The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume XIII. The Victorian Age, Part One.

II. The Tennysons



MSS. in British Museum

Additional MS. 35203, f. I. Epilogue to Idylls of the King. Autogr. — 37173, ff. 135, 140; 37174, f. 379. Letters to C. L. Leland. [1874.]

Additional MS. 37515. Experiments in Quantity. 1863. Autogr.

—— Letter to H. S. King. 1863.

Egerton MS. 2805, f. I. Letter to W. C. Bennett. 1864.

Poems: Collections

Poems by Two Brothers. 1827. [By Alfred, Charles and Frederick Tennyson. Original MS. in Trinity college library, Cambridge.]

—— (Additional Poems.—Timbuctoo.) [With a preface by Hallam, lord Tennyson, and facsimiles of five leaves of the original MS.] L.P. 1893.

Poems, chiefly lyrical. 1830.

Poems by Alfred Tennyson. 1833 [1832].

Poems. By Alfred Tennyson. In two volumes. 1842 ff. Illustrated edn., 1857. With an introduction by Hughes, A. M. D. Oxford, 1914.

Poems. MDCCCXXX-MDCCCXXXIII. Privately ptd. 1862.

Works. 6 vols. 1872–3. 13 vols. 1874–81. 7 vols. 1877. 1 vol. 1884 ff. 17 vols. 1886–97.

The Life [by Hallam, second baron Tennyson] and Works of Alfred, Lord Tennyson. (Edn. de luxe.) 12 vols. 1898–9.

Poems. Annotated by Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Ed. Hallam, Lord Tennyson. 9 vols. 1907–8. Also 1913.

Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 1830–1865. With an introduction by Warren, T. H. (The World’s Classics.) 1910.

Poems of Tennyson, 1830–1870. With an introduction by Warren, T. H.… Illustrated with two pictures in colour after G. F. Watts, and ninety-one illustrations by Millais, Rossetti, Maclise and others. (Oxford illustrated edn.). 1912.

Separate Poems
[Comprising poems published separately as first edns. and those afterwards printed singly that originally appeared in collections]

Antechamber, The. Printed for Private Circulation. 1906. [An earlier version of The Gardener’s Daughter. Printed from a MS. of 1834.]

Aylmer’s Field. With introduction (by Rowe, F. J. and Webb, W. T.) and notes by Webb, W. T. 1891.

Ballads and other poems. 1880.

Becket. A tragedy. 1884. As arranged for the stage by Henry Irving. 1893.

[Birth of Arthur, The, etc. 1868.] See T. J. Wise’s Bibliography, p. 197.

Brook, The. 1887.

Carmen Seculare, an ode [on queen Victoria’s jubilee, 1887]. Ptd. for private distribution. 1887.

Charge of the Light Brigade, The. [1855.] [First appeared in The Examiner, 9 Dec. 1854.]

Child-Songs. 1880.

Cup, The. Printed for the Author, 1881.

Cup and The Falcon, The. 1882.

Day-Dream, and other poems, The. With introduction and notes by Wilson, A. (Blackie’s English Classics.) 1899.

Death of the Duke of Clarence and Avondale, The. [1892.]

Death of Oenone, Akbar’s Dream, and other poems, The. 1892.

Demeter, and other poems. 1889.

Dora, and other poems. With introduction by Wilson, A. (Blackie’s English Classics.) 1899.

Dream of Fair Women, A. 1892.

Early Spring. 1883.

England and America in 1782. 1872.

Enid and Nimuë: The True and the False. 1857. New edn. Guildford, 1902.

Enoch Arden. Idylls of the Hearth. 1864 ff. With introduction and notes by Webb, W. T. 1891. Ed. Marwick, H. Oxford, 1914.

Falcon, The. 1879. See under The Cup.

Foresters, The. Robin Hood and Maid Marion. 1892. [1st published edn.]

Gardener’s Daughter, The, and other poems. Edinburgh [1910]. See The Antechamber.

Gareth and Lynette, etc. 1872. See under Idylls of the King.

Gordon Boys’ Morning and Evening Hymns. 1885.

Hands All Round, A National Song.…The Music…by C. Villiers Stanford. [1882.] [Originally published in The Examiner, 7 Feb. 1852.]

Harold. A drama. 1877 [1876].

Helen’s Tower, Clandeboye. [Privately ptd. 1861.]

Holy Grail, The, and other poems. 1870. See under Idylls of the King.

