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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Psalms and Hymns for the Church (1883). III. “Lo, signs in sun, and moon, and stars”

William Josiah Irons (1812–1883)

LO, signs in sun, and moon, and stars,

And on the earth distress and fear,

With sound of elemental wars,

Telling “the Son of Man” is near.

Things quickly coming on the earth,

Find their dread augury in the sky;

O children of the heavenly birth,

“Look up, redemption draweth nigh.”

Behold the early fig-trees’ bloom,

And verdure spangling all the land:

The future bursting from the womb,

Saying, “the Kingdom is at hand.”

For when we see that rising day,

No warning voices shall be stilled,

Nor shall His Israel pass away,

“Until Christ’s words be all fulfilled.”

Then help us, Lord, to know Thy signs,

Mark every line the evening bears,

Ready to meet Thy bright designs,

“Lest that Day take us unawares.”

So, “Son of Man,” while tarrying here,

Watch we the clouds with steadfast eyes,

Until Thy glory shall appear,

“The Sun of Righteousness arise.”