The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

IV. Matthew Arnold, Arthur Hugh Clough, James Thomson


Smart, T. B. The Bibliography of Matthew Arnold. 1892.

Collections. Poems

Poems. A new edn. 1853. 2nd edn. 1854. 3rd edn. 1857.

Poems.… Second Series. 1855 [1854].

New Poems. 1867. 2nd edn. 1868.

Poems. 2 vols. 1869. New and complete edn. 2 vols. 1877. [Another edn.] 3 vols. 1885.

Poetical Works. 1890.

Poems. 3 vols. 1895.

Poems.… With an introduction by Benson, A. C. 1900 [1899].

Selected Poems. With an introduction by Waugh, Arthur. 2 vols. 1905.

Poems (prior to 1864).… Ed. Magnus, L. (The Muses’ library.) [1906.]

Poems, 1849–1864. With an introduction by Quiller-Couch, Sir A. T. (The World’s Classics, vol. LXXXV.) [1906.]

Poems, 1840 to 1866. With introduction by Scott-James, R. A. (Everyman library.) [1908.]

Poems, 1840–1867. With an introduction by Sir A. T. Quiller-Couch. Oxford, edn. 1909.

Works. (Edition de luxe.) (With a bibliography by Smart, T. B.) 15 vols. 1903–4.

Single Poems

MS. British Museum. Sonnet on Shakespeare, 1844. Autogr. Addit. 37772, f. 44.

Alaric at Rome. A prize poem, recited in Rugby School, June xii, MDCCCXL. Rugby, 1840. A type-facsimile rpt. of the original edn. published at Rugby in 1840. Ed. Wise, T. J. [Privately ptd.] 1893.

Gosse, Edmund W. Matthew Arnold’s Earliest Publication. The Athenaeum, 28 April, 1888.

Cromwell: a prize poem. Recited in the Theatre, Oxford, 28 June, 1843. Oxford. 1843. 2nd edn. 1863. 3rd edn. 1891.

The Strayed Reveller, and other poems. 1849.

Empedocles on Etna, and other poems. 1852.

Merope. A tragedy [in verse]. 1858. Ed. Collins, J. C. Oxford, 1906.

Saint Brandan. [A poem.] 1867. [First appeared in Fraser’s Magazine, July, 1860.]

Geist’s Grave. Printed only for a few Friends. 1881. [Contributed to The Fortnightly Review, Jan. 1881.]

Prose Works

England and the Italian Question. 1859.

The Popular Education of France with notices of that of Holland and Switzerland. 1861.

On Translating Homer. Three Lectures given at Oxford. 1861. New edn. with introduction and notes by Rouse, W. H. D. 1905.

On Translating Homer: Last words. A Lecture given at Oxford. 1862.

A French Eton; or, Middle Class Education and the State. 1864. Also 1892.

Essays in Criticism. 1865 ff.

On the Study of Celtic Literature. 1867.

Schools and Universities on the Continent. 1868.

Culture and Anarchy: an essay in political and social criticism. 1869. 2nd edn. 1875. 3rd edn. 1882.

St. Paul and Protestantism; with an Introduction on Puritanism and the Church of England. 1870. 2nd edn. 1870. 3rd edn. 1875.

Friendship’s Garland: being the Conversations, Letters and Opinions of the late Arminius, Baron Von Thunder-Ten-Tronckh. Collected and Edited, with a Dedicatory Letter to Adolescens Leo, Esq. of The Daily Telegraph. 1871.

Literature and Dogma. An Essay towards a better apprehension of the Bible. 1873 ff.

Higher Schools and Universities in Germany. 1874. 2nd edn. 1882.

God and the Bible: a review of objections to Literature and Dogma. 1875.

Last Essays on Church and Religion. 1877.

Mixed Essays. 1879. 2nd edn. 1880.

Essays in Criticism. Second Series. 1881. 2nd edn. 1889.

Irish Essays and others. 1882.

Discourses in America. 1885.

Educational Reform League Special Report on certain points connected with Elementary Education in Germany, Switzerland and France. 1888.

Civilization in the United States. First and Last Impressions of America. Boston [U. S. A.], 1888.

Reports on Elementary Schools 1852–1882. 1889. New edn. With additional matter and appendices and with an introduction by Marvin, F. S. 1908.

