The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

V. The Rossettis, William Morris, Swinburne, and Others




Knight, Joseph. See Bibliography and Criticism.

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—— Classified lists of D. G. R.’s writings with the dates. [Privately ptd. 1906.]

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Sir Hugh the Heron: a legendary tale in four parts. 1843. [Ptd. privately by Rossetti’s grandfather, Polidori, G.]

The Germ: Thoughts towards Nature in Poetry, Literature and Art. No. 1, Jan., 1850. No. 2, Feb., 1850. Art and Poetry: being Thoughts towards Nature. Conducted principally by artists. No. 3, March, 1850. No. 4, April, 1850. [Rossetti’s contributions are: No. 1. Songs of one Household. (No. 1.) My Sister’s Sleep. Hand and Soul. No. 2. The Blessed Damozel. No. 3. The Carillon. From the Cliffs: Noon. No. 4. Pax Vobis. Sonnets for Pictures (six in number).]

The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, conducted by members of the two universities. 1856. [Rossetti’s contributions are: No. 8. The Burden of Nineveh. No. 11. The Blessed Damozel second version. No. 12. The Staff and Scrip.]

The Early Italian Poets from Ciullo d’Alcamo to Dante Alighieri 1100–1200–1300 in the original metres together with Dante’s Vita Nuova translated by D. G. Rossetti. 1861. Revised and re-arranged edn. under the title Dante and his Circle; with the Italian poets preceding him.… A collection of lyrics edited and translated in the original metres by D. G. Rossetti. 1874.

Poems. 1870. New [3rd] edn. [with alterations and substitutions. 1881].

Ballads and Sonnets. 1881.

Collected Works. Ed. with preface and notes by Rossetti, W. M., 2 vols. 1886. [Including miscellaneous prose criticisms and poems not published in previous collections. Rossetti, W. M., also ed. with prefaces The Poetical Works of D. G. Rossetti, 1891; Dante and his Circle, 1892; and The Works of D. G. Rossetti … with preface and notes, 1911.]

Biography and Criticism

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Poetical Works

The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine. 1856. [Morris’s contributions are: No. 1. Winter Weather. No. 5. Riding Together. No. 6. Hands. No. 9. The Chaplet of Lyoness. No. 10. Pray but one prayer for me.

The Defence of Guenevere and other poems. 1858. Kelmscott press edn. 1892.

The Life and Death of Jason. 1867. Kelmscott press edn. 1895.

The Earthly Paradise: a poem. 3 vols. in 4 pts. 1868–70. Kelmscott press edn. 8 vols. 1896–7.

Love is Enough, or the Freeing of Pharamond. A morality. 1873. Kelmscott press edn. 1897.

The Aeneids of Virgil, done into English verse. 1876 [end of 1875].

The Two Sides of the River, Hapless Love, and The First Foray of Aristomenes. 1876.

The Story of Sigurd the Volsung and the Fall of the Niblungs. 1877. Kelmscott press edn. 1898.

The Pilgrims of Hope. [Rptd. from The Commonweal, 1885.] 1886.

The Odyssey of Homer, done into English verse. 1887.

Poems by the Way. 1891. Kelmscott press edn. 1891.

The Order of Chivalry [L’Ordene de Chevalerie, with translation into English verse]. 1892.

Prose Works, Miscellaneous Translations, etc.

The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine. 1856. [Morris’s contributions are: No. 1. The Story of the Unknown Church. No. 2. The Churches of North France. (No. 1.) Shadows of Amiens. No. 3. A Dream. Men and Women, by Robert Browning [review]. No. 4. Frank’s Sealed Letter. Nos. 7, 8. Gertha’s Lovers. No. 8. Death the Avenger and Death the Friend. Svend and his Brethren. No. 9. Lindenborg Pool. Nos. 9, 10. The Hollow Land, a tale. No. 12. Golden Wings. The greater number of these tales and articles were rptd. in The Hollow Land and other contributions to The Oxford and Cambridge Magazine, 1903.]

Grettis Saga … translated by William Morris. 1869.

Volsunga Saga … translated … by E. Magnússon and W. M. 1870.

