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Amend your ways and your doings.
Jeremiah vii. 3; xxvi. 13.


The Holy Bible: King James Version

Before Babylon destroyed Judah, Jeremiah foretold God’s judgment. While his message was largely of destruction, he also pointed toward a new covenant with God.


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1 Jeremiah’s Call and Commission
2 The LORD Pleads with Backsliding Israel
3 Israel and Judah Entreated to Repent
4 Judah Threatened with Invasion
5 The Sins of Jerusalem and Judah
6 The Doom of Jerusalem and Judah
7 Amend Your Ways and Your Doings
The Punishment for Judah’s Rebellion
8 A Lament for Judah and Jerusalem
9 Ruin and Exile Threatened
The Knowledge of God Is Man’s Glory
10 The False Gods and the True God
The Desolation of Judah
11 The Broken Covenant
The Plot against Jeremiah
12 Jeremiah’s Complaint and God’s Answer
13 The Lesson from the Marred Girdle
The Lesson from the Filled Bottles
Captivity Threatened for Judah’s Impenitence
14 The Message about the Drought
15 The LORD’s Unrepenting Anger with Judah
The LORD’s Assurance to Jeremiah
16 The LORD’s Judgment on the People
17 Judah’s Heart Engraved with Sin
The Sabbath Must Be Hallowed
18 The Lesson from the Potter Working the Clay
The People’s Plots and Jeremiah’s Prayer
19 The Lesson from the Broken Vessel
20 The Curse on Pashur for Imprisoning Jeremiah
Jeremiah’s Lament
21 The Destruction of Jerusalem Foretold
22 Prophecies against the Kings of Judah
23 The Return of the Remnant
Denunciation of the Lying Prophets
24 The Lesson from the Good and Bad Figs
25 Seventy Years of Desolation
The Cup of Wrath for the Nations
26 Jeremiah Threatened with Death
27 The Lesson from the Yoke-bars
28 Hananiah’s False Prophecy
29 Jeremiah’s Letter to the Captives
30 The Return from Captivity Promised
31 The New Covenant
32 Jeremiah Buys a Field at Anathoth
33 The Restoration of Prosperity to Jerusalem
34 Jeremiah’s Warning to Zedekiah
The Broken Covenant concerning Hebrew Servants
35 The Obedience of the Rechabites
36 The Burning of the Roll
37 Jeremiah Imprisoned
38 Jeremiah Rescued from the Dungeon
Zedekiah Seeks Counsel from Jeremiah
39 The Fall of Jerusalem
Nebuchadrezzar’s Care for Jeremiah
Ebed–melech Assured of Deliverance
40 Jeremiah and the Remnant with Gedaliah
Ishmael’s Conspiracy against Gedaliah
42 Jeremiah’s Message to Johanan
43 The Migration to Egypt
44 Jeremiah Prophesies to the Jews in Egypt
45 Jeremiah’s Message to Baruch
46 Prophecies concerning Egypt
47 The Prophecy concerning the Philistines
48 The Prophecy concerning Moab
49 The Prophecy concerning the Ammonites
The Prophecy concerning Edom
The Prophecy concerning Damascus
The Prophecy concerning Kedar and Hazor
The Prophecy concerning Elam
50 The Prophecy concerning Babylon
51 The LORD’s Judgment on Babylon
52 The Reign of Zedekiah
The Fall of Jerusalem
The Captivity of Judah
Jehoiachin Released and Honored in Babylon