The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVI. Early National Literature, Part II; Later National Literature, Part I.

XXIII. Writers of Familiar Verse



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I. Collected Works

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II. Separate Works

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Poems … Boston, 1836.

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Homœopathy, and its Kindred Delusions.… Boston, 1842.

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The Position and Prospects of the Medical Student.… Boston, 1844.

Poems.… London, 1846, 1852.

Urania: A Rhymed Lesson.… Boston, 1846.

Report of the Committee [of the American Medical Association] on Medical Literature.… Boston, 1847.

An Introductory Lecture, delivered at the Massachusetts Medical College.… Boston, 1847.

Poems.… Boston, 1849.

Astræa: the Balance of Illusions.… Boston, 1850.

A Poem … delivered at the dedication of the Pittsfield Cemetery.… Pittsfield, Mass., 1850.

The Benefactors of the Medical School of Harvard University; with a Biographical Sketch of the Late Dr. George Parkman.… Boston, 1850.

Response … to … Toast, proposed at the Entertainment given to the American Medical Association.… 1853.

Songs of the Class of MDCCCXXIX .… Boston, 1854. With new songs, 1859, 1868, 1868–81, 1882–89.

The New Eden.… Stockbridge, Mass., 1854.

Oration delivered before the New England Society.… 1855 [1856].

Valedictory Address, delivered to the Medical Graduates of Harvard University.… Boston, 1858.

The Autocrat of the Breakfast-Table.… Boston, 1858. London, 1859. Edinburgh, 1883. Der Tisch-Despot … Deutsch von L. Abenheim. Stuttgart, n. d.

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Songs in Many Keys.… Boston, 1862 [1861].

Border Lines of Knowledge in some Provinces of Medical Science.… Boston, 1862.

Oration delivered before the City Authorities of Boston.… Boston, 1863.

Lecture … 1863.… Boston, 1863.

Soundings from the Atlantic.… Boston, 1864 [1863].

New England’s Master-Key.… Boston, 1864.

Lecture … 1865.… Boston, 1865.

The Guardian Angel.… Boston, 1867. London, 1867 [2 vols.]

Teaching from the Chair and at the Bedside.… Boston, 1867.

The Medical Profession in Massachusetts.… Boston, 1869.

History of the American Stereoscope.… Boston, 1869.

Mechanism in Thought and Morals.… Boston, 1871.

Valedictory Address … Bellevue Hospital College.… 1871.

The Claims of Dentistry.… Boston, 1872.

The Poet at the Breakfast-Table.… Boston, 1872.

Professor Jeffries Wyman. A Memorial Outline.… [Boston, 1874.]

Songs of Many Seasons. 1862–1874.… Boston, 1875 [1874].

Grandmother’s Story of Bunker-Hill Battle as she saw it from the Belfry.… [Boston, 1875.]

Crime and Automatism.… [Boston, 1875].

An Address delivered at the Annual Meeting of the Boston Microscopical Society.… Cambridge, 1877.

A Family Record.… Woodstock, Conn., 1877.

The Poetical Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes.… Boston, 1877. [With new poems.]

John Lothrop Motley. A Memoir.… Boston, 1879 [1878].

The School-Boy.… Boston, 1879. London, 1879.

The Iron Gate, and Other Poems.… Boston, 1880.

Letter to the Honorary Secretaries of the Rabelais Club.… [1880].

Jonathan Edwards. An Essay … New York and Chicago, 1880.

Dedicatory Address … Boston Medical Library Association.… Cambridge, 1881.

Medical Highways and By-Ways.… Cambridge, 1882.

Farewell Address … to the Medical School of Harvard University.… Cambridge, 1882.

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Pages from an Old Volume of Life. A Collection of Essays … 1857–1881. Boston and New York, 1883.

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A Mortal Antipathy. First Opening of the New Portfolio.… Boston and New York, 1885.

Our Hundred Days in Europe.… Boston and New York, 1887. London, 1888.

Before the Curfew, and Other Poems. Chiefly Occasional.… Boston and New York, 1888.

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III. Biography and Criticism

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EUGENE FIELD (1850–1895)

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