Three Northern Love Stories … translated from the Icelandic by E. Magnússon and William Morris. 1875.

The Decorative Arts, their relation to modern life and progress, an address delivered before the Trades’ Guild of Learning. 1878. [Rptd. in Hopes and Fears for Art. 1882.]

Hopes and Fears for Art: five Lectures. 1882.

The Tables Turned, or Nupkins Awakened. A socialist interlude. 1887.

A Dream of John Ball and A King’s Lesson. [Rptd. from The Commonweal.] 1888. Kelmscott press edn. 1892.

Signs of Change: seven lectures. 1888.

A Tale of the House of the Wolfings and all the kindreds of the Mark, written in prose and verse. 1889.

The Roots of the Mountains, wherein is told somewhat of the lives of the men of Burgdale, their friends, their neighbours, their foemen and their fellows in arms. 1890.

News from Nowhere, or an Epoch of Rest, being some chapters from a Utopian romance. 1891. Kelmscott press edn. 1892.

The Story of the Glittering Plain, which has also been called the Land of Living Men or the Acre of the Undying. 1891. [First book ptd. at the Kelmscott press.]

Under an Elm-tree, or Thoughts in the Country-side. Aberdeen, 1891.

An address on the collection of paintings of the English pre-Raphaelite school delivered … in the [Birmingham] museum and art gallery. Birmingham, 1891.

The Saga library, ed. by Morris, William and Magnússon, E. Vols. I-V. 1891–5.

Gothic Architecture, a lecture for the Arts and Crafts Exhibition society. [Kelmscott press], 1893.

The Wood beyond the World. 1894.

Of the Friendship of Amis and Amile, done … into English by W. M. 1894.

The Tale of the emperor Constans, and of Over Sea, done out of ancient French into English by William Morris. 1894.

Child Christopher and Goldilind the Fair. 2 vols. [Kelmscott press], 1895.

The Tale of Beowulf, done out of the old English tongue by William Morris and A. J. Wyatt. 1895.

The Well at the World’s End. [Kelmscott press], 1896.

Old French Romances, done into English by William Morris. 1896.

The Water of the Wondrous Isles. [Kelmscott press], 1897.

The Sundering Flood. [Kelmscott press], 1897.

Lectures. 1898, etc. Namely Address delivered … at the distribution of prizes to students of the Birmingham municipal school of art on 21 Feb., 1894; and Art and the Beauty of the Earth. 1898. Some hints on pattern-designing. 1899. Architecture and History; and Westminster Abbey. 1900. Art and its producers, and the arts and crafts of to-day. 1901.

A Note by William Morris on his aims in founding the Kelmscott press [with description of the press and list of books by Cockerell, S. C.]. 1898.

Architecture, Industry and Wealth: collected papers. 1902.

Collected Works.

The collected works of William Morris, with introductions by his daughter May Morris. Vols. I–XXIV. 1910 ff. [Popular edns. of the poetical works are also published in II vols. and a pocket edn. of most of the works in poetry and prose is in progress.]

Biography and Criticism

Brief Sketch of the Morris movement. Written to commemorate the firm’s 50th anniversary. 1911.

Brock, A. Clutton-. William Morris, his work and influence. 1897.

Brooke, Stopford A. See under Rossetti, ante.

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—— Studies in Prose and Verse. 1904.

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Vaughan, C. E. See Rossetti, Bibliography.

Wise, T. J. A bibliographical list of the scarcer works and uncollected writings of A. C. Swinburne. 1897.

Poetical Works

The Queen-Mother. Rosamond. Two plays. 1860.

Chastelard: a tragedy. 1865.

Atalanta in Calydon, a tragedy. 1865. Kelmscott press edn. 1894.

Cleopatra, a poem. 1866.

Poems and Ballads. 1866.

Unpublished Verses. 1866. [Privately ptd.]

A Song of Italy. 1867.

An Appeal to England against the execution of the condemned Fenians. Manchester, 1867. [Rptd. from The Morning Star.]

Siena. 1868. [Afterwards included in Songs before Sunrise.]

Ode on the proclamation of the French republic, Sept. 4th, 1870. 1870.

Songs before Sunrise. 1871.

Bothwell, a tragedy. 1874.

