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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Psalms and Hymns for the Church (1883). IV. “Clouds around the mountains”

William Josiah Irons (1812–1883)

CLOUDS around the mountains breaking,

Bring the morning’s solemn sigh;

Murky lights the distance streaking,

Warn us of the reddening sky.

Be ye ready,

For the Day of God is nigh.

Through the earth and o’er the ocean,

Angel armies go before;

Voices, in the dread commotion,

Echo—“time shall be no more.”

Be ye ready,

For the Judge is at the door.

Lo the Son of Man appearing,

With the starry sign unfurled;

Heaven is gazing, earth is fearing,

At the terrors round Him hurled.

Be ye ready,

For “He comes to judge the world.”

Now, O Saviour, new-create us!

By Thy grace touch every heart;

Now from sinners separate us,

Let us not from Thee depart.

Make us ready,

To be with Thee as Thou art.

Saints and angels high in glory

Brighter crowns than ours will wear;

May we cast ourselves before Thee,

Praising Thee that we are there!

In their anthems,

All Thy ransomed ones may share.

“Come, ye blessèd!” THINE own greeting,

And our FATHER’S loving call;

With the SPIRIT’S voice repeating,

“Blessèd,” blessèd are they all,

Who in glory,

At their Father’s footstool fall.