The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVI. Early National Literature, Part II; Later National Literature, Part I.

XXIV. Lowell


Cooke, G. W. A Bibliography of James Russell Lowell. Boston and New York, 1906.

Livingston, L. S. A Bibliography of the First Editions in Book Form of the Writings of James Russell Lowell compiled largely from the Collection formed by the late Jacob Chester Chamberlain. 1914. [Privately printed.] [Extra-ordinarily accurate.]

See, also, the following biographies cited below: Hale, E.E., Jr., Scudder, H.E., Underwood, F. H.


Riverside Ed., 10 vols., Boston and New York, 1890. Standard Library Ed., from same plates, Boston and New York, 1891. To this was added an 11th vol. in 1892, and the 2 vols. of Scudder’s Life in 1902. Popular Ed., 6 vols. Boston, 1892. Elmwood Ed., 16 vols., Boston, 1904. [Contains 4 vols. of Letters.] Autograph Ed., from same plates, Boston, 1904.

Of the numerous collected eds. of Lowell’s Poems the most important are: Blue and Gold Ed., Boston, 1858, 2 vols.; Complete Ed., Boston, 1869; New Revised Ed., Boston, 1877; Household Ed., Boston, 1895; Cambridge Ed., Boston and New York [1897], [ed. Scudder, H. E.; and the best ed. of the Poetical Works.] There are scores of vols. of selections.


Class Poem.… Cambridge, 1838. [Privately printed.]

A Year’s Life.… Boston, 1841.

Poems.… Cambridge, 1844 [1843]. 3 London eds., 1844.

Conversations on Some of the Old Poets.… Cambridge, 1845. London, 1845. Cambridge, 1846. 3d ed. enlarged, Philadelphia, 1893. New York, 1901.

Poems … Second Series. Cambridge and Boston, 1848 [1847]. London, 1848.

Reader! walk up at once (it will soon be too late) and buy at a perfectly ruinous rate A Fable for Critics; or Better—I like, as a thing that the reader’s first fancy may strike, an old fashioned title-page, such as presents a tabular view of the volume’s contents—A Glance At a Few of Our Literary Progenies (Mrs. Malaprop’s Word) From The Tub of Diogenes; That is, a Series of Jokes By a Wonderful Quiz, who accompanies himself with a rub-a-dub-dub, full of spirit and grace, on the top of the tub. Set forth in October, the 21st day, in the year ’48, By G. P. Putnam, Broadway. [This elaborate title-page varies slightly in later editions.] 5th ed., Boston, 1856. New York, 1891 [Oct., 1890]. Riverside Literature Series, No. M, Boston, n. d.

Melibœus-Hipponax. The Biglow Papers, Edited, With an Introduction, Notes, Glossary, and Copious Index, By Homer Wilbur, A. M., Pastor of the First Church in Jaalam, and (Prospective) Member of many Literary, Learned and Scientific Societies (for which see page v).… Cambridge and New York, 1848. 4th ed., Boston, 1857. London, 1859 [pirated ed.]. London. 1859 [ed. Hughes, T.].

The Vision of Sir Launfal.… Cambridge, 1848. 3d ed., Cambridge, 1850. 4th ed., Boston, 1851. Boston, 1866 [illustrated]. Numerous later eds., with other of Lowell’s poems. In raised letters for the use of the blind; Louisville, 1878; Boston, 1881. Many school eds. with notes.

Poems.… Boston, 1849. 2 vols. [A collected ed. with new poems.] London, 1851–52.

No. 16. The President’s Policy.… From the North American Review, [Philadelphia, 1864.] [The 16th of a series of pamphlets published by the Union League.]

Fireside Travels.… Boston, 1864. London and Cambridge [England]. 1864. Boston, 1885, 1897, 1899 [1898]. New York, 1906 [ed. Trent, W. P.], Oxford, 1915 [ed. Lucas, E. V.].

Ode Recited at the Commemoration of The Living and Dead Soldiers of Harvard University, July 21, 1865.… Cambridge, 1865. [Privately printed.]

Melibœus-Hipponax. The Biglow Papers. Second Series.… Boston, 1867 [1866]. Incomplete eds. had already been published: London, 1862, 1864, 1865; Montreal, 1866. Both First and Second Series in Yankee Drolleries. London, 1867. Both Series: London, 1877, 1880 [Preface by Hughes, T.]. Boston, 1885. London, 1886. Boston, 1891, 1894, 1896. London, 1898. Various parts of The Biglow Papers appeared separately.

Under the Willows and Other Poems.… Boston, 1869 [1868].

The Cathedral.… Boston, 1870 [1869]. With the Harvard Commemoration Ode, Boston, 1877.

Among My Books.… Boston, 1870. London, 1870.

