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Stedman and Hutchinson, comps. A Library of American Literature:
An Anthology in Eleven Volumes. 1891.


Vols. IX–XI. Literature of the Republic, Part IV., 1861–1889

Theodore Winthrop. 1828–1861. Don Fuluno to the Rescue
But Once
A Pull for Life and Love
Henry Martyn Baird. 1832–1906. The Death of Coligny
Mary Ashley Townsend. 1836–1901. Down the Bayou
Hubert Howe Bancroft. 1832–1918. How They Found the Pacific Gold
Argonaut Life and Character
Moncure Daniel Conway. 1832–1907. Death as Foe, and as Friend
African Serpent-Drama in America
John Albee. 1833–1915. A Soldier’s Grave
Bos’n Hill
William Douglas O’Connor. 1832–1889. The Pretty Pass Things Came to
The Carpenter
What a Witch and a Thief Made
Horace Howard Furness. 1833–1912. A Kindred Dramatic Method, in their Use of Double Time, Pursued by Æschylus and Shakespeare
It Hath the Excuse of Youth
George E. Waring, Jr. 1833–1898. Vix
Albert Deane Richardson. 1833–1869. John
Mary Agnes Tincker. 1831–1907. In the Hall of Cypresses
William Leighton. 1833–1911. Odin Dethroned
Isaac Hill Bromley. 1833–1898. The Noble Teton Sioux
The Season of Rampage
David Ross Locke. 1833–1888. Mr. Nasby Finds a New Business which Promises Ample Profits
Mr. Nasby at Last Loses his Post Office
Robert Green Ingersoll. 1833–1899. Selections from his Oratory and Writings
Tracy Robinson. 1833–1915. The Majority
Junius Henri Browne. 1833–1902. Marriage is Companionship
Genius and Labor
Elisha Mulford. 1833–1885. The Right of Revolution
The Nation the Antagonist of the Confederacy
George Washburn Smalley. 1833–1916. Louis Blanc, the Man and the Political Leader
Bismarck in the Reichstag
Conversation in London Drawing-Rooms
William Cleaver Wilkinson. 1833–1920. In Vindication of Webster
At Marshfield
James Morris Whiton. 1833–1920. The Assurance of Immortality
William Swinton. 1833–1892. The Little Monitor
George Arnold. 1834–1865. Sweet Impatience
A Sunset Fantasie
Marvin Richardson Vincent. 1834–1922. The Pride of Care
Charlton Thomas Lewis. 1834–1904. Influence of Civilization on Duration of Life
Charles Farrar Browne. 1834–1867. One of Mr. Ward’s Business Letters
A Visit to Brigham Young
Frank Richard Stockton. 1834–1902. Pomona’s Novel
The Lady, or the Tiger?
Annie Adams Fields. 1834–1915. Theocritus
Charles William Eliot. 1834–1926. Our American Gentry
Richard Realf. 1832–1878. An Old Man’s Idyl
Miriam Coles Harris. 1834–1925. A Sentimentalist’s Second Marriage
Harriet McEwen Kimball. 1834–1917. The Guest
White Azaleas
Katherine Prescott Wormeley. 1830–1908. A Night-Watch, after Fair Oaks
Frances Louisa Bushnell In the Dark
Frank Lee Benedict. 1834–1910. A Little Cat
James Abbott McNeill Whistler. 1834–1903. That Art is not Over-Indebted to the Multitude
Chauncey Mitchell Depew. 1834–1928. A Symbol
The American Idea
Starr Hoyt Nichols. 1834–1909. St. Theodule
Horace White. 1834–1916. The Great Chicago Fire
Charles Henry Webb. 1834–1905. Alec. Dunham’s Boat
With a Nantucket Shell
The Lay of Dan’l Drew
Adams Sherman Hill. 1833–1910. English in Newspapers and Novels
Charles Augustus Young. 1834–1908. Source and Duration of the Solar Heat
Charles Francis Adams, Jr. 1835–1915. The Road to a Liberal Education
John James Piatt. 1835–1917. The Mower in Ohio
The Morning Street
A Lost Graveyard
Leaves at my Window
The Grave of Rose
The Child in the Street
Phillips Brooks. 1835–1893. The Ministry for Our Age
Louise Chandler Moulton. 1835–1908. A Painted Fan
The House of Death
We Lay us Down to Sleep
To Night
The London Cabby
In Time to Come
Moses Coit Tyler. 1835–1900. The Colonial American Literature
Harriet Prescott Spofford. 1835–1921. O Soft Spring Airs!
