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English Poetry I: From Chaucer to Gray. The Harvard Classics. 1909–14.


Geoffrey Chaucer. 1.  The Prologue to the Canterbury Tales
   Lines 1–200
   Lines 201–400
   Lines 401–600
   Lines 601–800
   Lines 801–858
2.  The Nun’s Priest’s Tale
   Lines 1–200
   Lines 201–400
   Lines 401–637
Traditional Ballads. 3.  The Douglas Tragedy
4.  The Twa Sisters
5.  Edward
6.  Babylon; or, The Bonnie Banks o Fordie
7.  Hind Horn
8.  Lord Thomas and Fair Annet
9.  Love Gregor
10.  Bonny Barbara Allan
11.  The Gay Goss-Hawk
12.  The Three Ravens
13.  The Twa Corbies
14.  Sir Patrick Spence
15.  Thomas Rymer and the Queen of Elfland
16.  Sweet William’s Ghost
17.  The Wife of Usher’s Well
18.  Hugh of Lincoln
19.  Young Bicham
20.  Get Up and Bar the Door
21.  The Battle of Otterburn
22.  Chevy Chase
23.  Johnie Armstrong
24.  Captain Car
25.  The Bonny Earl of Murray
26.  Kinmont Willie
27.  Bonnie George Campbell
28.  The Dowy Houms o Yarrow
29.  Mary Hamilton
30.  The Baron of Brackley
31.  Bewick and Grahame
32.  A Gest of Robyn Hode
   The First Fytte
   The Second Fytte
   The Thirde Fytte
   The Fourth Fytte
   The Fyfth Fytte
   The Sixth Fytte
   The Seventh Fytte
   The Eighth Fytte
Anonymous. 33.  Balow
34.  The Old Cloak
35.  Jolly Good Ale and Old
Sir Thomas Wyatt. 36.  A Supplication
37.  The Lover’s Appeal
Henry Howard, Earl of Surrey. 38.  Complaint of the Absence of Her Lover
39.  The Means to Attain Happy Life
George Gascoigne. 40.  A Lover’s Lullaby
Nicholas Breton. 41.  Phillida and Coridon
Anonymous. 42.  A Sweet Lullaby
43.  Preparations
44.  The Unfaithful Shepherdess
Anthony Munday. 45.  Beauty Bathing
Richard Edwardes. 46.  Amantium Irae
Sir Walter Raleigh. 47.  His Pilgrimage
48.  The Lie
49.  Verses
50.  What Is Our Life
Sir Edward Dyer. 51.  My Mind to Me a Kingdom Is
John Lyly. 52.  Cupid and Campaspe
53.  Spring’s Welcome
Sir Philip Sidney. 54.  Song
55.  A Dirge
56.  A Ditty
57.  Loving in Truth
58.  Be Your Words Made, Good Sir, of Indian Ware
59.  To Sleep
60.  To the Moon
Thomas Lodge. 61.  Rosalind’s Madrigal
62.  Rosaline
63.  Phillis
George Peele. 64.  Paris and none
Robert Southwell. 65.  The Burning Babe
Samuel Daniel. 66.  Beauty, Time, and Love Sonnets
67.  To Sleep
Michael Drayton. 68.  Agincourt
69.  To the Virginian Voyage
70.  Love’s Farewell
Henry Constable. 71.  Diaphenia
Edmund Spenser. 72.  Prothalamion
73.  Epithalamion
74.  A Ditty
75.  Perigot and Willie’s Roundelay
76.  Easter
77.  What Guile Is This?
78.  Fair Is My Love
79.  So Oft as I Her Beauty do Behold
80.  Rudely Thou Wrongest My Dear Heart’s Desire
81.  One Day I Wrote Her Name Upon the Strand
82.  Like as the Culver, on the Bared Bough
William Habington. 83.  To Roses in the Bosom of Castara
84.  Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam
Christopher Marlowe. 85.  The Passionate Shepherd to His Love
86.  Her Reply
Richard Rowlands. 87.  Our Blessed Lady’s Lullaby
Thomas Nashe. 88.  In Time of Pestilence
89.  Spring
William Shakespeare. 90.  Winter
91.  O Mistress Mine
92.  Fancy
93.  Under the Greenwood Tree
