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The World’s Wit and Humor: An Encyclopedia in 15 Volumes. 1906.

Vols. I–V: American

Joel Chandler Harris. 1848–1908. Humor in America
Benjamin Franklin. 1706–1790. Poor Richard to the ‘Courteous Reader
The Whistle
Dialogue between Franklin and the Gout
Friends and Acquaintances
Franklin as a Teetotaler
The Ephemera
Model of a Letter of Recommendation of a Person You are Unacquainted With
To Miss Georgiana Shipley
Franklin at Versailles
Epitaph for Himself
Francis Hopkinson. 1737–1791. The Battle of the Kegs
James Kirke Paulding. 1778–1860. The Revenge of Saint Nicholas
Washington Irving. 1783–1859. Wouter Van Twiller
Wilhelmus Kieft
Peter Stuyvesant
Antony Van Corlear
General Van Poffenburgh
The Legend of Sleepy Hollow
Fitz-Greene Halleck. 1790–1867. A Fragment
Domestic Happiness
Augustus Baldwin Longstreet. 1790–1870. The Horse-Swap
Georgia Theatrics
Seba Smith. 1792–1868. My First Visit to Portland
William Cullen Bryant. 1794–1878. The Mosquito
Robert Charles Sands. 1799–1832. A Monody
Albert Gorton Greene. 1802–1868. Old Grimes
Nathaniel Hawthorne. 1804–1864. The British Matron
Dr. Heidegger’s Experiment
Mr. Higginbotham’s Catastrophe
Nathaniel Parker Willis. 1806–1867. Miss Albina McLush
Love in a Cottage
Tom Fane and I
Edmund Quincy. 1808–1877. Who Paid for the Prima Donna?
Oliver Wendell Holmes. 1809–1894. An Aphorism and a Lecture
Foreign Correspondence
The Deacon’s Masterpiece
My Aunt
The Ballad of the Oysterman
The Height of the Ridiculous
A Walk with the Schoolmistress
Harriet Beecher Stowe. 1811–1896. The Minister’s Wooing
William Tappan Thompson. 1812–1882. A Proposal
Practical Jokes
Henry Ward Beecher. 1813–1887. Deacon Marble
The Deacon’s Trout
Benjamin Penhallow Shillaber. 1814–1890. Fancy Diseases
Bailed Out
Seeking a Comet
Going to California
Mrs. Partington in Court
Mrs. Partington’s Oracular Pearls
Sayings of Mrs. Partington
Joseph Glover Baldwin. 1815–1864. Ovid Bolus, Esq.
Johnson J. Hooper. 1815–1862. Taking the Census, Part Second
James Thomas Fields. 1817–1881. The Owl-Critic
The Alarmed Skipper
The Pettibone Lineage
John Godfrey Saxe. 1816–1887. The Coquette
The Stammering Wife
My Familiar
Early Rising
Ego et Echo
The Little Maid and the Lawyer
The Briefless Barrister
Frederick Swartwout Cozzens. 1818–1869. Living in the Country
A Family Horse
Josh Billings (Henry Wheeler Shaw). 1818–1885. Natral and Unnatral Aristokrats
The Bumblebee
To Correspondents
The Bizzy Body
Tight Boots
A Hen
The Gote
James Russell Lowell. 1819–1891. A Letter from Mr. Ezekiel Biglow
The Yankee Recruit
What Mr. Robinson Thinks
A Letter
The Soldier’s Return
The Courtin
Without and Within
Richard Grant White. 1822–1885. My Lord Entertains Two Americans
Edward Everett Hale. 1822–1909. My Double and How He Undid Me
Donald Grant Mitchell (Ik Marvel). 1822–1908. Over a Wood Fire
George Horatio Derby. 1823–1861. Illustrated Newspapers
Tushmaker’s Toothpuller
George William Curtis. 1824–1892. Miss Minerva Tattle at Saratoga and Newport
Charles Godfrey Leland. 1824–1903. Hans Breitmann’s Party
Ballad: ‘Der noble Ritter Hugo
Breitmann in Battle
A Musical Duel
William Allen Butler. 1825–1902. Nothing to Wear
John Townsend Trowbridge. 1827–1916. Fred Trover’s Little Iron-Clad
Charles Graham Halpine. 1829–1868. Irish Astronomy
Charles Dudley Warner. 1829–1900. My Summer in a Garden
How I Killed a Bear
Louisa May Alcott. 1832–1888. Street Scenes in Washington
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens). 1835–1910. Colonel Mulberry Sellers
The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
Bayard Taylor. 1825–1878. Selections from the Experiences of the A. C.
