William Stanley Braithwaite, ed. The Book of Elizabethan Verse. 1907.


A-forrow, before.

Aggrate, please.

Amantium Irae, Lovers’ quarrels.

Amate, confound, dismay.

Assoile, absolve.

At, as.

A-teending, kindling.

Attonce, at once.

Aulfe, a changeling.

Bairn, a child.

Bale, woe.

Balk, a strip of ground left unploughed.

Ballating, making ballads.

Bauzon, a badger.

Belappit, enveloped, enfolded.

Bene, are.

Bewis, bows.

Bin, are.

Birth, kind.

Blonkis, poetic word for horse.

Boulden, swollen.

Bowster, bolster.

Brandons, torches.

Brere, briar.

Busk, dress up.

Canker, worm.

Carpe Diem, Seize the opportunity.

Carrier, course.

Cessile, ceasing, yielding.

Champian, open country.

Chevisaunce, a wall flower.

Chough, jackdaw.

Cleped, called.

Cloggit, clogged.

Cockers, a kind of rustic high shoe.

Coil, confusion or tumult.

Cointree, obs. form of Coventree, kind of thread.

Corseris, corselet, encircling.

Coral, a toy made of coral, usually with the addition of bells.

Cordiwin, Spanish leather made originally at Cordova.

Coronemus Nos Rosis Antequam Marcescant, Let us crown ourselves with roses before they wither.

Couth, could.

Cramasie, crimson cloth.

Crampis, to champ.

Crank, sprightly.

Cutted, curt.

Dauphin, dolphin.

Dazie, dais, daisy.

Decore, decorate.

Deid, death.

Diapred, decorated.

Dichtis, make ready.

Dings, slaps.

Dois, does.

Doxy, a mistress.

Dreriment, drear.

Ducdame, bring him to me (Hanmer).

Echone, each one.

Empery, absolute dominion.

Feater, neater.

Featously, neatly, adroitly.

Feidis, feeds.

Fere, companion, comrade.

Fire-drake, a fiery dragon of mythical Germany.

Firth, park.

Flittis, cast, thrown.

Flos Florum, Flower of flowers.

Fortunati Nimium, Too happy ye!

Franzy, frenzy.

Friekis, warriors.

Gars, causes.

Garth, garden.

Glowffin, stare.

Gowans, daisies.

Graffed, grafted.

Greets, great.

Grutch, grudge.

Gryde, horrified.

Hairtis, hart or red deer, hearts.

Handsel, earnest money.

Hald, hold.

Harlock, a flower not identified.

Heben, ebon.

Heill, obs. form of hele, salvation.

Hight, called, named.

Hindis, female of red deer.

Hips and haws, fruit of wild rose and hawthorn.

Howp, hope.

Hurchonis, hedgehogs.

Hyd, skin.

In Die Nativitatis, On the Day of Nativity.

Ingenrit, born.

In Imagine Pertransit Homo, Man passes into the shadow.

In Obitum M. S., X. Maij, 1614Œ1667, On death of M. S., May 10, 1614–1667.

Integer Vitae, Blameless in life.

Invart, inward.

Jaspis, jasper.

Knap, to break.

Kirk, church.

Lady-cow, lady bug.

Laif, something left behind.

Lampis, to go quickly.

Lairn, learn.

Leese, lose.

Leif, live.

Leir, lore.

Levin, lightning.

Liever, rather.

Lichter, lighter.

Lichtlie, to make giddy.

Limbeck, alembic.

Lin, desist from.

Lingel, waxed thread.

Lither, supple.

Lives, lively.

Loke, fleece of wool.

Low, flame.

Lubrican, obs. form of leprechaun, a pigmy sprite.

Lythe, light.

Maikis, mates.

Make, mate.

March-pine, usually spelled marchpane, a kind of sweet biscuit usually composed of almonds and sugar.

Marvis, a well-known thrush common in Europe.

Mazer, drinking-cup.

Melitoe, melilot (?), sweet clover.

Melling, mingling.

Mene, moan.

Merle, common European blackbird.

Mickle, much.

Minivere, a kind of fur.

Misprision, contempt.

Miserrimus, Most wretched.

Moly, a fabulous herb of magic power.

Nappy, heady.

Neare, near.

N’oserez-vous, mon bel ami, Wilt thou not dare, my beautiful friend.

Nox Nocti Indicat Scientiam, Night unto night showeth knowledge.

O Crudelis Amor, Oh Cruel Love.

Offuskit, obscured.

Ouer, over.

Ourhailit, overspread.

Oxter, a hug with the arms.

Paddock, toad or frog.

Pairly, mate.

Palmer, Pilgrim returning from the Holy Land.

Parcae, The Three Fates.

Pari jugo dulcis tractus, Sweet drawing in equal yoke.

Pardy, By God.

Paunce, obs. form of pansy.

Peat, pet.

Perigall, adequate, worthy.

Persever, persevere.

Preluciand, brightly shining.

Pricket, a buck in his second year.

Priefs, proof.

Pugging, thieving.

Puisne, a judge of inferior rank.

Pyght, past participle of pitch.

Quhair, where.

Quhen, when.

Quhilk, which.

Quhom, whom.

Quhy, why.

Quhyte, white.

Ramage, bird-song.

Rascal, an inferior beast, unworthy of the chase.

Raunch, wrench.

Reistis, rest.

Respas, raspberry.

Rone, rowan.

Rovde, looked.

Saif, save.

Sawis, sows.

Say, a fine thin serge used in the 16th century.

Schouris, showers.

Seely, innocent, harmless.

Seld, seldom.

Sen, same as since.

Setywall, garden valerian.

Shaid, parted.

Shalm, an instrument resembling the clarinet.

Shawis, a thicket, a small wood.

Shroudis, conceals, envelops, takes shelter.

Sicht, sight.

Sic Transit, Thus passes away.

Simplex Munditiis, Plain in neatness.

Sithe, season.

Skaillis, clears.

Skails, clears.

Smale, small.

Smicker, elegant, fine, gay.

Soote, sweet.

Sops-in-wine, striped pinks.

Speiris, spears.

Stare, starling.

Steir, stir.

Stound, blow.

Strouting, swelling.

Suaif, suave, sweet.

Suckets, sweetmeats.

Swad, a country lout.

Syne, then, thereupon, therefore.

Tabbies, a kind of thick-threaded watered silk.

Tead, torch.

Theorbo, a musical instrument.

Thilk, this same.

Threaves, handfuls.

Thyrse, The Bacchic wand.

Til, into.

Trental, service lasting 30 days in which 30 masses were said for the repose of the soul.

Trone, throne.

Tursis, carry.

Tutties, nosegays.

Tyndis, the horns of a hart, antlers.

Ubique, everywhere.

Uncrudded, uncurdled.

Vanitas vanitatum, Vanity of vanities.

Venust, elegant, beautiful.

Verges, rods.

Ver, spring.

Via Amoris, The way of Love.

Vivamus Mea Lesbia, atque Amemus, Let Us Live and Love, My Lesbia.

Vively, brightly.

Vixi Puellis Nuper Idoneus, Not so long ago, I was acceptable to maids.

Waly, expressive of lamentation, alas.

Wapins, weapons.

Wight, swift, stout.

Wiss, wish.

Wonned, dwelled.

Yconned, versed.

Yfere, together.