The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

III. Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning


Collected Editions

Poems.… A new edition. 2 vols. 1849. [The first collected edn., comprising Paracelsus and Bells and Pomegranates.]

The Poetical Works of Robert Browning. 3rd edn. 3 vols. 1863. [Another edn.] 6 vols. 1868. L.P. 17 vols. 1888–94. [Ed. Birrell, A. and Kenyon, F. G.] 2 vols. 1896. [Another edn.] 2 vols. 1898.

Complete Works. Edited with introduction and notes by Charlotte Porter and Helen A. Clarke. 12 vols. New York and Boston [1898].

Poems of Robert Browning, containing Dramatic Lyrics, Dramatic Romances, Men and Women, Dramas, Pauline, Paracelsus, Christmas Eve and EasterDay and Sordello. (Oxford edn.) 1905.

The Works of Robert Browning. With introductions by Kenyon, Sir F. G. (Centenary edn.) 1912. In progress.

Separate Poems and Collections

Pauline: a Fragment of a Confession. 1833.

Paracelsus. 1835.

Strafford: an Historical Tragedy. With notes and Preface by Hickey, E. H. and an introduction by Gardiner, S. R. 1837.

Sordello. 1840. Ed. Forman, H. B. (Temple Classics.) 1902. Ed. Whyte, A. 1913. See Herford, C. H., The Modern Language Review, April, 1915.

Bells and Pomegranates. 8 nos. 1841–6. Pippa Passes. 1841. King Victor and King Charles. 1842. Dramatic Lyrics. 1842. The Return of the Druses. 1843. A Blot in the ’Scutcheon. 1843. Colombe’s Birthday. 1844. Dramatic Romances and Lyrics. 1845. Luria; and a Soul’s Tragedy. 1846.

[Each of these poems was published separately, and when completed the entire series was issued in one volume entitled Bells and Pomegranates, 1846.]

Christmas Eve and Easter-Day. A poem. 1850.

Two Poems (A Plea for the Ragged Schools of London. [By E. B. B.]. The Twins. Give and It-shall-be-given-unto-you). 1854.

Cleon. 1855. [Rptd. in Men and Women.]

The Statue and the Bust. 1855. [Rptd. in Men and Women.]

Men and Women. 2 vols. 1855.

Gold Hair: A Legend of Pornic. 1864. [Rptd. in Dramatis Personae.]

Dramatis Personae. 1864.

The Ring and the Book. 4 vols. 1868–9. [The volumes were published separately.] With an introduction by Dowden, E. and four facsimiles. (Oxford edn.) 1912.

The Old Yellow Book, source of Browning’s The Ring and the Book, in complete photo-reproduction, with translation, essay and notes by Hodell, C. W. 1908. Publications of the Carnegie Institute of Washington. No. 89. Everyman library. [1911.] See, also, Koeppel, E., Anglia, Bd. XLIV, pp. 275–280, 1912. [The original volume is in the library of Balliol college.]

Balaustion’s Adventure; including a Transcript from Euripides. 1871.

Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau, Saviour of Society. 1871.

Fifine at the Fair. 1872.

Red Cotton Nightcap Country, or Turf and Towers. 1873.

Aristophanes’ Apology; including a transcript from Euripides: Being the Last Adventure of Balaustion. 1875.

The Inn Album. 1875.

Pacchiarotto, and How He Worked in Distemper; with other Poems. 1876.

The Agamemnon of Aeschylus. Transcribed by R. B. 1877.

La Saisiaz: The Two Poets of Croisic. 1878.

Dramatic Idyls. 1879. [First Series.]

Dramatic Idyls. 1880. [Second Series.]

Jocoseria. 1883.

Ferishtah’s Fancies. 1884.

Parleyings with Certain People of Importance in their Day, etc. 1887.

Asolando: Fancies and Facts. 1890.

New Poems by Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. Ed. Kenyon, Sir F. G. 1914.

[For full list of poems which first appeared in periodicals, see bibliography by Anderson, J. P. attached to Sharp’s Life.]


An Essay on Percy Bysshe Shelley. Being a Reprint of the Introductory Essay prefixed to the volume of [25 spurious] Letters of Shelley … in 1852. Ed. Harden, W. T. (Shelley society.) 1888. Browning’s Essay on Shelley: being his introduction to the Spurious Shelley Letters. Ed. with an introduction by Garnett, R. 1914.

Collected Editions

Poems. 2 vols. 1844. Rptd. 1887. New edn. 2 vols. 1850. 3rd edn. 2 vols. 1853. 4th edn. 1856.

