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John Bartlett (1820–1905). Familiar Quotations, 10th ed. 1919.

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Alfred Tennyson Tennyson. (1809–1892) (continued)
      A good woman is a wondrous creature, cleaving to the right and to the good under all change: lovely in youthful comeliness, lovely all her life long in comeliness of heart.
          Life of Tennyson. Vol. i.
    The night with sudden odour reeled;
The southern stars a music pealed.
          The Rosebud. 1 
Frances Anne Kemble.
    What shall I do with all the days and hours
  That must be counted ere I see thy face?
How shall I charm the interval that lowers
  Between this time and that sweet time of grace?
    Maids must be wives and mothers to fulfil
The entire and holiest end of woman’s being.
          Woman’s Heart.
    A sacred burden is this life ye bear:
Look on it, lift it, bear it solemnly,
Stand up and walk beneath it steadfastly.
Fail not for sorrow, falter not for sin,
But onward, upward, till the goal ye win.
          Lines addressed to the Young Gentleman leaving the Lenox Academy, Mass.
    Better trust all, and be deceived,
  And weep that trust and that deceiving,
Than doubt one heart, that if believed
  Had blessed one’s life with true believing.
    Youth, with swift feet walks onward in the way;
  The land of joy lies all before his eyes;
Age, stumbling, lingers slowly day by day,
  Still looking back, for it behind him lies.
Note 1.
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