Candide Or The Optimist
But let us take care of our garden.
Chapter XXX

Candide Or The Optimist

François Marie Arouet de Voltaire



Chapter I. How Candide was brought up in a magnificent castle; and how he was driven from thence
Chapter II. What befell Candide among the Bulgarians
Chapter III. How Candide escaped from the Bulgarians, and what befell him afterwards
Chapter IV. How Candide found his old Master Pangloss again, and what happened to them
Chapter V. A Tempest, a Shipwreck, an Earthquake, and what else befell Doctor Pangloss, Candide, and James the Anabaptist
Chapter VI. How the Portuguese made a superb auto-de-fé to prevent any future Earthquakes, and how Candide underwent public flagellation
Chapter VII. How the Old Woman took care of Candide, and how he found the Object of His Love
Chapter VIII. The History of Cunegund
Chapter IX. What happened to Cunegund, Candide, the Grand Inquisitor, and the Jew
Chapter X. In what distress Candide, Cunegund, and the Old Woman arrive at Cadiz; and of their Embarkation
Chapter XI. The History of the Old Woman
Chapter XII. The Adventures of the Old Woman (continued)
Chapter XIII. How Candide was obliged to leave the fair Cunegund and the Old Woman
Chapter XIV. The reception Candide and Cacambo met with among the Jesuits in Paraguay
Chapter XV. How Candide killed the Brother of his dear Cunegund
Chapter XVI. What happened to our two Travellers with two Girls, two Monkeys, and the Savages called Oreillons
Chapter XVII. Candide and his Valet arrive in the Country of El Dorado. What they saw there
Chapter XVIII. What they saw in the Country of El Dorado
Chapter XIX. What happened to them at Surinam, and how Candide came acquainted with Martin
Chapter XX. What befell Candide and Martin on their Passage
Chapter XXI. Candide and Martin, while thus reasoning with each other, draw near to the coast of France
Chapter XXII. What happened to Candide and Martin in France
Chapter XXIII. Candide and Martin touch upon the English Coast: what they see there
Chapter XXIV. Of Pacquette and Friar Giroflée
Chapter XXV. Candide and Martin pay a visit to Signor Pococuranté, a noble Venetian
Chapter XXVI. Candide and Martin sup with six Sharpers; and who they were
Chapter XXVII. Candide’s Voyage to Constantinople
Chapter XXVIII. What befell Candide, Cunegund, Pangloss, Martin, etc.
Chapter XXIX. In what manner Candide found Miss Cunegund and the Old Woman again
Chapter XXX. Conclusion