William McCarty, comp. The American National Song Book. 1842.

Land of Liberty

TO Liberty’s enraptured sight,

When first Columbia’s region shone,

She hail’d it from her starry height,

And, smiling, claimed it as her own.

“Fair land,” the goddess cried, “be free!

Soil of my choice! to fame arise!”

She spoke, and heaven’s minstrelsy

Swell’d the loud chorus through the skies:

All hail, forever great and free,

Columbia—land of liberty.

Columbia’s genius heard the strain,

And proudly raised his drooping crest;

His sons impatient fill’d the plain,

While panted high each patriot’s breast:

Their fetters they indignant spurn’d,

They waved their faulchions in the air,

And where the goddess’ altar burn’d,

From kneeling warriors rose the prayer—

To die be ours, if thou art free,

Columbia—land of liberty.

War blew the clarion loud and long;

Oppression led his legions on;

To battle rush’d the patriot throng,

And soon the glorious day was won—

Each bleeding freeman smiled in death;

Flying he saw his country’s foes,

And, wafted by his latest breath,

To heaven the cheerful pæan rose—

Content I die, for thou art free!

Columbia—land of liberty.

And shall we ever dim the fires

That flames on Freedom’s hundred shrines?

Shall glory’s children shame their sires?

Shall cowards spring from heroes’ loins?

No, by the blood our fathers shed,

O, Freedom! in thy holy cause,

When streaming from the martyr’d dead,

It seal’d and sanctified thy laws—

We swear to keep thee great and free!

Columbia—land of liberty.