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Arthur Quiller-Couch, ed. 1919. The Oxford Book of English Verse: 1250–1900.

Robert Burns. 1759–1796

496. My Bonnie Mary

GO fetch to me a pint o’ wine, 
  An’ fill it in a silver tassie, 
That I may drink, before I go, 
  A service to my bonnie lassie. 
The boat rocks at the pier o’ Leith,         5
  Fu’ loud the wind blaws frae the ferry, 
The ship rides by the Berwick-law, 
  And I maun leave my bonnie Mary. 
The trumpets sound, the banners fly, 
  The glittering spears are rankèd ready;  10
The shouts o’ war are heard afar, 
  The battle closes thick and bloody; 
But it ‘s no the roar o’ sea or shore 
  Wad mak me langer wish to tarry; 
Nor shout o’ war that ‘s heard afar—  15
  It ‘s leaving thee, my bonnie Mary! 
GLOSS:  tassie] cup.