On Home Rule for Ireland. Two Letters to The Times. [Privately ptd.] 1891.

Essays (containing five “now for the first time collected”). Oxford, 1914.

Passages from the Prose Writings of Matthew Arnold. 1880.

Matthew Arnold’s Note Books, with a preface by Mrs. Wodehouse. 1902.

Works arranged and edited by Matthew Arnold

A Bible-Reading for Schools. 1872. Also 1875, 1889.

Isaiah xl–lxvi. With the Shorter Prophecies allied to it. 1875.

The Six Chief Lives from Johnson’s Lives of the Poets, with Macaulay’s Life of Johnson. 1878. Also 1879, 1881, 1886 and 1889.

Poems of Wordsworth. 1879.

Poetry of Byron. 1881.

Letters, Speeches and Tracts on Irish affairs by Edmund Burke. 1881.

Isaiah of Jerusalem in the Authorised Version with an introduction, corrections and notes. 1883.

The following works contain contributions by Matthew Arnold: The Hundred Greatest Men. 1879. The English Poets. Selections and Introductions by Ward, T. H. 1880. The Natural Truth of Christianity. Selections from the Select Discourses of John Smith, M.D. 1882. The Encyclopaedia Britannica. 9th edn. 1886. The Reign of Queen Victoria. Ed. Ward, T. H. 1887. Wordsworthiana. A Selection from Papers read to The Wordsworth Society. Ed. Knight, W. 1889.

For contributions to magazines and letters to the press, see Smart, T. B., The Bibliography of Matthew Arnold, pp. 42–54.


Letters of Matthew Arnold, 1848–1888. Collected and arranged by Russell, G. W. E. 2 vols. 1898. Also 2 vols. 1901.

Letters from Matthew Arnold to John Churton Collins. [On the subject of Education at the Universities.] Privately ptd. 1910.

Biography and Criticism

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Poems and Prose Writings

The Longest Day. A poem written at Rugby School. [1836.]

The Bothie of Toper-na-Fuosich. A Long-Vacation pastoral. Oxford, 1848.

Poems by A. H. C. With a memoir. [By Palgrave, F. T.] Cambridge, 1862. 2nd edn. 1863.

Letters and Remains of A. H. C. 1865.

The Poems and Prose Remains of A. H. C. With a selection from his letters and a memoir. Ed. by his wife. 2 vols. 1869. Prose Remains. 1888.

The Poetical Works of A. H. C. With a memoir by Palgrave, F. T. [1906.]

Poems of Clough, including Ambarvalia, both versions of the Bothie, Amours de Voyage, etc. Ed. Milford, H. S. 1910.

Poems.… With an introduction by Whibley, Charles. 1913.

Biography and Criticism

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The City of Dreadful Night, and other poems. 1880. [The City of Dreadful Night first appeared in The National Reformer 22 Mar. to 17 May, 1874.]

The City of Dreadful Night, and other poems. Being a selection from the Poetical Works of James Thomson (B. V.). [Ed. Dobell, B.] 1910.

Vane’s Story, Weddah and Om-el Bonain, and other poems. 1881 [1880].

Shelley, a poem: with other writings relating to Shelley … to which is added an Essay on the Poems of William Blake. [With a prefatory note by Dobell, B.] [Privately ptd.] 1884.

A Voice from the Nile, and other poems. With a memoir of the author by Dobell, B. 1884 [1883].

The Poetical Works of James Thomson. Ed. Dobell, B. 2 vols. 1895.

Prose Writings

Essays and Phantasies. 1881.

Satires and Profanities.… With a preface by Foote, G. W. 1884.

Biographical and Critical Studies. [Ed. Dobell, B.] 1896.

Leopardi, Giacomo. Essays, Dialogues and Thoughts. Translated by Thomson, J. Ed. Dobell, B. [1906.]

James Thomson (B. V.) on George Meredith. [Privately ptd.] 1909.

Walt Whitman, the man and the poet. Ed. Dobell, B. 1910.

Biography and Criticism

Dobell, B. The Laureate of Pessimism: a sketch of the life and character of James Thomson. 1910.

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See, also, various issues of Cope’s Tobacco Plant.

G. A. B.