The Rights of War and Peace
A war is not the private undertaking of bold adventurers, but made and sanctioned by the public and sovereign authority on both sides.
On Just or Solemn War According to the Law of Nations on Declarations of War

The Rights of War and Peace

Including the Law of Nature and of Nations

Hugo Grotius

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Book I.
I. Of War and Right
II. Inquiry into the Lawfulness of War
III. The Division of War into Public and Private and the Nature of Sovereign Power
Book II.
I. Defence of Person and Property
II. The General Rights of Things
III. On the Original Acquisition of Things, and the Right of Property in Seas and Rivers
IV. Title to Desert Lands by Occupancy, Possession, and Prescription
IX. In What Cases Jurisdiction and Property Cease
X. The Obligation Arising from Property
XI. On Promises
XII. On Contracts
XIII. On Oaths
XV. On Treaties and on Engagements made by Delegates, Exceeding their Power
XVI. The Interpretation of Treaties
XVII. On Damages Occasioned by Injury and the Obligation to Repair Them
XVIII. On the Right of Embassies
XIX. On the Right of Burial
XX. On Punishments
XXI. On the Communication of Punishment
XXII. On the Unjust Causes of War
XXIII. On Doubtful Causes
XXIV. Precautions Against Rashly Engaging in War, Even Upon Just Grounds
XXV. The Causes of Undertaking War for Others
Book III.
I. What is Lawful in War
II. In What Manner the Law of Nations Renders the Property of Subjects Answerable for the Debts of Sovereigns. The Nature of Reprisals
III. On Just or Solemn War According to the Law of Nations on Declarations of War
IV. On the Right of Killing an Enemy in Lawful War, and Committing Other Acts of Hostility
V. On the Right to Lay Waste an Enemy’s Country, and Carry Off His Effects
VI. On the Acquisition of Territory and Property by Right of Conquest
VII. On the Right Over Prisoners of War
VIII. On Empire Over the Conquered
IX. Of the Right of Postliminium
XI. The Right of Killing Enemies, in Just War, to be Tempered with Moderation and Humanity
XII. On Moderation in Despoiling An Enemy’s Country
XIII. On Moderation in Making Captures in War
XV. On Moderation in Acquiring Dominion
XVI. On Moderation with Respect to Things Excluded from the Right of Postliminium by the Law of Nations
XVII. Respecting Those Who are Neutral in War
XIX. On Good Faith Between Enemies
XX. On the Public Faith, by which War is Concluded; Comprising Treaties of Peace, and the Nature of Arbitration, Surrender Hostages, Pledges
XXI. On Faith During the Continuance of War, on Truces, Safe-Conducts, and the Redemption of Prisoners
XXII. On the Faith on Those Invested with Subordinate Powers in War
XXIV. On Tacit Faith
XXV. Conclusion