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Proverbs are the abridgments of wisdom.
Quotation 49

Dictionary of Quotations

From Ancient and Modern, English and Foreign Sources Including Phrases, Mottoes, Maxims, Proverbs, Definitions, Aphorisms, and Sayings of Wise Men, in Their Bearing on Life, Literature, Speculation, Science, Art, Religion, and Morals, Especially in the Modern Aspects of Them

Selected and Compiled by the Rev. James Wood

These 28,732 selections feature non-English language sources including proverbs by a master Encyclopedist.

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Alphabetical Index
A’ are guid to Adversa virtute
Adversity is to A life that
A light heart to A man must carry
A man must seek to An unimaginative person
Anxiety is the poison to A soul without reflection
A spark neglected to Avarice has ruined
Avarus to Best men are moulded
Be strong to Brain is always
Brave men to Cattivo è quel
Cattle go to Chi ha tempo
Childhood to Compos mentis
Compound for sins to Credulity
Creep before to Das Wunder
Data fata to De profundis
De propaganda to Die Kunst
Die Leidenschaften to Doctrine is nothing
Does Homer to Each mind
Each must stand to El corazon
El dar es honor to Equity judges
Equivocation to Eventus stultorum
Even weak men to Every tear
Everything a man to Eyes will not see
Ez for war to Fate steals
Fatetur facinus to Flagrante delicto
Flames rise to Forbearance
Forbid a fool to Fronti nulla fides
Frost and fraud to Genug ist über
Genuine morality to God helps those
God Himself to Gott ist überall
Gottlob! to Greatness
Greediness bursts to Hast du im Thal
Haste and rashness to He that cannot
He that ceases to He who does a good deed
He who does evil to Helluo librorum
Help others to Honi soit qui mal
Honnêtes gens to Hysteron proteron
I am a man to I would rather
Ibi omnis to If they do
If they bear to Il n’est sauce
Il ne fait to In bocca chiusa
In books to In seipso totus
In self-trust to Inmost things
Innocence to It is an equal
It is an honour to It is not the fraud
It is not to Ivory does not
J’ai bonne to Judges ought
Judgment to Kings wish
Kiss to La critique
La décence to Laudant quod non
Laudari a viro to Learn young
Learned fools to Let John Bull
Let justice to Lies that are half true
Life abounds to Literature, when noble
Litteræ non to Love is vanity
Love knows to Make haste slowly
Make hay to Man perfected
Man proposes to Married in haste
Marry above to Men look
Men love to Miscellaneous reading
Mischief to Mountains never
Mourning to Nations
Natur und Kunst to Nemesis is lame
Nemo allegans to Nil debet
Nil desperandum to No man lives
No man loves to Non deficit
Non destare to Nothing extenuate
Nothing for nothing to Nur Helios
Nur immer zu! to Of the eyes
Of the soul to On parle peu
On perd tout to Only they who
Only those books to Out at sea
Out of debt to Pedibus timor
Peevishness covers to Plausus tunc
Play not for gain to Poverty wants
Power and permanence to Proverbs were
Provide things to Qui proficit
Qui quæ to Reason is a bee
Reason is a historian to Respect yourself
Respectable mediocrity to Sadness and gladness
Sae rantingly to Secrets travel
Sects of men to Short swallow-flights
Should auld to Smiles from reason
Smooth runs to Sorrows remembered
Sors tua mortalis to Sub rosa
Sub silentio to Tale tuum
Talent alone to That which each man
That which God to The chariest maid
The charitable give to The errors
The essence to The good word
The goods to The ideal of friendship
The idle to The man who works
The man who to The pains of power
The painful to The rough seas
The rude man to The things
The thinker to The wise in heart
The wise man to There are times
There are truths to There is no solitude
There is no spirit to They, sweet soul
They that are above to Though thousands hate
Though we lose to To acquire certainty
To act is easy to To popular religion
To pour oil to True eloquence
True fame to Ultimus Romanorum
Ultra posse to Utinam tam facile
Utopia to Virtue is the queen
Virtue itself offends to Waste not time
Watch and pray to We may daily
We may despise to Well, you may fear
Wem nicht zu to What is this day’s
What is this life to When at one
When bad men to Where peace
Where people to Whom God teaches not
Whom Heaven to Without a God
Without a rich heart to Yield not to temptation
Yield to God to Zwischen uns sei