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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

Conordane Index Page 398 John Bartlett

Youth, ’t is now the summer of your, 378.
to fame unknown, 386.
to many a, and many a maid, 248.
to whom was given, 472.
virtue be as wax to flaming, 140.
waneth by encreasing, 24.
we poets in our, 470.
wears the rose of, upon him, 158.
what he steals from her, 378.
whom the gods favour dies in, 886.
whose fond heart, 550.
whoso neglects learning in his, 885.
wisdom is rare in, 343.
with swift feet walks, 686.
worm is in the bud of, 423.
Youthful comeliness, lovely in, 686.
follies o’er, count their, 492.
hart, fly like a, 302.
hose well saved, 69.
jollity, jest and, 248.
poets dream, such sights as, 249.
poets fancy when they love, 301.
sports, my joy of, 547.
than old, I’d rather be, 827.
Yreken, ashen cold is fire, 3.
Yuba, played on the banks of the, 636.
Ywette, joly whistle wel, 3.
Zaccheus he did climb the tree, 873.
Zeal, heavenly race demands thy, 359.
of God, 1036.
served God with half the, 100.
Zeal commutual 342.
Zealand, traveller from New, 601.
Zealots fight, let graceless, 318.
Zealous for nothing, 373.
Zealously affected, good to be, 1038.
Zekle crep’ up quite unbeknown, 736.
Zembla or the Lord knows where, 318.
Zenith, dropped from the, 225.
wisdom mounts her, 433.
Zephyr gently blows, when the, 324.
soft the, blows, 383.
Zeus impossible to escape the will of, 879.
the dice of, fall ever luckily, 883.
Zigzag manuscript, 419.
Zion the city of the great king, 1012.
Zone, as a circling, 236.
best gem upon her, 614.
Zurich’s daughters, fairest of fair, 865.
waters, margin of fair, 865.
Zuyder Zee, traveller on the, 602.