William Blake (1757–1827). The Poetical Works. 1908.

Selections from ‘Milton’


(Milton, f. 20, ll. 15–25.)

I AM that Shadowy Prophet, who, six thousand years ago,

Fell from my station in the Eternal bosom. Six thousand years

Are finish’d. I return! Both Time and Space obey my will.

I in six thousand years walk up and down; for not one moment

Of Time is lost, nor one event of Space unpermanent;

But all remain; every fabric of six thousand years

Remains permanent: tho’ on the Earth, where Satan

Fell and was cut off, all things vanish and are seen no more,

They vanish not from me and mine; we guard them first and last.

The Generations of Men run on in the tide of Time,

But leave their destin’d lineaments permanent for ever and ever.