A Sigh
Music in the Night
Thomas Wallace Knox. 1835–1896. A Russian Wolf-Hunt
Henry Lynden Flash. 1835–1914. Stonewall Jackson
Mark Twain (Samuel Langhorne Clemens). 1835–1910. The Notorious Jumping Frog of Calaveras County
How they Burned Women at the Stake in Merrie England
The Feud
Augusta Jane Evans. 1835–1909. The Masterful Style of Proposal
Theodore Tilton. 1835–1907. God Save the Nation
The Flight from the Convent
Sir Marmaduke’s Musings
William Hayes Ward. 1835–1916. Elements of True Poetry
The New Castalia
Lyman Abbott. 1835–1922. The Book of Promise
Amanda Theodocia Jones. 1835–1914. Prairie Summer
Edward Greey. 1835–1888. Legend of the Golden Lotus
Mary Emily Bradley. 1835–1898. The Old Story
The Key-Note
Andrew Carnegie. 1835–1919. The Great Republic
Nathaniel Graham Shepherd. 1835–1869. Roll-Call
William Torrey Harris. 1835–1909. The Personality of God
Shakespeare’s Historical Plays
The Eternity of Rome
William Osborn Stoddard. 1835–1925. The Prairie Plover
The Sentinel Year
Augusta Larned. 1835–1924. A Domestic Tyrant
Clara Florida Guernsey. 1836–1893. The Silver Bullet
William Winter. 1836–1917. In “The World of Dreams
My Queen
An Empty Heart
Shakespeare’s Grave
Relations of the Press and the Stage
Celia Laighton Thaxter. 1835–1894. The Sandpiper
The Watch of Boon Island
Song: ‘We sail toward evening’s lonely star
A Mussel Shell
Schumann’s Sonata in A Minor
John Rose Greene Hassard. 1836–1888. Siegfried” at Bayreuth
Thomas Bailey Aldrich. 1836–1907. Flower and Thorn
Palabras Cariñosas
An Untimely Thought
An Old Castle
Our New Neighbors at Ponkapog
On an Intaglio Head of Minerva
Enamoured Architect of Airy Rhyme
A Village Sunrise
Lending a Hand
Odd Sticks, and Certain Reflections Concerning Them
The Last Cæsar
Henry Mills Alden. 1836–1919. The Childhood of De Quincey
A Child shall Lead them
Sarah Morgan Bryan Piatt. 1836–1919. Why Should we Care?
His Share and Mine
Tradition of Conquest
After Wings
The Witch in the Glass
Fitz Hugh Ludlow. 1836–1870. The Hour and the Power of Darkness
William Henry Venable. 1836–1920. The Tunes Dan Harrison Used to Play
Summer Love
Robert Henry Newell. 1836–1901. Picciola
The Calmest of Her Sex
Benjamin Edward Woolf. 1836–1901. Dialogue from “The Mighty Dollar
Edward Howard House. 1836–1901. A Child of Japan
John Aylmer Dorgan. 1836–1867. The Dead Solomon
Boat Song
Russell Sturgis. 1836–1909. John Leech
David Gray. 1836–1888. The Cross of Gold
Adoniram Judson Sage. 1836–1902. The Violin
John Burroughs. 1837–1921. In the Hemlocks
Obiter Dicta
Hail to Thee, Blithe Spirit!”
