The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
VOLUME XVI. Early National Literature, Part II; Later National Literature, Part I.

XI. Hawthorne


Illustrated Library Edition. 12 vols. Boston, 1871–76. Index volume added 1882. Fireside Edition. 12 vols. Boston, 1879. Globe Edition. 6 vols. Boston, 1880; New York, 1884. (From the plates of the Library Edition.) New Fireside Edition. 6 vols. Boston, 1886. (From the plates of the Globe Edition.)

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Romances. 14 vols. 1902.

Lenox Edition. 14 vols. 1902. (Introductions by Bates, Katherine Lee.)

New England Romances. 1 vol. London, 1904.

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Time’s Portraiture, being the Carrier’s Address to the Patrons of the Salem Gazette for the First of January, 1838. Broadside. Reprinted in the Salem Gazette, 2 Jan., 1838.

The Sister Years, being the Carrier’s Address to the Patrons of the Salem Gazette for the First of January, 1839. Broadside, published probably at the end of 1838. (Included in the second edition of Twice-Told Tales.)

The Gentle Boy; A Thrice-Told Tale; with an Original Illustration (by Peabody, Sophia). Boston and New York, 1839.

Grandfather’s Chair, a History for Youth.… Boston and New York, 1841. Revised and enlarged. Boston, 1842. Louisville, Kentucky, 1882.

Famous Old People, being the Second Epoch of Grandfather’s Chair.… Boston, 1841, 1842.

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Biographical Stories for Children.… Boston, 1842, 1886. London, 1883. Various lives have been reprinted separately and in anthologies. (Grandfather’s Chair and Biographical Stories were bound in 2 vols. in 1842, with the title Historical Tales for Youth.)

The Celestial Railroad.… Boston, 1843. Lowell, 1847. New York, 1904. As A Visit to the Celestial City, Philadelphia, 1844. Reprinted in various collections. Translated into German by Neitz, Solomon. Philadelphia, 1883.

Journal of an African Cruiser, Comprising Sketches of the Canaries, the Cape de Verdes, Liberia, Madeira, Sierra Leone, and other places of interest on the West Coast of Africa. By an officer of the U. S. Navy. Edited by Hawthorne, Nathaniel. New York and London, 1845. Aberdeen and London, 1848. Translated into French in the Revue Britannique, 1845–46.

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Mosses from an Old Manse.… Carefully revised by the Author. Boston, 1854, 1893, and in all collected editions. London, 1873, 1883, 1884, 1894. Edinburgh, 1883. Philadelphia, 1889. Separate stories published in various anthologies.

The Scarlet Letter, a Romance.… Boston, 1850. Two editions, with slight textual changes, and a third edition from new plates, in the same year. London, 1851. Leipzig, 1852. Reprints and new editions innumerable. Translated into German by Dubois, L., Bielefield, 1851, and by Drugulin, Wilhelm E., Leipzig, 1851. Translated into French by Forgues, E. D. Paris, 1853, 1865, 187–. Dramatized by Peck, Elizabeth Weller (play in 5 acts), Boston, 1876; by Smith, James Edgar (play in 4 acts), Washington, 1899; by Hatton, Joseph (unpublished), dramatization presented by Mansfield in 1892. Set to music by Damrosch, Walter (opera in 3 acts, words by Lathrop, George Parsons), Leipzig, 1896.

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True Stories from History and Biography.… Boston, 1851. A new edition, revised, in the same year. London, 1851. Numerous reprints and new editions. (Grandfather’s Chair, Famous Old People, Liberty Tree, Biographical Stories.)

The Snow-Image, and Other Tales.… London, 1851, 1864, 1894, 1895. Boston, 1852, 1886, 1893. Edinburgh, 1883. New York, 1899. The first Boston edition had the title followed since in America, The Snow-Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales. British editions omit the Twice-Told, or the entire second phrase of the title. The title story and other pieces in the volume have been frequently reprinted separately or in anthologies. The title story was translated into Spanish in El Universo pintoresco, Madrid, 30 Apr. and 15 May, 1853; into French by Spoll, E. A., in Contes Étrangers, Paris, 1866.

The Blithedale Romance.… Boston, 1852, 1894. (Introduction by Lathrop, George Parsons.) London, 1852, 1854, 1880 (6th edition), 1884 (Transformation and the Blithedale Romance), 1885, 1894. Philadelphia, 1894 (The Blithedale Romance, The Snow-Image, and Other Twice-Told Tales). New York, 1899 (Introduction by George, Andrew J.). Translated into German by Drugulin, Wilhelm E., Leipzig, 1853; by Peters, Aug. W., Bremen, 1870.

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The Life of Franklin Pierce.… Boston, 1852. London, 1853. Included in a shorter form in Sketches and Studies, 1883.

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A Rill from the Town Pump.… London, 1857. Reprinted as a temperance tract. Louisville, Kentucky, 1876 (for the use of the blind).

The Marble Faun; or, The Romance of Monte Beni.… 2 vols. Boston, 1860 (the second edition in the same year has five additional pages at the end of vol. 2), 1888 (2 vols. in 1), 1889 (2 vols.), 1900 (2 vols.), 1900 (1 vols., 2 editions), 1901 (1 vol.), 1901 (1 vol. Introduction by Marble, Annie R.). The English title, contrary to Hawthorne’s wish, is Transformation. London, 1860 (3 vols.), 1861 (1 vol.), 1865 (1 vol.), 1872 (1 vol.), 1883 (1 vol.), 1884 (with The Blithedale Romance), 1889 (2 vols.). Leipzig, 1860 (2 vols. Tauchnitz). New York, 1902 (Introduction by Bates, Katherine Lee), 1903. Translated into German with the title Miriam, by Marggraff, Clara. 3 vols. Leipzig, 1862. Translated into French with the title Miriam, by Vermovel, A., in Revue Contemporaine, 1865, vol. LXXIX, pp. 138–81, 277–317, 333–576, 673–702.

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Passages from the American Note-Books.… 2 vols. Boston, 1868 (edited by Hawthorne, Sophia). London, 1868, 1869 (1 vol. edited by Conway, M. D., containing passages from the English and the American Note-Books).

Passages from the English Note-Books.… 2 vols. Boston, 1870 (edited by Hawthorne, Sophia). London, 1870. Leipzig, 1871 (Tauchnitz).

Passages from the French and Italian Note-Books.… 2 vols. London, 1871. Boston, 1872.

Septimius, a Romance.… London, 1872 (edited by Hawthorne, Una, and Browning, Robert), 1883 (with The Dolliver Romance, and Fanshawe). Boston, 1872 (Preface by Hawthorne, Una. Has the American title, Septimius Felton). Berlin, 1872 (Asher’s Collection of English Authors).

The Dolliver Romance, and Other Pieces.… Boston, 1876. London, 1883 (The Dolliver Romance, Fanshawe, and Septimius Felton). Separate stories reprinted in various anthologies.

Dr. Grimshawe’s Secret, a Romance … edited with Preface and Notes by Hawthorne, Julian. Boston, 1883 (two editions), 1902. London, 1883. The concluding chapter (The Secret Chamber) included in Half-Hours with the Best American Authors, edited by Morris, Charles, 1887, vol. III, pp. 156–67.

Sketches and Studies.… Boston, 1883.


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