Palabras Grandiosas
Edmund Clarence Stedman. 1833–1908. The Diamond Wedding
Pan in Wall Street
Artemus Ward (Charles Farrar Browne). 1834–1867. Among the Spirits
The Shakers
One of Mr. Ward’s Business Letters
On ‘Forts
Artemus Ward and the Prince of Wales
A Visit to Brigham Young
The Tower of London
A. W. to his Wife
The Showman’s Courtship
Woman’s Rights
Artemus Ward in London
Frank Richard Stockton. 1834–1902. Pomona’s Novel
A Piece of Red Calico
Chauncey Mitchell Depew. 1834–1928. The New Netherlanders
Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 1836–1907. A Rivermouth Romance
Portsmouth Originals and the Railroad
A Christmas Fantasy, with a Moral
Fitz Hugh Ludlow. 1836–1870. Brace of Boys
Robert Henry Newell. 1836–1901. The American Traveler
William Livingston Alden. 1837–1908. Gibberish
An Unnecessary Invention
William Dean Howells. 1837–1920. Mrs. Johnson
Gentlemen of Leisure
Mary Mapes Dodge. 1831–1905. Miss Malony on the Chinese Question
Francis Hopkinson Smith. 1838–1915. A Dinner with Colonel Carter
Bret Harte. 1836–1902. Melons
The Society upon the Stanislaus
To the Pliocene Skull
Her Letter
Plain Language from Truthful James; or, the Heathen Chinee
John Hay. 1838–1905. Little Breeches
Jim Bludso
The Mystery of Gilgal
The Fairs
George Wilbur Peck. 1840–1916. Peck’s Bad Boy
Melville De Lancey Landon (Eli Perkins). 1839–1910. Doctors’ Wit and Humor
James Montgomery Bailey. 1841–1894. After the Funeral
Joaquin (Cincinnatus Hiner) Miller. 1837–1913. That Faithful Wife of Idaho
That Gentleman from Boston
William Brown of Oregon
Charles Edward Carryl. 1841–1920. The Walloping Window-Blind
Edward Rowland Sill. 1841–1887. Five Lives
Eve’s Daughter
Charles Bertrand Lewis (M Quad). 1842–1924. The Patent Gas Regulator
Two Cases of Grip
The Island of Cyprus
David Law Proudfit. 1842–1897. Prehistoric Smith
Katharine Kent Child Walker. 1833–1916. The Total Depravity of Inanimate Things
Robert Jones Burdette. 1844–1914. The Romance of the Carpet
The Artless Prattle of Childhood
The Vacation of Mustapha
The Legend of Mimir
Rheumatism Movement Cure
The Great American Traveler
Marietta Holley. 1836–1926. An Unmarried Female
A Pleasure Exertion
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward. 1844–1911. An Old Maid’s Paradise
George Thomas Lanigan. 1845–1886. The Amateur Orlando
The Ahkoond of Swat
Charles Henry Parkhurst. 1842–1933. A Remarkable Dream
Maria Louise Pool. 1841–1898. The Last Straw
James Jeffrey Roche. 1847–1908. The V-a-s-e
A Boston Lullaby
Joel Chandler Harris. 1848–1908. The Awful Fate of Mr. Wolf
Uncle Remus Has Peculiar Dreams
Mr. Rabbit Grossly Deceives Mr. Fox
The Pimmerly Plum
Sarah Orne Jewett. 1849–1909. The Passing of Sister Barsett
Eugene Field. 1850–1895. The Cyclopeedy
Baked Beans and Culture
The Little Peach
Dibdin’s Ghost
The Truth about Horace
Edgar Wilson (Bill) Nye. 1850–1896. A Fatal Thirst
On Cyclones
The Garden Hose
How to Hunt the Fox
In the South
Harlan Hoge Ballard. 1853–1934. In the Catacombs
Richard Kendall Munkittrick. 1853–1911. The Patriotic Tourist
Tis Ever Thus
What’s in a Name?
Irwin Russell. 1853–1879. The Origin of the Banjo
James L. Ford. 1854–1928. The Dying Gag
The Society Reporter’s Christmas
Bessie Brown, M.D.
Henry Cuyler Bunner. 1855–1896. Behold the Deeds!