Idylls of the Hearth. 1864. See under Enoch Arden.

Idylls of the King. [Enid. Vivien. Elaine. Guinevere.] 1859.

—— [The Coming of Arthur. Geraint and Enid. Merlin and Vivien. Lancelot and Elaine. The Holy Grail. Pelleas and Ettarre. Guinevere. The Passing of Arthur.] 1869.

—— [The Coming of Arthur. The Round Table: Gareth and Lynette. The Marriage of Geraint. Balin and Balan. Merlin and Vivien. Lancelot and Elaine. The Holy Grail. Pelleas and Ettarre. The Last Tournament. Guinevere. The Passing of Arthur.] Complete edn. 1889. Various rpts. Ed. with introduction and notes by Broughton, W. Boston [U. S. A. 1913]. Ed. with introduction and notes by Wheeler, B. 1913.

In Memoriam. 1850. Ed. with a commentary by Robinson, A. W. Cambridge, 1901. With an analysis by Robertson, F. W. 1862. And an introduction by Meynell, Alice. [1904.] Annotated by the author. 1905. With analysis and notes by Percival, H. M. 1907.

Lady of Shalott, The.… Illustrated by a Lady. Nottingham, 1852.

Last Tournament, The. 1871. [Author’s private edn.] See under Idylls of the King.

Locksley Hall, and the Talking Oak. Boston [U. S. A.], 1877.

Locksley Hall sixty years after, etc. 1886.

Lotos Eaters, The. 1901. [50 copies on Japanese vellum.]

Lover’s Tale, The. [Trial edn.] 1833. The Lover’s Tale and other poems … now first collected [by Shepherd, R. H.]. Ptd. for private circulation. 1875.

Lucretius. Ptd. for private circulation. Cambridge [U. S. A.], 1868.

Mariana.…With etchings. Worthing [1863].

Maud, and other poems. 1855. With notes and an introduction by Wordsworth, Elizabeth. (Little library.) 1899.

May Queen, The. Illustrated. 1861 [1860].

Miller’s Daughter, The … Illustrated. [1858.]

Morte d’Arthur; Dora; and other Idyls. 1842.

Ode on the Death of the Duke of Wellington. 1852. Ed. Leask, W. K. (Blackie’s English Classics.) 1905.

Ode for the Opening of the International Exhibition. 1862.

Ode on the Opening of the Colonial and Indian Exhibition… Tues. 4 May 1886. [1886.]

Princess, The; a medley. 1847. Ed. Allsopp, Henry. Oxford, 1910.

Promise of May, The. A rustic drama. In three acts. 1883.

Property. 1864. [Afterwards published in The Holy Grail and other poems, 1870, under the amended title Northern Farmer. New Style.]

Queen Mary. A drama. 1875.

Rifle-Clubs. New York, 1899.

Ring out, wild Bells, etc. [1911.]

Sailor Boy, The. 1861.

St. Agnes’ Eve. [1911.]

Silent Voices, The. 1892.

Throstle, The. 1889.

Timbuctoo. A poem which obtained the Lord Chancellor’s Medal at Cambridge Commencement, 1829. [Prolusiones. Cambridge.]

Teiresias, and other poems. 1885.

True and the False, The. Four Idylls of the King. 1859.

Victim, The. Privately ptd.: Carnford Manor [Dorchester], 1867.

Welcome [to Alexandra], A. 1863. Welcome, A, to Her Royal Highness Marie Alexandrovna, Duchess of Edinburgh. 1874.

Window, The. Or the Loves of the Wrens. 1867.

For exhaustive bibliography, see W[ise], T. J., A Bibliography of the Writings of Alfred, Lord Tennyson, 2 vols., ptd. for private circulation, 1908.


Lyrics and Poems, with Maud and In Memoriam (English Idyls, the Princess, and other poems).… Ed. with a biographical introduction (and an appendix of comparative readings) by Sharp, E. A. 2 vols. (Canterbury Poets.) 1899.

Selections from Tennyson. With an introduction, full notes, appendices and index, by Sheppard, R. S. Madras, 1899.

The Early Poems of Alfred, Lord Tennyson. Ed. Collins, J. Churton. 1901.

In Memoriam, The Princess and Maud. Ed. with critical introductions, commentaries and notes, together with various readings, by Collins, J. Churton. 1902.

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Fifty Poems, 1830–1864. Ed. Lobban, J. H. Cambridge, 1910.

Biography and Criticism

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G. A. B.