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William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Elizabethan Verse. 1907.

Upon Her Protesting, That Now Having Tried His Sincere Affection, She Loved Him

Francis Davison (1575?–1619?)

LADY! you are with beauties so enrichèd

Of body and of mind;

As I can hardly find,

Which of them all hath most my heart bewitchèd.

Whether your skin so white, so smooth, so tender,

Or face so lovely fair,

Or long heart-binding hair,

Or dainty hand, or leg and foot so slender;

Or whether your sharp wit and lively spirit,

Where pride can find no place;

Or your most pleasing grace;

Or speech, which doth true eloquence inherit.

Most lovely all, and each of them doth move me

More than words can express:

But yet I must confess

I love you most, because you please to love me!