William McCarty, comp. The American National Song Book. 1842.

Hail America

HAIL, America, hail, unrivall’d in fame,

Thy foes, in confusion, turn pale at thy name;

On thy rock-rooted virtue, firmly seated sublime,

Below thee break, harmless, the billows of time.

May thy starry flag, waving, still glory pursue,

And freedom find ever a guardian in you.

Huzza, huzza, huzza, brave America,

Whom freedom secures;

The high car of crest-blazing glory is yours.

Let Spain boast the treasures that glow in her mines;

Let Gallia rejoice in her olives and vines;

Let bright-sparkling jewels in India prevail;

Let thy odours, Arabia, diffuse in each gale;

’Tis America only is bless’d with the soil

Where the fair fruits of virtue and liberty smile.
Huzza, huzza, &c.

For the blessings of freedom and plenty are yours.

Our bosoms, enraptured, beat high at thy name,

Thy health is our transport, thy triumph our fame;

Like our sires, with our swords we’ll support thy renown;

What they bought with their blood, we’ll defend with our own:

Smile, ye guardians of freedom, while your sons implore,

That America flourish till time be no more.
Huzza, huzza, &c.

For the blessings of freedom and valour are yours.

The muses to thee their glad tribute shall pay,

They flourish with freedom, with freedom decay;

Their hearts faintly murmur and silently stand,

While the sword of oppression hangs over our land.

Can the eagle soar freely, or dart like the wind,

When his limbs are oppress’d or his pinions confined?
Huzza, huzza, &c.

For science and arts and fair freedom are yours.

Unsheath’d while the sword of oppression remains,

And the blood of our heroes still crimsons the plains,

See America, weeping, exhort each brave son,

That their hearts, as their glory, might always be one.

’Tis the charter of freedom, attend to the call;

United we stand, but divided we fall.
Huzza, huzza, &c.

For patriots, and heroes, and virtue are yours.

With sweetness and beauty thy daughters shall rise,

With rose-blooming cheeks, and love-languishing eyes,

The graces and virtues solid comforts prepare

For heroes deserving the first of the fair.

For to whom should the blessings of freedom descend,

But the sons of those sires who dared freedom defend?
Huzza, huzza, &c.

The high car of crest-blazing glory is yours.