The Poetical Works of E. B. B. With a memoir. New York, 1871.

—— Corrected by the last London edn. New York, 1877.

—— [With a prefatory note by R. B. (i.e. Robert Browning).] 6 vols. 1889, 1890.

—— from 1826 to 1844. (The Newbery Classics.) [1891.]

The Poetical Works of E. B. B. [Ed. Kenyon, F. G.] 1897.

—— (Oxford complete edn.) 1904.

The Complete Poems of E. B. B. 2 vols. [1904.]

Separate Poems and Collections

The Battle of Marathon. A Poem. 1820. [Probably only four copies extant.]

The Battle of Marathon. A poem written in early youth by E. B. B. Printed for her father in 1820 and now rptd. in type-fac-simile. With an introduction by Forman, H. B. [For private distribution only.] 1891.

An Essay on Mind; with other Poems. 1826.

Prometheus Bound, translated from the Greek of Aeschylus: and Miscellaneous Poems. By the Translator, author of An Essay on Mind; with other Poems. 1833.

The Seraphim and other Poems. 1838.

A Drama of Exile: and other Poems. 2 vols. New York, 1845.

Sonnets by E. B. B. Reading, 1847. [Some eight copies extant. Subsequently included in 1850 edn. of Poems as Sonnets from the Portuguese and afterwards issued separately in numerous edns. under this title. For bibliographical history of the Sonnets, see Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century edd., Nicoll, W. R. and Wise, T. J., vol. II, pp. 90 ff.] Sonnets from the Portuguese. 1891 ff.

The Runaway Slave at Pilgrim’s Point. 1849. [First appeared in The Liberty Bell, by Friends of Freedom, a volume printed in U. S. A. for sale at the Boston National Anti-Slavery Bazaar, 1848.]

Casa Guidi Windows. A Poem. 1851. With introduction by Robinson, A. Mary F. 1901.

Two Poems. (A Plea for the Ragged Schools of London. The Twins. Give and It-shall-be-given-unto-you [the latter by Browning, Robert].) 1854. See ante.

Aurora Leigh. 1857. Two other edns. same year. 4th edn. [with several corrections]. 1859. New edn., with prefatory note by Swinburne, A. C. 1898. Ed. Forman, H. B. (Temple Classics.) 1899. With an introduction by Rinder, E. W. (Canterbury Poets.) [1899.]

Poems before Congress. 1860. [The corrected proof-sheets are in the Forster Collection, Victoria and Albert Museum.]

Last Poems. 1862.

Poems ptd. originally in collected edns. and since published separately

The Rhyme of the Duchess May … Illustrated by Morrell, C. M. B. 1873.

Lady Geraldine’s Courtship.… Illustrated. Boston [U. S. A.], 1876. Illustrated by Pears, Charles. [1906.]

A Song. [Is’t loving, to list to the night.] 1907. [Privately ptd., 20 copies.]

The Sleep. 1907.

My Kate. [1911.]

The Enchantress, and other poems. 1913. [30 copies ptd. for Wise, T. J. for private distribution.]

Epistle to a Canary. 1837. [In verse.] Ed. Gosse, Edmund. 1913. [30 copies ptd. for Wise, T. J.]

Leila, A Tale. [In verse.] 1913. [30 copies ptd. for Wise, T. J.]

The following poems first appeared in the periodicals mentioned:
The Amaranth; a Miscellany of Original Prose and Verse:
1839. A Sabbath on the Sea. (p. 73.)

The Athenaeum:

1837. The Young Queen. (p. 483.) Victoria’s Tears. (p. 506.)

1839. L. E. L.’s Last Question. (p. 69.)

1840. The Crowned and Wedded Queen. (p. 131.) Napoleon’s Return. (p. 532.)

1841. The House of Clouds. (p. 643.) Lessons from the Gorse. (p. 810.)

1842. Hymns from the Greek of Gregory Nazianzen. (p. 39.) A Claim in an Allegory. (p. 818.) Sonnet on Haydon’s Portrait of Wordsworth. (p. 932.)

1843. To Flush, my Dog. (p. 670.)

1849. A Child’s Grave at Florence. (p. 1304.)

1859. A Tale of Villafranca. (July–Dec. p. 397.)

Blackwood’s Edinburgh Magazine:

1843. The Cry of the Children. (August.)

1846. A Woman’s Shortcomings. A Man’s Requirements. Maude’s Spinning. A Dead Rose. Change on Change. A Reed. Hector in the Garden. (October.) 1847. Sonnets: i Life. ii Love. iii Heaven and Earth. iv The Prospect. (May.)