94.  A Lover and His Lass
95.  Silvia
96.  Spring
97.  Lullaby
98.  Ophelia’s Song
99.  Where the Bee Sucks
100.  Love’s Perjuries
101.  Take, O Take
102.  A Madrigal
103.  Amiens’ Song
104.  Dawn Song
105.  Dirge of Love
106.  Fidele’s Dirge
107.  A Sea Dirge
108.  Eighteenth Sonnet
109.  Twenty-ninth Sonnet
110.  Thirtieth Sonnet
111.  Thirty-first Sonnet
112.  Thirty-second Sonnet
113.  Thirty-third Sonnet
114.  Fifty-fourth Sonnet
115.  Fifty-fifth Sonnet
116.  Fifty-seventh Sonnet
117.  Sixtieth Sonnet
118.  Sixty-fourth Sonnet
119.  Sixty-fifth Sonnet
120.  Sixty-sixth Sonnet
121.  Seventy-first Sonnet
122.  Seventy-third Sonnet
123.  Eighty-seventh Sonnet
124.  Ninetieth Sonnet
125.  Ninety-fourth Sonnet
126.  Ninety-seventh Sonnet
127.  Ninety-eighth Sonnet
128.  One Hundred and Fourth Sonnet
129.  One Hundred and Sixth Sonnet
130.  One Hundred and Seventh Sonnet
131.  One Hundred and Ninth Sonnet
132.  One Hundred and Tenth Sonnet
133.  One Hundred and Eleventh Sonnet
134.  One Hundred and Sixteenth Sonnet
135.  One Hundred and Twenty-ninth Sonnet
136.  One Hundred and Forty-sixth Sonnet
137.  One Hundred and Forty-eighth Sonnet
Robert Greene. 138.  Connent
Richard Barnfield. 139.  The Nightingale
Thomas Campion. 140.  Cherry-ripe
141.  Follow your Saint
142.  When to Her Lute Corinna Sings
143.  Follow thy Fair Sun
144.  Turn All thy Thoughts to Eyes
145.  Integer Vitae
Robert Devereux, Earl of Essex. 146.  A Passion of my Lord of Essex
Sir Henry Wotton. 147.  Elizabeth of Bohemia
148.  Character of a Happy Life
Edward de Vere, Earl of Oxford. 149.  A Renunciation
Ben Jonson. 150.  Simplex Munditiis
151.  The Triumph
152.  The Noble Nature
153.  To Celia
154.  A Farewell to the World
155.  A Nymph’s Passion
156.  Epode
157.  Epitaph on Elizabeth L. H.
158.  On Lucy, Countess of Bedford
159.  An Ode to Himself
160.  Hymn to Diana
161.  On Salathiel Pavy
162.  His Supposed Mistress
163.  To the Memory of My Beloved the Author, Mr. William Shakespeare and What He Hath Left Us
John Donne. 164.  The Funeral
165.  A Hymn to God the Father
166.  Valediction, Forbidding Mourning
167.  Death
168.  The Dream
169.  Song
170.  Sweetest Love, I do not Go
171.  Lover’s Infiniteness
172.  Love’s Deity
173.  Stay, O Sweet
174.  The Blossom
175.  The Good Morrow
176.  Present in Absence
Joshua Sylvester. 177.  Love’s Omnipresence
William Alexander, Earl of Stirling. 178.  To Aurora
Richard Corbet. 179.  Farewell, Rewards and Fairies
Thomas Heywood. 180.  Pack, Clouds, Away
Thomas Dekker. 181.  Country Glee
182.  Cold’s the Wind
183.  O Sweet Content
Francis Beaumont. 184.  On the Tombs in Westminster Abbey
185.  Master Francis Beaumont’s Letter to Ben Jonson
John Fletcher. 186.  Aspatia’s Song
187.  Melancholy
John Webster. 188.  Call for the Robin-Redbreast
Anonymous. 189.  O Waly, Waly
190.  Helen of Kirconnell
191.  My Love in Her Attire
192.  Love Not Me
William Drummond. 193.  Saint John Baptist
194.  Madrigal
195.  Life
196.  Human Folly
197.  The Problem
198.  To His Lute
199.  For the Magdalene
200.  Content and Resolute
201.  Alexis, Here She Stayed; Among These Pines