Forceythe Willson. 1837–1867. In State
Samuel Greene Wheeler Benjamin. 1837–1914. The Source and the Aim of Art
Jeannette Ritchie Hadermann Walworth. 1837–1918. Uncle Lige
Arthur Gilman. 1837–1909. The Good Haroun Alraschid
Whitelaw Reid. 1837–1912. Sherman, the Soldier
The Pursuit of Politics
Kate Neely Festetits. b. 1837. Christmas-Time
William Dean Howells. 1837–1920. Venetian Vagabonds
The Priest’s Question
Before the Gate
The Parlor Car
The First Cricket
Horace Porter. 1837–1921. Five Forks, and the Capture of Petersburg
Edward Eggleston. 1837–1902. Abraham Lincoln’s Defence of Tom Grayson
Courtship and Marriage in the Colonies
Burke Aaron Hinsdale. 1837–1900. The Connecticut Western Reserve
Edward Payson Roe. 1838–1888. A Day in Spring
Charlotte Fiske Bates. 1838–1916. The Problem
Spring in Winter
Woodbines in October
Margaret Elizabeth Sangster. 1838–1912. Our Own
Apple Blossoms
Horace Elisha Scudder. 1838–1902. Landor as a Classic
A Vision of Peace
As Good as a Play
Henry Ames Blood. 1836–1900. Shakespeare
The War of the Dryads
Albion Winegar Tourgée. 1838–1905. A Race against Time
John Richard Dennett. 1838–1874. Rossetti and Pre-Raphaelitism
John Davis Long. 1838–1915. At the Fireside
Edna Dean Proctor. 1829–1923. Heaven, O Lord, I Cannot Lose
Charles Barnard. 1838–1920. Scene from “The County Fair
Mary Mapes Dodge. 1831–1905. The Two Mysteries
The Stars
Miss Malony on the Chinese Question
Thomas Raynesford Lounsbury. 1838–1915. Literary and Personal Characteristics of Cooper
The Future of Our Tongue
John Hay. 1838–1905. Liberty
Red-Letter Days in Spain
A Woman’s Love
A Triumph of Order
The Stirrup-Cup
James Ryder Randall. 1839–1908. My Maryland
John Pelham
Why the Robin’s Breast was Red
Abram Joseph Ryan. 1838–1886. The Conquered Banner
My Beads
William Walter Phelps. 1839–1894. The Theory of Commercial Panics
A Bad American Type
Ireland’s Want
Hezekiah Butterworth. 1839–1905. The First Christmas in New England
Sarah Chauncey Woolsey (Susan Coolidge). 1835–1905. Gulf-Stream
Mary (Clemmer) (Ames) Hudson. 1839–1884. Good-Night
Bret Harte. 1836–1902. Grizzly
In the Tunnel
The Outcasts of Poker Flat
Plain Language from Truthful James
The Society upon the Stanislaus
The Aged Stranger
Tennessee’s Partner
Guild’s Signal
At the Hacienda
George Cary Eggleston. 1839–1911. The Chevalier of the Lost Cause
Stephen Henry Thayer. 1839–1919. The Waiting Chords
Henry George. 1839–1897. Property in Land in the United States
Francis Amasa Walker. 1840–1897. The Best Holding of the Land
John White Chadwick. 1840–1904. Recognition
His Mother’s Joy
John Torrey Morse, Jr. 1840–1937. A Picture of John Quincy Adams
Robert Kelley Weeks. 1840–1876. A Song for Lexington
On the Shore
John Clark Ridpath. 1840–1900. Tenets of Liberty
Rossiter Johnson. 1840–1931. Laurence
At the End of the War
Laura Redden Searing (Howard Glyndon). 1840–1923. Disarmed
Wendell Phillips Garrison. 1840–1907. The Martyrdom of Lovejoy
Peaceable Separation” Mooted by the Abolitionists of 1845
William Graham Sumner. 1840–1910. Examination of a Cardinal Protectionist Theory
The “Loco-Focos” of 1835
Amelia Walstien Carpenter. b. 1840. In the Slant o’ the Sun
Henry Watterson. 1840–1921. The New South
Eugene Schuyler. 1840–1890. The Czar as a Carpenter
Kate Field. 1838–1896. Some Reminiscences of Landor
Henry Bernard Carpenter. 1840–1890. Garfield
Stanzas from “Fryeburg
Henry Morton Stanley. 1841–1904. A Meeting in the Heart of Africa
