A Cardinal Sin. 3 vols. 1886.

Fullerton, lady Georgiana Charlotte (1812–1885). Ellen Middleton, a tale. 3 vols. 1844. Constance Sherwood, an autobiography of the sixteenth century. 3 vols. 1865.

Craven, Pauline M. A. A. Lady Georgiana Fullerton, sa vie et ses oeuvres. Paris, 1888. Tr. Coleridge, H. J. 1888.

Gilbert, William (1804–1890). The Doctor of Beauweir. An autobiography. 2 vols. 1868. King George’s Middy. 1869. The Landlord of The Sun. 3 vols. 1871. Clara Levesque. 3 vols. 1872. James Duke, Costermonger. A tale of the social aspects. [1879.] Memoirs of a Cynic. 3 vols. 1880.

Grant, James (1822–1887). Adventures of an Aide-de-Camp; or a Campaign in Calabria. 3 vols. 1848. The Scottish Cavalier. 3 vols. 1850. The King’s Own Borderers. 3 vols. 1865. British Battles on Land and Sea. 3 vols. [1873–5.]

Hall, Basil. Schloss Hainfeld; or, a winter in Lower Styria. Edinburgh, 1836. Patchwork. 3 vols. 1841. The Midshipman, being autobiographical sketches of his own early career, from Fragments of Voyages and Travels, by Captain B. H. 1862.

Harland, Henry (1861–1905). Grey Roses. [Short Stories.] 1895. Comedies and Errors. 1898. The Cardinal’s Snuff-Box. 1900. The Lady Paramount. 1902.

Hatton, Joseph (1841–1907). Pippins and Cheese. 1868. John Needham’s Double: a story founded upon fact. [1885.] Cigarette Papers; for After-dinner Smoking. 1892 [1891]. When Greek meets Greek. 1895.

Hawker, Mary (pseud. Lanoe Falconer, 1848–1908). Mdlle Ixe. 1890.

Hobbes, John Oliver (pseud.). See Craigie, Pearl Mary Teresa.

Jerrold, William Blanchard (1826–1884). The Brownrigg Papers. 1860. The Life of George Cruikshank. 2 vols. 1882.

Jewsbury, Geraldine Endsor (1812–1880). The Half Sisters. 2 vols. 1848. Marian Withers. 3 vols. 1851. The History of an Adopted Child. 1853 [1852]. The Sorrows of Gentility. 2 vols. 1856.

Johnstone, Christian Isobel (1781–1857). Clan Albyn; a national tale. 1815. The Diversions of Hollycot. 1828. The Edinburgh Tales. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1845, 1846.

Kavanagh, Julia (1824–1877). Daisy Burns. 3 vols. 1853. Grace Lee. 3 vols. 1855. The Pearl Fountain and other fairy tales. 1876. Two Lilies. 3 vols. 1877.

Kingsley, Henry. The Recollections of Geoffrey Hamlyn. 3 vols. 1859. Ravenshoe. 3 vols. 1861. The Novels of Henry Kingsley. [Ed. Shorter, C. K.] 1894, etc.

Lawrence, George Alfred. Guy Livingstone: or Thorough. 1857.

Lennox, lord William Pitt (1749–1881). Compton Audley; or, Hands not Hearts. 3 vols. 1841. The Adventures of a Man of Family. 3 vols. 1864. My Recollections from 1806 to 1873. 2 vols. 1874 [1873]. Lord of Himself. 3 vols. 1880.

Linskill, Mary (1840–1891). Between the Heather and the Northern Sea. 3 vols. 1884. The Haven under the Hill. 3 vols. 1886.

Lockhart, John Gibson. Valerius, a Roman story. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1821. Some Passages in the life of Mr. Adam Blair. Edinburgh, 1822. Reginald Dalton. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1823. The History of Matthew Wald. 1824.

Lockhart, Laurence William Maxwell (1831–1882). Doubles and Quits. 2 vols. 1869. Fair to See. 3 vols. Edinburgh, 1871. Mine is Thine. 3 vols. 1878.

Lynn, afterwards Linton, Elizabeth (1822–1898). Joshua Davidson. 1872. The Autobiography of Christopher Kirkland. 3 vols. 1876.

My Literary Life.… With a prefatory note by Harraden, Beatrice. 1899.

Layard, G. S. Life, Letters and Opinions of E. L. L. 1901.

Lytton, Edward George Earle Lytton Bulwer, lord. Falkland. 1827. Pelham. 3 vols. 1828. The Disowned. [3 vols. 1829. Devereux. 3 vols. 1829. Paul Clifford. 1830. Eugene Aram. 3 vols. 1832. Godolphin. 3 vols. 1833. The Pilgrims of the Rhine. 1834. The Last Days of Pompeii. 3 vols. 1834. Rienzi. 1835. Ernest Maltravers. 3 vols. 1837. Alice: a sequel to Ernest Maltravers. 3 vols. 1838. Zanoni. 1842. The Last of the Barons. 3 vols. 1843. Lucretia, or the Children of the Night. 1846. Harold, the last of the Saxon Kings. 3 vols. 1848. The Caxtons, a family picture. 3 vols. 1849. Night and Morning. 1851. My Novel. 4 vols. 1853. What will he do with it? 4 vols. Edinburgh, 1859. A Strange Story. 1862. The Coming Race. 1871. Kenelm Chillingly. Edinburgh, 1873. The Parisians. 1873. [Rptd. from Black-wood’s Magazine.] Pausanias the Spartan. 1876. Novels of Sir E. Bulwer Lytton. 43 vols. 1859–63. [Novels. The New Knebworth edn.] 29 vols. 1895–8. [Novels. With illustrations.] [1907, etc.]

For Dramatic works see, ante, bibliography to Chap. VIII.

For Poems, see D. of N. B.

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Macdonald, George. Phantastes. 1858. David Elginbrod. 1863. Alec Forbes. 1865. Annals of a Quiet Neighbourhood. 3 vols. 1867 [1866]. Robert Falconer. 3 vols. 1868. At the Back of the North Wind. 1871. Works of Fancy and Imagination. 10 vols. 1871. The Marquis of Lossie. 1877. Sir Gibbie. 1879. The Fairy Tales of George Macdonald. Ed. MacDonald, Greville. 5 vols. 1904.

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Manning, Anne. See, ante, bibliography to Chap. XI. Vol. XII.

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See, also, ante, bibliography to Chap. VIII.

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