Songs of Two Nations. 1875. [Namely, A Song of Italy and Ode on the proclamation of the French republic.]

Erechtheus, a tragedy. 1876.

Poems and Ballads. Second series. 1878.

Songs of the Springtides. 1880.

Studies in Song. 1880.

Specimens of modern poets. The Heptalogia, or, the Seven against Sense. 1880.

In the Album of Adah Menken. [Dolorida, in French. Privately ptd. c. 1880.]

Mary Stuart, a tragedy. 1881.

Tristram of Lyonesse, and other poems. 1882.

A Century of Roundels. 1883.

A Midsummer Holiday, and other poems. 1884.

Marino Faliero, a tragedy. 1885.

A Word for the Navy. 1886. [Afterwards included in A Channel Passage.]

Locrine, a tragedy. 1887.

The Jubilee, MDCCCLXXXVII. 1887.

The Question, MDCCCLXXXVII, a poem, 1887. [Afterwards included in A Channel Passage.]

Poems and Ballads. Third series. 1889.

The Ballad of Dead Men’s Bay. 1889. [Afterwards included in Astrophel.]

The Brothers. 1889. [Afterwards included in Astrophel.]

The Bride’s Tragedy. 1889. [Privately ptd.]

A Sequence of Sonnets on the death of Robert Browning. 1890. [Afterwards included in Astrophel.]

Eton, an ode. 1891. [In catalogue of loan collection of portraits at Eton college, ed. Cust, L. Afterwards included in Astrophel.]

The Sisters, a tragedy. 1892.

Grace Darling. 1893. [Afterwards included in Astrophel.]

Astrophel, and other poems. 1894.

Robert Burns, a poem. Edinburgh, 1896. [Burns, an ode, included in A Channel Passage.]

The Tale of Balen. 1896.

A Channel Passage, 1855. 1899. [See A Channel Passage, 1904.]

Rosamund, queen of the Lombards, a tragedy. 1899.

A Channel Passage, and other poems. 1904.

The Duke of Gandia. 1908.

The Pilgrimage of Pleasure, a morality play. 1910. See The Dial, 1 November, 1913.

Aeolus. 1914.

Ode to Mazzini; The Saviour of Society; Liberty and Loyalty. Unpublished MSS. discovered among the author’s effects after his death, ed. Gosse, E. W. Boston [Bibliophile Soc.].

Collected Poems, etc.

Poems. 6 vols. 1904. [With Atalanta in Calydon and Erechtheus.]

Tragedies. 5 vols. 1905–6.

Selections from the poetical works of Algernon Charles Swinburne. [Ed. by the author.] 1887.

Prose Works

Dead Love. 1864. [A novel. New edn. under title Love’s Cross-Currents: a year’s letters. 1905. American edn. A Year’s Letters. Portland, Me., 1901.]

Notes on poems and reviews. 1866.

William Blake, a critical essay. 1868.

Notes on the Royal Academy exhibition. 1868. Part II. 1868. [Part I by Rossetti, W. M.]

Under the Microscope. 1872.

Essays and Studies. 1875.

George Chapman, a critical essay. 1875.

Note of an English Republican on the Muscovite crusade. 1876.

A note on Charlotte Bronte. 1877.

A Study of Shakespeare. 1880 [end of 1879].

A Study of Victor Hugo. 1886.

Miscellanies. 1886.

A Study of Ben Jonson. 1889.

Studies in prose and poetry. 1894.

Love’s Cross-Currents. 1905. See, also, under Dead Love, ante.

The Age of Shakespeare. 1908.

Shakespeare … written in 1905 and now first published. 1909.

Three plays of Shakespeare [King Lear, Othello, Richard II]. In Harper’s Library of Living Thought. New York, 1909.

Mr. Whistler’s lecture on Art. Boston [Bibliophile Soc.], 1913.

Charles Dickens [including an essay from The Quarterly Review, July, 1902, and Oliver Twist], ed. Watts-Dunton, T. 1913.

A Study of Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables, ed. Gosse, E. W. 1914.