Mary Ainge De Vere (Madeline Bridges). A Farewell
A Quiet House
God Keep You
George Frederic Parsons. 1840–1893. The Comédie Humaine
James Herbert Morse. 1841–1923. Loss
George Alfred Townsend. 1841–1914. Old “Beau” and “Crutch, the Page
In Rama
Joaquin (Cincinnatus Hiner) Miller. 1837–1913. From “Arizonian
Written in Athens
Kit Carson’s Ride
Mount Shasta
Denton Jaques Snider. 1841–1925. At the House of Pindar
Kate Putnam Osgood. 1841–1910. Driving Home the Cows
Mayo Williamson Hazeltine. 1841–1909. Zola
Edward Rowland Sill. 1841–1887. The Lover’s Song
The Fool’s Prayer
Eve’s Daughter
George Makepeace Towle. 1841–1893. Gladstone Speaking
Nora Perry. 1831–1896. Some Day of Days
The Love-Knot
Riding Down
The Coming of the Spring
Titus Munson Coan. 1836–1921. On Being Born Away from Home
The Watch-Fire
William Gordon McCabe. 1841–1920. Dreaming in the Trenches
Christmas Night of ’62
Charles Edward Carryl. 1841–1920. Robinson Crusoe
Minot Judson Savage. 1841–1918. Spiritualism
The Shadow
Susan Dabney Smedes. 1840–1913. Thomas Dabney, a Planter of the Old Time
Annie Douglas (Green) Robinson. 1842–1913. Two Pictures
Pussy Willow
Bronson Howard. 1842–1908. The Laws of Dramatic Construction
Thomas Stephens Collier. 1842–1893. Sacrilege
Charles Monroe Dickinson. 1842–1924. The Children
Ellen Warner Olney Kirk. 1842–1928. His Wife’s Relations
Mary Anna Phinney Stansbury. b. 1842. How He Saved St. Michael’s
Henry Abbey. 1842–1911. May in Kingston
Winter Days
John Fiske. 1842–1901. Immortality the Logical Outcome of Evolution
Sidney Lanier. 1842–1881. The Marshes of Glynn
Song of the Chattahoochee
The Mocking Bird
The Revenge of Hamish
Night and Day
Anna Elizabeth Dickinson. 1842–1932. The Draft Riot of July, 1863
David Law Proudfit. 1842–1897. The Willis
Poor Little Joe
Charles Follen Adams. 1842–1918. Yawcob Strauss
Americus Wellington Bellaw. b. 1842. Cotton-Field Song
Charles Bertrand Lewis. 1842–1924. From the Proceedings of the Lime-Kiln Club
Frederick Henry Pilch. 1842–1889. De ’Sperience ob de Reb’rend Quawko Strong
Edwin Lassetter Bynner. 1842–1893. All Saints’ Day at Lisbon
May Riley Smith. 1842?–1927. Sometime
William Henry McElroy. 1838–1918. An Old War-Horse to a Young Politician
Charles Goodrich Whiting. 1842–1922. The Eagle’s Fall
For Ronald in his Grave
Henry James. 1843–1916. Beautiful England
Two Modern Types
The Sorrowful World of Turgénieff
Miss Daisy Miller of Schenectady, U. S.
The Lifting of a Veil
The Glory of Niagara
Clarence King. 1842–1901. The Helmet of Mambrino
Francis Fisher Browne. 1843–1913. Under the Blue
Helen Kendrick Johnson. 1844–1917. When Shall We Three Meet Again?”
Samuel Willoughby Duffield. 1843–1887. The Great Hymn of Abélard
At Vespers
Ehrman Syme Nadal. 1843–1922. Thackeray’s Relation to English Society
Landscape with Figures
Laurence Hutton. 1843–1904. Master Betty
From Uncollected Essays
Charles Warren Stoddard. 1843–1909. The Surf-Swimmer
The Cocoa-Tree
Harriet Waters Preston. 1836–1911. Russian Novelists
Maurice Thompson. 1844–1901. The Death of the White Heron
The Bluebird
The Motif of Bird-Song
John Boyle O’Reilly. 1844–1890. Western Australia
In Tropic Rains
My Native Land
A Savage
A Dead Man
A Passage
The Pilgrims
Francis Howard Williams. 1844–1922. In No Man’s Land
Song: ‘A bird in my bower
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Ward. 1844–1911. An Autumn Violet
Alas, Poor Ghost!
