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William Blake (1757–1827). The Poetical Works. 1908.

Selections from ‘Milton’

[The Mills of Satan]

(Milton, f. 9, ll. 6–14.)

AND the Mills of Satan were separated into a moony Space

Among the rocks of Albion’s Temples, and Satan’s Druid Sons

Offer the Human Victims throughout all the Earth; and Albion’s

Dread Tomb, immortal on his Rock, overshadow’d the whole Earth,

Where Satan, making to himself Laws from his own identity,

Compell’d others to serve him in moral gratitude and submission,

Being call’d God, setting himself above all that is callèd God.

And all the Spectres of the Dead, calling themselves Sons of God,

In his Synagogues worship Satan under the Unutterable Name.