The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVI. Early National Literature, Part II; Later National Literature, Part I.

XIX. Early Humorists



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See, also, page 369 n., above.

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JOEL BARLOW (1754–1812)
[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. IX.]


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See, also, Bibliography for Book I, Chap. I.


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WILLIAM COX (?–1851)

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DAVID CROCKETT (1786–1836)

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PHILIP FRENEAU (1752–1832)
[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. IX.]


The Travels, Voyages, and Adventures of Gilbert Go-Ahead. 1856.

For a list of the numerous other writings of this author, see Duyckinck’s Cyclopaedia of American Literature.

JOSEPH GREEN (1706–80)
[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. IX.]

ASA GREENE (1788–1837)

The Life and Adventures of Dr. Didimus Duckworth, A. N. Q. To which is added the History of a Steam Doctor. 2 vols. 1833.

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SAMUEL A. HAMMETT (1816–1865)

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[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. IX, and Book II, Chap. II.]

[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. I.]


The Annals of Quodlibet, a Political Satire by Solomon Secondthought, School-master.… 1840.

See, also, Bibliography for Book II, Chap. VII.

[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. I.]

DAVID ROSS LOCKE (1833–1888)

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The Morals of Abou Ben Adhem. Boston, 1875. [Half title at head of title page: Eastern Fruit on Western Dishes.]

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Americanism. An Address. 1845.

Big Abel and the Little Manhattan. 1845.

Witchcraft. A Tragedy. 1846.

Jacob Leisler. A Play. 1848.

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Chanticleer. A Thanksgiving Story of the Peabody Family. 1850.

Calmstorm, the Reformer. A Dramatic Comment. 1853.

A Pen-and-Ink Panorama of New York City. 1853.

The Indian Fairy Book. From the Original Legends. 1856. As The Enchanted Moccasins, and Other Legends of the American Indians; compiled from the Original Sources. 1877.

False Pretences. A Comedy. 1868.


The Little Frenchman and his Water Lots.… Philadelphia, 1839.

See, also, Bibliography for Book II, Chap. V.

JOSEPH CLAY NEAL (1807–1847)

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There was Once a Man. 1884.


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Poems. Cincinnati, 1875.

JOHN SANDERSON (1783–1844)

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[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. XXIII.]

JOHN SECCOMB (1708–1793)

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SEBA SMITH (1792–1868)

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Plu-Ri-Bus-Tah, a Song that’s by no Author. 1856. [Parody of Hiawatha.]

Nothing to Say. A Slight Slap at Mobocratic Snobbery. 1857.

The Witches of New York. 1859.

History and Records of the Elephant Club. 1869.


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The Hive of the Bee-Hunter. 1854.

A Voice to America [with Frederick Saunders]. 1855.

Scenes in Arkansas. 1858.

Reminiscences of Charles L. Elliott, Artist. [1868.]

JOHN TRUMBULL (1750–1831)
[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. IX.]

ROYAL TYLER (1757–1826)
[See Bibliographies for Book I, Chap. IX; Book II, Chaps. II, III, VI.]

NATHANIEL WARD [1578(?)–1652]
[See Bibliography for Book I, Chap. III.]


The Widow Bedott Papers, with an Introduction by Alice B. Neal. 2 vols. 1855, 1856, 1880.

Widow Spriggins, Mary Elmer, and Other Sketches. [Ed. with Memoir, by Mrs. M. L. Ward Whitcher.] 1867.


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