The Cornhill Magazine:

1860. A Musical Instrument. (July.)

Finden’s Tableaux:

1838. The Romance of the Ganges. (p. 29.)

1838. The Romaunt of the Page. (p. 1.)

1840. The Dream. (p. 1.) The Legend of the Brown Rosarie. (p. 15.)

The New Monthly Magazine:

1836. The Romaunt of Margaret. (p. 63. 2nd pt.) The Poet’s Vow. (p. 209. 3rd pt.)

Miscellaneous Contributions

The Greek Christian Poets and the English Poets. 1863. [Consisting of a series of articles ptd. in The Athenaeum during 1842.]

Kind Words from a Sick-Room. Privately ptd. Greenock, 1891. [Four letters from Elizabeth Barrett Browning, 1845–6, and one from Robert Browning dated 24 Dec. 1883.]

Elizabeth Barrett Browning contributed Queen Annelida and False Arcite to The Poems of Geoffrey Chaucer, modernised, 1841. Also, much material was supplied by her for Horne’s A New Spirit of the Age, of which the essay on Carlyle, freed from Horne’s emendations and interpolations, is ptd. in Literary Anecdotes of the Nineteenth Century, vol. II, pp. 105 ff., under title Carlyle: A Disentangled Essay.


Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning addressed to R. H. Horne, with Comments on Contemporaries. Ed. Mayer, S. R. T. 2 vols. 1877.

The Letters of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, edited with biographical additions by Kenyon, F. G. 2 vols. 1897.

The Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett. 2 vols. 1899.

The Love Letters of Robert Browning and Elizabeth Barrett Barrett. 1845–6.

Letters to … various Correspondents. Ed. Wise, T. J. 2 vols. 1895–6.


Balliol college, Oxford:

Browning, Robert. Red Cotton Nightcap Country; The Inn Album; Pacchiarotto;

La Saisiaz; Balaustion’s Adventure; Prince Hohenstiel-Schwangau; Fifine

at the Fair; Dramatic Idyls (first and second series); Jocoseria; Aristophanes’

Apology; Agamemnon of Aeschylus; Ferishtah’s Fancies; Parleyings with

Certain People of Importance. [Bound in 4 vols.]

British Museum:

Browning, Elizabeth Barrett. The North and the South: poem in Robert

Browning’s handwriting. 1861. Additional 37232, f. 51. Letter to H. F.

Chorley. 1859. Additional 35155, H.

Browning, Robert. Letter to Sir T. N. Talfourd. 1851. Additional 36878, f. 70. Letter to Rev. H. R. Haweis. 1880. Additional 36878, f. 46.

Letter to W. G. Kingsland. 1868. Additional 33610, f. 4.

Victoria and Albert Museum, Kensington:

Browning, Robert. Paracelsus. Christmas Eve and Easter Day. Forster Collection.


Bagehot, W. Literary Studies. With prefatory memoir. Ed. by Hutton, R. H. New edn. 3 vols. 1895.

Bayne, P. Two Great Englishwomen: Mrs. Browning and Charlotte Brontë, 1881.

Berdoe, Edward. Browning’s message to his Time. 1890.

—— The Browning Cyclopaedia. 1897.

—— Browning and the Christian Faith. 1896.

Birrell, A. Obiter Dicta. 1885, etc.

Brooke, Stopford. The Poetry of Robert Browning. 1902.

Browning Society’s Papers. 1881–95. [A list of the criticisms on Robert Browning’s

principal poems will be found in the early papers.]

Chesterton, G. K. Browning. (English Men of Letters.) 1908.

Chicago Browning Society. Robert Browning’s Poetry. Outline Studies.

Chicago, 1886.

Colvin, Sir Sidney. Landor. (English Men of Letters.) 1881.

Darmsteter, afterwards Duclaux, Agnes M. F. Grands Écrivains d’Outre-Manche

… Les Brownings. [1901.]

Dowden, Edward. Studies in Literature, 1789–1877. 1878.

—— Transcripts and Studies. 1888.

—— The Life of Robert Browning. (Temple Biographies.) 1904. Rpt.

(Everyman library) 1915.

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Furnivall, F. J. How the Browning Society came into being. With some words on … Browning’s early and late work. 1884.

—— Robert Browning’s Ancestors. [1890.] See, also, the same writer’s various contributions to the Browning society’s papers, bibliographical and miscellaneous.

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G. A. B.