At the Party
Richard Watson Gilder. 1844–1909. My Love for Thee doth March like Armèd Men
Listening to Music
I Count my Time by Times that I meet Thee
Mors Triumphalis
The Celestial Passion
A Christmas Hymn
On a Portrait of Servetus
Ode: ‘I am the spirit of the morning sea
On the Life-Mask of Abraham Lincoln
The Sonnet
George Washington Cable. 1844–1925. Madame Délicieuse
Robert Jones Burdette. 1844–1914. Bartimeus
Theodore Whitefield Hunt. 1844–1930. Arnold and his Style
Marietta Holley. 1836–1926. The Clinging Vine Theory
Adolphus Washington Greely. 1844–1935. The Death of a Hero
Charles King. 1844–1933. A Ride through the Valley of Death
Margret Holmes Ernsperger Bates. 1844–1927. A Hoosier Rascal
Clifford Anderson Lanier. 1844–1908. Time, Tireless Tramp
Elizabeth Bacon Custer. 1842–1933. A Dakota Blizzard
Custer and his Hounds
Margaret Thomson Janvier (Margaret Vandegrift). 1845–1913. The Dead Doll
George Haven Putnam. 1844–1930. International Copyright
Thomas Sergeant Perry. 1845–1928. Money and the Snob
Will Carleton. 1845–1912. Betsey and I are Out
Maria Louise Pool. 1841–1898. The Last Straw
Gertrude Bloede. Stuart Sterne). 1845–1905. My Father’s Child
Lucretia Gray Noble. 1836–1927. A Roaring Ledge
In the Battle
Henry Adams. 1838–1918. Breaking in a President
Joseph A. Nimes A Country Breakfast in England
Patrician Amenities
John Henry Boner. 1845–1903. Poe’s Cottage at Fordham
We Walked among the Whispering Pines
The Light’ood Fire
Midsummer Night
George Kennan. 1845–1924. A Visit to Count Tolstoi
Ella Wheeler Wilcox. 1850–1919. Friendship after Love
George Thomas Lanigan. 1845–1886. Latter-Day Fables
A Threnody
Hamilton Wright Mabie. 1846–1916. The Spiritual Element in Modern Literature
James Appleton Morgan. 1845–1928. Shylock’s Appeal
Julian Hawthorne. 1846–1934. The Metamorphosis of Archibald Malmaison
Ina Donna Coolbrith. 1841–1928. When the Grass shall Cover Me
A Perfect Day
Rose Elizabeth Cleveland. 1846–1918. Altruistic Faith
Anna Katharine Green. 1846–1935. The Storm in the Wood
At the Piano
Alice Williams Brotherton. 1848–1930. Passing
The Ragged Regiment
William Young. 1847–1920. Scenes from “Pendragon
The Flower-Seller
Arthur Sherburne Hardy. 1847–1930. In the Chamber of Charlemagne
Henry Augustin Beers. 1847–1926. Bumble-Bee
Hugh Latimer
The Singer of One Song
William Henry Bishop. 1847–1928. A Little Dinner
Blanche Willis Howard. 1847–1898. At the Pardon
The Dowager Countess of Kronfels
Edgar Fawcett. 1847–1904. To an Oriole
The Meeting
The Sphinx of Ice
The Gentleman who Lived too Long
The Old Beau
The Dying Archangel
A Dead Butterfly
Mary Hallock Foote. 1847–1938. Home-Life in Mexico
James Jeffrey Roche. 1847–1908. Andromeda
The V-a-s-e
Josiah Strong. 1847–1916. Facts and Thoughts Concerning Immigration
Walter Learned. 1847–1915. At the Golden Gate
On the Fly-Leaf of a Book of Old Plays
In Explanation
Constance Fenimore Woolson. 1840–1894. The Lady of Little Fishing
Edward King. 1848–1896. A Woman’s Execution
O Birds that Flit by Ocean’s Rim
Joel Chandler Harris. 1848–1908. The Wonderful Tar-Baby Story
A Revival Hymn
Free Joe and the Rest of the World
George Willis Cooke. 1848–1923. The Poet’s Art
John Vance Cheney. 1848–1922. And Who is She?
