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Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed. 1919. The Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250–1900.

Robert Burns. 1759–1796

497. John Anderson, my Jo

JOHN ANDERSON, my jo, John, 
  When we were first acquent, 
Your locks were like the raven, 
  Your bonnie brow was brent; 
But now your brow is beld, John,         5
  Your locks are like the snow; 
But blessings on your frosty pow, 
  John Anderson, my jo! 
John Anderson, my jo, John, 
  We clamb the hill thegither;  10
And monie a canty day, John, 
  We’ve had wi’ ane anither: 
Now we maun totter down, John, 
  But hand in hand we’ll go, 
And sleep thegither at the foot,  15
  John Anderson, my jo. 
GLOSS:  jo] sweetheart.  brent] smooth, unwrinkled.  beld] bald.  pow] pate.  canty] cheerful.