202.  Summons to Love
George Wither. 203.  I Loved a Lass
204.  The Lover’s Resolution
William Browne (?). 205.  On the Countess Dowager of Pembroke
Robert Herrick. 206.  Cherry-Ripe
207.  A Child’s Grace
208.  The Mad Maid’s Song
209.  To the Virgins
210.  To Dianeme
211.  A Sweet Disorder
212.  Whenas in Silks
213.  To Anthea who may Command Him Any Thing
214.  To Daffodils
215.  To Blossoms
216.  Corinna’s Maying
Francis Quarles. 217.  An Ecstasy
George Herbert. 218.  Love
219.  Virtue
220.  The Elixir
221.  The Collar
222.  The Flower
223.  Easter Song
224.  The Pulley
Henry Vaughan. 225.  Beyond the Veil
226.  The Retreat
Francis Bacon, Viscount St. Alban. 227.  Life
James Shirley. 228.  The Glories of our Blood and State
229.  The Last Conqueror
Thomas Carew. 230.  The True Beauty
231.  Ask Me No More
232.  Know, Celia
233.  Give Me More Love
Sir John Suckling. 234.  The Constant Lover
235.  Why So Pale and Wan
Sir William D’Avenant. 236.  Dawn Song
Richard Lovelace. 237.  To Lucasta, on Going to the Wars
238.  To Althea from Prison
239.  To Lucasta, Going Beyond the Seas
Edmund Waller. 240.  On a Girdle
241.  Go, Lovely Rose!
William Cartwright. 242.  On the Queen’s Return from the Low Countries
James Graham, Marquis of Montrose. 243.  My Dear and Only Love
Richard Crashaw. 244.  Wishes for the Supposed Mistress
245.  Upon the Book and Picture of the Seraphical Saint Teresa
Thomas Jordan. 246.  Let Us Drink and Be Merry
Abraham Cowley. 247.  A Supplication
248.  Cheer Up, My Mates
249.  Drinking
250.  On the Death of Mr. William Hervey
Alexander Brome. 251.  The Resolve
Andrew Marvell. 252.  A Garden
253.  The Picture of Little T. C. in a Prospect of Flowers
254.  Horatian Ode upon Cromwell’s Return from Ireland
255.  Song of the Emigrants in Bermuda
256.  Thoughts in a Garden
257.  Love Will Find Out the Way
258.  Phillada Flouts Me
Earl of Rochester. 259.  Epitaph on Charles II
Sir Charles Sedley. 260.  Chloris
261.  Celia
John Dryden. 262.  Ode
263.  Song to a Fair Young Lady, Going Out of the Town in the Spring
264.  Song for St. Cecilia’s Day
265.  Alexander’s Feast
266.  On Milton
Matthew Prior. 267.  To a Child of Quality
268.  Cloe
269.  The Dying Adrian to His Soul
270.  Epigram
Isaac Watts. 271.  True Greatness
Lady Grisel Baillie. 272.  Werena My Heart Licht I Wad Dee
Joseph Addison. 273.  Hymn
Allan Ramsay. 274.  Peggy
John Gay. 275.  Love in Her Eyes Sits Playing
276.  Black-Eyed Susan
Henry Carey. 277.  Sally in our Alley
Alexander Pope. 278.  Solitude
279.  On a Certain Lady at Court
280.  An Essay on Man: The Design
   Epistle I
   Epistle II
   Epistle III
   Epistle IV
Ambrose Philips. 281.  To Charlotte Pulteney
Colley Cibber. 282.  The Blind Boy
James Thomson. 283.  Rule, Britannia
284.  To Fortune
Thomas Gray. 285.  Elegy
286.  Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College
287.  Hymn to Adversity
288.  Ode on the Spring
289.  The Progress of Poesy
290.  The Bard
291.  Ode on the Pleasure Arising from Vicissitude
292.  On a Favourite Cat, Drowned in a Tub of Gold Fishes
George Bubb Dodington, Lord Melcombe. 293.  Shorten Sail