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John Greenleaf Whittier (1807–1892). The Poetical Works in Four Volumes. 1892.

Vol. I. Narrative and Legendary Poems

The Vaudois Teacher
The Female Martyr
Extract from “A New England Legend
The Demon of the Study
The Fountain
The Norsemen
Funeral Tree of the Sokokis
St. John
The Cypress-Tree of Ceylon
The Exiles
The Knight of St. John
Cassandra Southwick
The New Wife and the Old
The Bridal of Pennacook
    I. The Merrimac
    II. The Bashaba
    III. The Daughter
    IV. The Wedding
    V. The New Home
    VI. At Pennacook
    VII. The Departure
    VIII. Song of Indian Women
Barclay of Ury
The Angels of Buena Vista
The Legend of St. Mark
The Well of Loch Maree
The Chapel of the Hermits
The Hermit of the Thebaid
Maud Muller
Mary Garvin
The Ranger
The Garrison of Cape Ann
The Gift of Tritemius
Skipper Ireson’s Ride
The Sycamores
The Pipes at Lucknow
Telling the Bees
The Swan Song of Parson Avery
The Double-Headed Snake of Newbury
Mabel Martin
    I. The River Valley
    II. The Husking
    III. The Witch’s Daughter
    IV. The Champion
    V. In the Shadow
    VI. The Betrothal
The Prophecy of Samuel Sewall
The Red River Voyageur
The Preacher
The Truce of Piscataqua
My Playmate
Cobbler Keezar’s Vision
Amy Wentworth
The Countess
Among the Hills
    Among the Hills
The Dole of Jarl Thorkell
The Two Rabbins
Nauhaught, the Deacon
The Sisters
The Robin
The Pennsylvania Pilgrim
    The Pennsylvania Pilgrim
King Volmer and Elsie
The Three Bells
John Underhill
Conductor Bradley
The Witch of Wenham
King Solomon and the Ants
In the “Old South
The Henchman
The Dead Feast of the Kol-Folk
The Khan’s Devil
The King’s Missive
Rabbi Ishmael
The Rock-Tomb of Bradore
The Bay of Seven Islands
    To H. P. S.
    The Bay of Seven Islands
The Wishing Bridge
How the Women went from Dover
St. Gregory’s Guest
Birchbrook Mill
The Two Elizabeths
The Homestead
How the Robin Came
Banished from Massachusetts
The Brown Dwarf of Rügen