My Study Windows.… Boston, 1871. London, 1871, 1874, 1887 [Introduction by Garnett, R.].

Among My Books. Second Series.… Boston, 1876. London, 1876.

Three Memorial Poems.… Boston, 1877 [1876].

Birmingham and Midland Institute. On Democracy: An Address Delivered in the Town Hall, Birmingham, On the 6th of October, 1884.… Birmingham, 1884.

Democracy and Other Addresses.… Cambridge, 1887 [1886]. London, 1887. [The title essay appeared in various forms, alone and with other papers.]

The Independent in Politics. An Address delivered before the Reform Club of New York, April 13, 1888. 1888. Another ed. the same year.

Political Essays.… Boston and New York, 1888. London, 1888.

Heartsease and Rue.… Boston and New York, 1888. London, 1888.

Latest Literary Essays and Addresses.… Boston and New York, 1891.

The Old English Dramatists.… Boston and New York, 1892. Boston, 1892.

Letters.… Edited by Charles Eliot Norton. 2 vols. 1894 [1893]. Enlarged ed., 3 vols., Boston, 1904.

Last Poems.… Boston and New York, 1895. [Ed. Norton, C. E.]

The Power of Sound, a Rhymed Lecture.… 1896. [Privately printed.]

Lectures on English Poets.… Cleveland, 1897. [Lectures before the Lowell Institute, reprinted from The Boston Daily Advertiser for Jan.–Feb., 1855.]

Impressions of Spain.… Compiled by Joseph B. Gilder. With an Introduction by A. A. Adee. Boston and New York, 1899.

Anti-Slavery Papers.… Boston and New York, 1902. 2 vols.

Early Prose Writings.… With a Prefatory Note by Dr. Hale, of Boston, and an Introduction by Walter Littlefield.… London and New York [1902].

Four Poems: The Ballad of the Stranger, King Retro, The Royal Pedigree, and A Dream I Had … (now first collected). Hingham [Mass.], 1906. [Privately printed.]

The Round Table. Boston, 1913. London, 1913. [Reprinted critical essays.]


In the case of the works of Keats, Dryden, Wordsworth, Shelley, Donne, and Marvell the biographical introduction was contributed or edited by Lowell and the text was printed under his care.

Harvardiana. Volume IV. Cambridge, 1838. [Lowell was one of the editors of this magazine in 1837.]

The Pioneer. A Literary and Critical Magazine. J. R. Lowell and R. Carter, Editors and Proprietors. Boston, 1843. [Published in Jan., Feb., and Mar., 1843.]

The Works of the late Edgar Allan Poe: With Notices of his Life and Genius. By N. P. Willis, J. R. Lowell, and R. W. Griswold. 2 vols. 1850 [1849].

The Poetical Works of John Keats. With a Life. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, 1854.

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The Poetical Works of William Wordsworth, D. C. L., Poet Laureate, etc., etc. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, 1854.

The Poetical Works of Percy Bysshe Shelley. Edited by Mrs. Shelley. With a Memoir. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, 1855.

The Poetical Works of Dr. John Donne. With a Memoir. Boston, New York, and Philadelphia, 1855.

Poems of Maria Lowell. Cambridge, 1855. [Privately printed.]

The Poetical Works of Andrew Marvell. With a Memoir of the Author. Boston and Cincinnati, 1857.

Il Pesceballo. Opera Seria: In un Atto, Musica del Mæstro Rossibelli-Donimosarti.… [The words by F. J. Child, the English version by Lowell.] [Boston, 1862.] [Privately printed.] Chicago, 1899.

The Harvard Book. A Series of Historical, Biographical, and Descriptive Sketches. By Various Authors. Illustrated. By F. O. Vaille and H. A. Clark. Cambridge, 1875. [Class Day, by Lowell.]

True Manliness. From the Writings of Thomas Hughes. Selected by F. E. Brown. With an Introduction by James Russell Lowell. Boston [1880].

Birmingham Health Lectures. Second Series. Preface by James Russell Lowell. Birmingham, 1883.

The History of the World’s Progress.… With an Introduction by Hon. James Russell Lowell.… Boston, 1888. [This is the 2d ed. The 1st ed. did not contain Lowell’s introduction.]

The Complete Angler, or the Contemplative Man’s Recreation, of Izaak Walton and Charles Cotton. With an Introduction by James Russell Lowell. Boston, 1889. Introduction also in Latest Literary Essays, 1891.

John Milton. Areopagitica. A Speech … for The Liberty of Unlicensed Printing, To the Parliament of England. With an Introduction by James Russell Lowell. 1890.

Poems. John Donne. From the Text of the Edition of 1633, revised by James Russell Lowell.… 1895.

This list does not include the numerous annuals, anthologies, etc., to which Lowell made slight contributions, nor the periodicals in which his work appeared.


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I. V. D.