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William Blake (1757–1827). The Poetical Works. 1908.

Selections from ‘The Four Zoas’

[The Serpent Orc]

(Four Zoas, Night VIII, ll. 58–70.)

HE saw Orc, a Serpent form, augmenting times on times

In the fierce battle; and he saw the Lamb of God, and the world of Los

Surrounded by his dark machines; for Orc augmented swift

In fury, a Serpent wondrous, among the constellations of Urizen.

A crest of fire rose on his forehead, red as the carbuncle;

Beneath, down to his eyelids, scales of pearl; then gold and silver,

Immingled with the ruby, overspread his visage; down

His furious neck, writhing contortive in dire budding pains,

The scaly armour shot out. Stubborn, down his back and bosom,

The emerald, onyx, sapphire, jasper, beryl, amethyst,

Strove in terrific emulation which should gain a place

Upon the mighty fiend—the fruit of the Mysterious Tree

Kneaded in Uvith’s kneading-trough.