A Saint of Yore
Hjalmar Hjorth Boyesen. 1848–1895. A Norse Radical
Hilda’s Little Hood
William Waldorf Astor. 1848–1919. The Last Supper of the Borgias
Frederick Wadsworth Loring. 1848–1871. In the Old Churchyard at Fredericksburg
Frances Courtenay Baylor. 1848–1920. After the Mountain Wedding
Charles de Kay. 1848–1935. Ulf in Ireland
Little People
Then shall I Triumph
From The Vision of Nimrod
Richard Rogers Bowker. 1848–1933. The Nature and Origin of Copyright
Ella Dietz Clymer. b. 1856? Song: ‘O touch me not, unless thy soul
When I am Dead
George Washington Williams. 1849–1891. The Negro Soldiers at Port Hudson
Educating the Negro
Emma Lazarus. 1849–1887. Venus of the Louvre
The Cranes of Ibycus
The Crowing of the Red Cock
From The Dance to Death
The Banner of the Jew
Frances Hodgson Burnett. 1849–1924. Mr. Rogers’s “Onjestice
Obadiah Cyrus Auringer. 1849–1937. The Flight of the War-Eagle
Sarah Orne Jewett. 1849–1909. Miss Tempy’s Watchers
A Child’s Grave
Philip Henry Welch. 1849–1889. Social Phonograms
George Augustus Baker. 1849–1906. Love’s Young Dream
Katharine Sherwood Bonner McDowell. 1849–1883. Aunt Beckey “Kunjured
Thomas Chalmers Harbaugh. 1849–1924. Grant—Dying
Thomas Russell Sullivan. 1849–1916. Sans Vie, Sans Amour
Francis Saltus Saltus. 1849–1889. Graves
Thomas Allibone Janvier. 1849–1913. San Antonio of the Gardens
Mary Newmarch Prescott. 1849–1888. The Old Story
Song: ‘Slipping, drifting with the tide
Henry Francis Keenan. 1850–1928. The Sacrifice of La Roquette
Virginia Wales Johnson. 1849–1916. At Venice
Robert Burns Wilson. 1850–1916. The Death of Winter
Lafcadio Hearn. 1850–1904. The Legend of L’Île Dernière
George Washington Wright Houghton. 1850–1891. The Witch of York
Henry Cabot Lodge. 1850–1924. The Real George Washington
Lucy White Jennison (Owen Innsly). b. 1850. A Simile
A Dream of Death
Arlo Bates. 1850–1918. A Bride’s Inheritance
The Danza
A Shadow Boat
A Lament
A Browning Club in Boston
Our Dead
Anna Bowman Dodd. 1855–1929. A Plantation Rosalind
Edward Bellamy. 1850–1898. A Dream within a Dream
Clarence Clough Buel. 1850–1933. The Guardian of our Dumb Friends
On the Trapping of a Mouse that Lived in a Lady’s Escritoire
William Hamilton Gibson. 1850–1896. Where Sleeps Titania
Alice French (Octave Thanet). 1850–1934. The Bishop’s Vagabond
Edgar Wilson (Bill) Nye. 1850–1896. The Pass Came too Late
Eugene Field. 1850–1895. Dutch Lullaby
Casey’s Table d’Hôte
The Bibliomaniac’s Prayer
The Old Man
A Fairy Glee
Preface to the Final Volume
Mary Noailles Murfree (Charles Egbert Craddock). 1850–1922. The “Harnt” that Walks Chilhowee
Isaac Henderson. 1850–1909. Woman and Priest
David Demarest Lloyd. 1851–1889. The Convention Scene in “For Congress
Julia Constance Fletcher (George Fleming). 1858–1938. A Syrian Adventure
The Firing of the Shot
George Parsons Lathrop. 1851–1898. From “Keenan’s Charge
Night in New York
A Wife’s Forgiveness
The Phœbe-Bird
The Sunshine of Thine Eyes
The Flown Soul
Rose Hawthorne Lathrop (Mother Alphonsa). 1851–1926. A Song before Grief
Twenty Bold Mariners
The Lost Battle