Isaac Kahn Friedman. 1870–1931. Hungry Henry’s Touching Tale
Five Fingers and Five Dollars
A Beggar’s Strategy
Henry Guy Carleton. 1856–1910. The Thompson Street Poker Club
Agnes Repplier. 1855–1950. A Plea for Humor
Edward Waterman Townsend. 1855–1942. Chimmie Fadden Makes Friends
Chimmie Meets the Duchess
Chimmie and the Duchess Marry
Er Grace, de Duchess of Fadden
The Horse Show
Edward Sandford Martin. 1856–1939. Epithalamium
Sam Walter Foss. 1858–1911. A Modern Martyrdom
The Prayer of Cyrus Brown
A Philosopher
The Ideal Husband to His Wife
The Meeting of the Clabberhuses
Charles Fletcher Lummis. 1859–1928. A Poe-em of Passion
Frank Dempster Sherman. 1860–1916. A Rime for Priscilla
Love’s Seasons
In Parenthesis
Charlotte Perkins Gilman. 1860–1935. Similar Cases
Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman. 1852–1930. Timothy Samson, the Wise Man
James Whitcomb Riley. 1849–1916. When the Frost is on the Punkin
A Old Played-Out Song
The Elf-Child
A Liz-Town Humorist
Albert Bigelow Paine. 1861–1937. Mis’ Smith
Sary ‘Fixes Up’ Things
Holman Francis Day. 1865–1935. Tale of the Kennebec Mariner
Cure for Homesickness
Grampy Sings a Song
John W. Jones
The Ballad of Doc Pluff
A Settin’ Hen
Gelett Burgess. 1866–1951. The Bohemians of Boston
George Ade. 1866–1944. The Fable of the Preacher who Flew his Kite, but not Because he Wished to Do so
The Fable of the Caddy who Hurt his Head While Thinking
The Fable of the Two Mandolin Players and the Willing Performer
Finley Peter Dunne. 1867–1936. On Gold-Seeking
On Expert Testimony
Home Life of Geniuses
The City as a Summer Resort
Avarice and Generosity
Work and Sport
George Horace Lorimer. 1869–1937. The Advantages of Travel
Good Counsel
A Word to the Wise
George Vere Hobart. 1867–1926. John Henry at the Musicale
John Henry at the Races
Oliver Herford. 1863–1935. Child’s Natural History
Strickland W. Gillilan. 1869–1954. Finnigin to Flannigan
Paul West. 1871–1918. The Cumberbunce
Guy Wetmore Carryl. 1873–1904. The Touching Tenderness of King Karl the First
Josephine Daskam Bacon. 1876–1961. The Woman Who Was Not Athletic
The Woman Who Used Her Theory
The Woman Who Helped Her Sister
Nathaniel Shatswell Dodge (John Carver). 1810–1874. Country Burial-Places
Sam Post Davis. 1850–1918. The First Piano in a Mining-Camp
Simeon Ford. 1855–1933. The Discomforts of Travel
At a Turkish Bath
A Gentle Complaint
Boyhood in a New England Hotel
Jarvis Keiley. The Song of the Jellyfish
Andrew V. Kelley (Parmenas Mix). He Came to Pay
Ben King. 1857–1894. The Pessimist
If I Should Die To-Night
William J. Kountz, Jr. 1867?–1899. In Society
Danforth Marble. The Hoosier and the Salt-Pile
Stephen Leacock. 1869–1944. My Financial Career
Joshua S. Morris. The Harp of a Thousand Strings
Ed Mott. The Old Settler
Mary Noailles Murfree (Charles Egbert Craddock). 1850–1922. Borrowing a Hammer
Ernest Lawrence Thayer. 1863–1940. Casey at the Bat
Eva L. Ogden. The Sea
William Pitt Palmer. 1805–1884. Smack in School
Florence E. Pratt. Courting in Kentucky
Frances Lee Pratt. Captain Ben’s Choice
Albert Gallatin Riddle. 1816–1902. A Poem of Every-Day Life
James Gardner Sanderson. The Conundrum of the Golf-Links
Harrison Robertson. 1856–1939. Kentucky Philosophy
Frederick William Shelton. 1814–1881. Incidents in a Retired Life
Joseph Bert Smiley. 1864–1903. St. Peter at the Gate
Sol Smith. 1801–1869. A Bully Boat and a Brag Captain
Marion Couthouy Smith. 1853–1931. The Composite Ghost
Alaric Bertrand Start. The Jim-Jam King of the Jou-Jous
William Henry McElroy. 1838–1918. An Old War-Horse to a Young Politician
Carolyn Wells. 1862–1942. The Poster Girl
The Tragedy of a Theater Hat
A Memory
One Week
The A B C of Literature
College Humor. Won the Pot
The Rocks of Mt. Desert
A College Widow
To My Meerschaum
From the Rubaiyat of Mr. Hennessy
The Retort Courteous
At the Eighth Tee
Freshman Themes No. 2: Thanksgiving
A Coincidence
A University Catechism
A Lovely Scene
A Silent Partner
A Pious Remonstrance
A Lost Opportunity
The Darktown Nine
The Flight of Time
I Doubt It
Logic and the Co-Ed
A Football Song
Aunt Phœbe’s Remonstrance
Two of a Kind
A Merry, Blue-Eyed Laddie
An Echo of Junior Week