To these should be added various introductory essays to editions of collected or single works of other authors, some of which are reprinted in the collected volumes. The most important of these are introductions to Selections from Byron, 1866; Christabel, etc., 1869; The works of George Chapman, 1874; Wells, C. J., Joseph and his Brethren, 1876; Les Cenci [in French], 1883; Epipsychidion, 1887; Thomas Middleton (Mermaid series), 1887; Herrick (Muses’ library), 1891, etc.

Biography and Criticism

Drinkwater, J. Swinburne, an estimate. 1913.

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To my mother on the anniversary of her birth, April 27, 1842. [Privately ptd. by Polidori, 1842.]

Verses by C. G. Rossetti. Dedicated to her mother. [Privately ptd.] 1847.

The Germ. 1850. See Rossetti, D. G., Works. [Christina Rossetti’s contributions are: No. 1. Dream Land. An End. No. 2. A Pause of Thought. Song. A Testimony. No. 3. Repining. Sweet Death.

Goblin Market, and other poems [with two designs by Rossetti, D. G.]. 1862.

The Prince’s Progress, and other poems [with two designs by Rossetti, D. G.]. 1866. [This was combined with Goblin Market, and other poems, with the four designs, 1875.]

Commonplace, and other short stories. 1870.

Sing-Song, a nursery rhyme book. 1872.

Speaking Likenesses. [With pictures by Hughes, A.] 1874.

Annus Domini, a prayer for each day of the year, founded on a text of Holy Scripture. 1874.

Seek and Find, a double series of short studies of the Benedicite. [1879.]

A Pageant, and other poems. 1881.

Called to be Saints: the minor festivals devotionally studied. [1881.]

Letter and Spirit: notes on the commandments. [1883.]

Time Flies, a reading diary. 1885.

The Face of the Deep, a devotional commentary on the Apocalypse. 1892.

Maude, a story for girls. 1897.

New Poems … hitherto unpublished or uncollected. Ed. Rossetti, W. M. 1896. Angles, etc. 3 pts. 1910.

Collected Poems, etc.

Poems. New and enlarged edn. 1890.

Poetical works. [With memoir, notes, etc. by Rossetti, W. M.] 1904.

Poems, chosen and ed. by Rossetti, W. M. (Golden Treasury series.) 1904.

Biography and Criticism

Bell, H. T. M. Christina Rossetti, a biographical and critical study. 1898.

Cary, Elisabeth L. See Rossetti, D. G., Biography and Criticism.

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An Epic of Women, and other poems. 1870.

Lays of France. 1872.

Music and Moonlight: poems and songs. 1874.

Toyland. [Children’s stories, with O’Shaughnessy, Eleanor W.] 1875.

Songs of a Worker. [Ed. Deacon, A. W. N.] 1881.


Moulton, Louise C. Arthur O’Shaughnessy: his life and his work, with selections from his poems. 1894.



Euphranor: a dialogue on Youth. 1851.

Polonius: a collection of wise saws and modern instances. 1852.

Six Dramas of Calderon freely translated. 1853. [These have been rptd., with critical introduction by Oelsner, H., in the King’s Classics, 1903.]

Salámán and Absál: an allegory translated from the Persian of Jámí. 1856.

Rubáiyát of Omar Khayyám, the astronomer-poet of Persia, rendered into English verse. 1859. 2nd edn., completely revised. 1868. 3rd edn. 1872. 4th edn. 1879.

The Mighty Magician and Such Stuff as Dreams are made of, freely translated from the Spanish. 1865.

The Downfall and Death of King Oedipus, a drama in two parts, chiefly taken from the Oedipus Tyrannus and Coloneus of Sophocles. Privately ptd. 1880.

Agamemnon, a tragedy taken from Aeschylus. Privately ptd. [1876.]

Readings in Crabbe. 1883.

Complete Works

Letters and Literary Remains. 3 vols. Ed. Wright, W. A. 1889. [Including Letters of Edward FitzGerald, and all the works above with some poems and A Bird’s-eye View of Faríd-Uddín Attar’s Bird-Parliament.]

Biography and Criticism

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—— Letters … to Fanny Kemble, 1871–1883. Ed. Wright, W. A. 1895.

Prideaux, W. F. Notes for a Bibliography of Edward FitzGerald. 1901.