William Crary Brownell. 1851–1928. The Frenchwoman
Henry Woodfin Grady. 1851–1889. The Softer Aspects of Slavery
John Alfred Macon. b. 1851. Terpsichore in the Flat Creek Quarters
Politics at the Log-Rolling
The Old Ship of Zion
The Wedding on the Creek
Charles Francis Richardson. 1851–1913. Nathaniel Hawthorne
Mariana Griswold Van Rensselaer. 1851–1934. Corot
Maurice Francis Egan. 1852–1924. Theocritus
Maurice de Guérin
Between the Lights
Edward Page Mitchell. 1852–1927. The Ablest Man in the World
John Bach McMaster. 1852–1932. In the America of 1784
The American Workman in 1784
Willis Brooks Hawkins. 1852–1928. Language that Needs a Rest
Brander Matthews. 1852–1929. Playing a Part
The Novel and the Drama
Robert Grant. 1852–1940. One Girl of the Period
Esther Bernon Carpenter. 1848–1893. Evening Meeting at Uncle ’Sias’s
Charles Howard Shinn. 1852–1924. The Building of Arachne
Irwin Russell. 1853–1879. The Banjo
Thomas Nelson Page. 1853–1922. From “Marse Chan
Katherine Eleanor Conway. 1853–1927. Saturninus
Star of my Dying-Time
William Cranston Lawton. 1853–1941. The Delphic Oracle
Robert Underwood Johnson. 1853–1937. Noblesse Oblige
In the Dark
On a Great Poet’s Obscurity
A September Violet
William Henry Rideing. 1853–1918. A Person of “Literary Tastes
Charles Henry Phelps. 1853–1933. The Maid of St. Helena
Rare Moments
Hearing the News in Idaho
Maybury Fleming. b. 1853. To Sleep
Upon a Winter Morning
The New Year
Howard Pyle. 1853–1911. How Baron Conrad Held the Bridge
James Whitcomb Riley. 1849–1916. When the Frost is on the Punkin
The Elf Child
Griggsby’s Station
Knee-Deep in June
A Liz-Town Humorist
The Old Man and Jim
Harry Stillwell Edwards. 1855–1938. Minc”—A Plot
Samuel Minturn Peck. 1854–1938. Bessie Brown, M.D.
My Little Girl
The Captain’s Feather
Francis Marion Crawford. 1854–1909. The Tragedy of Greifenstein
Edith Matilda Thomas. 1854–1925. Syrinx
A Flute
The Quiet Pilgrim
Edgar Watson Howe. 1853–1937. A Prairie Town
Elisabeth Cavazza Alicia’s Bonnet
The Return of Ulysses
Slumber Song
Frederic Jesup Stimson. 1855–1943. Mrs. Knollys
Henry Guy Carleton. 1856–1910. The Death of Memnon
Flora Haines Loughead. 1855–1943. The Fortunes of War
Henry Cuyler Bunner. 1855–1896. The Way to Arcady
She was a Beauty
A Pitcher of Mignonette
Love in Old Cloathes
Les Morts Vont Vite
For an Old Poet
Poultney Bigelow. 1855–1954. Education of a Young Prince
Armistead Churchill Gordon. 1855–1931. Ebo
Virginia Creepers
Maud Howe Elliott. 1854–1948. Out of the Sea
Elwyn Alfred Barron. 1855–1929. Closing Scene of “The Viking
Bayard Tuckerman. 1855–1923. Lafayette
George Edward Woodberry. 1855–1930. From “The North Shore Watch
Holbein’s Dance of Death
At Gibraltar
Our First Century
On the Hundredth Anniversary of the French Revolution
Song of Eros, in “Agathon
Barrett Wendell. 1855–1921. A Revelation of Preëxistence
James Berry Bensel. 1856–1886. In Arabia
George Edgar Montgomery. 1855–1898. A Stolen Soul
Anne Sheldon Coombs. 1858–1890. The Harrises
Harry Thurston Peck. 1856–1914. Heliotrope
Harold Frederic. 1856–1898. You Thought I did it!”
Charles Lotin Hildreth. 1856–1896. The King
Implora Pace
Harriet Leonora Vose Bates. 1856–1886. An Old Salem Shop
Cousin Susan’s Cupboard
Harrison Smith Morris. 1856–1948. To a Comrade
Margaret Deland. 1857–1945. A Conflict of Opinions
Ramsay Morris. b. 1858. Cleopatra
Theodore Roosevelt. 1858–1919. Hunting “Old Ephraim
Civil Service Examinations
James Benjamin Kenyon. 1858–1924. Song of the North Wind
Edgar Evertson Saltus. 1855–1921. A Maid of Modern Athens
Charles Henry Lüders. 1858–1891. Farm Fruits
An Old Thought
The Tryst
The Mountebanks
The River-God
The Draught
Star Dust
Mary Greenway McClelland. 1853–1895. The Flood
Milicent Washburn Shinn. 1858–1940. Summer Night
A Dream
Life’s Answer
A Mariposa Lily
William Morton Payne. 1858–1919. Björnson’s National Trilogy
Danske Dandridge. 1858–1914. The Dead Moon
Sarah Pratt McLean Greene. 1856–1935. Getting Ready for Meetin
De Sheepfol
William Roscoe Thayer (Paul Hermes). 1859–1923. Mankind’s Highest
The Hymn of Force
Helen Gray Cone. 1859–1934. A Nocturne of Rubinstein
A Rose
As the Crow Files
Clinton Scollard. 1860–1932. As I Came Down from Lebanon
Wild Coreopsis
The Bookstall
The Actor
Sidney Godolphin
Mary Eleanor Wilkins Freeman. 1852–1930. Old Lady Pingree
Frank Dempster Sherman. 1860–1916. Bacchus
For Saynte Valentyne, his Daye
Winter Starlight
Omar Khayyám
The Library
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Louise Imogen Guiney. 1861–1920. Knight Falstaff
The Wild Ride
Paula’s Epitaph
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Elaine Goodale Eastman. 1863–1953. Ashes of Roses
Indian Pipe
A Countrywoman of Mine
When Did We Meet?
Lizette Woodworth Reese. 1856–1935. Anne
In Sorrow’s Hour
The Garden at Bemerton
Madison Cawein. 1865–1914. Disenchantment of Death
Dora Read Goodale. 1866–1953. The Snowbird
William Tuckey Meredith. b. 1839. Farragut
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Emily Warren Daisy
Kate M. Bishop Song: ‘Dear eyes, forbear to weep
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Alice Wellington Rollins. 1847–1897. Many Things Thou hast Given me, Dear Heart
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Andrew Bice Saxton. 1856–1936. The First Step
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Lillien Blanche Fearing. 1863–1901. What have I Done?
Stephen Decatur Smith, Jr. b. 1861. Transition
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Bessie Morgan Späcially Jim
Anonymous Afeard of a Gal
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Agnes E. Mitchell When the Cows Come Home
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Virginia Peyton Fauntleroy Rivals
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Anonymous The Unfinished Prayer
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The Eclipse of Faith
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Thee, loved one, do the Rocks and Woodlands Sing
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Richard Salter Storrs. 1821–1900. On the Study of History
Roswell Sabine Ripley. 1823–1887. The Storming of Chapultepec
Joseph Jefferson. 1829–1905. How Jefferson came to play Rip Van Winkle
Dramatic Action
John George Nicolay and John Hay. The Death of Lincoln
Theodore Bacon. 1834–1900. Miss Bacon’s Theory of the Shakespearian Plays
Lyman Abbott. 1835–1922. The Liberal Orthodoxy of To-day
Henry Adams. 1838–1918. Jefferson
The American of 1800
James Schouler. 1839–1920. Andrew Jackson
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Nicholas Paine Gilman. 1849–1912. The Wages System
Edwin Markham. 1852–1940. The Last Furrow
The Valley
Noted Sayings Part III