The Cambridge History of English and American Literature in 18 Volumes (1907–21).
Volume IV. Prose and Poetry: Sir Thomas North to Michael Drayton.

III. Sir Walter Ralegh


[Students should consult the second edition of Dr. Brushfield’s admirable bibliography (see below). It is quite indispensable. The writer of this chapter and the editors of the History are much indebted to Dr. Brushfield for kindly placing his work at their disposal in respect of some of the entires in the following brief list.]

Judicious and Select Essayes and Observations by … Sir Walter Raleigh upon

  • (a) The first Invention of Shipping.
  • (b) The Misery of Invasive Warre.
  • (c) The Navy Rouall and Sea-Service.
  • (d) Apologie for his voyage to Guiana. Portrait. 1650, 1667.

  • Remains of Sir Walter Ralegh. 1651, 1656, 1657 ff.

    The title of the 1651 edition is Sir Walter Raleigh’s Sceptick or Speculations. And Observations of the Magnificency and Opulency of Cities, his Seat of Government And Letters to the King’s Majestie, and others of Qualitie. Also his Demeanor before his Execution.

    The title of the 1656 edition is Maxims of State. With instructions to his Son, and the Son’s advice to his aged Father. Whereunto is added Observations touching Trade and Commerce with the Hollander and other Nations, Proving that our Sea and Land Commodities inrich and strengthen other Countries against our own.

    The Remains include the following articles, but some are omitted in certain editions:

  • Maxims of State.
  • Advice to his Son: his Son’s advice to his Father.
  • Observations concerning the magnificency and opulency of Cities.
  • Seat of Government.
  • Observations concerning Trade and Commerce with the Hollander.
  • Poems.
  • Speech immediately before he was beheaded.
  • Letters to divers persons of quality (in all eds.).
  • The Prerogative of Parliaments.

  • The edition of 1657 is the first that bears the title, Remains of Sir Walter Raleigh.

    Three discourses of Sr. Walter Ralegh:

  • I. Of a War with Spain and our Protecting the Netherlands.
  • II. Of the Original and Fundamental Cause of … War.
  • III. Of Ecclesiastical Power.

  • Published by Phillip Ralegh, Esq., his only Grandson. 1702.

    The Works of Sir Walter Raleigh, Kt., Political, Commercial, and Philosophical; together with his Letters and Poems. The whole never before collected together, and some never yet printed, to which is prefix’d a new account of his Life by Tho. Birch. 2 vols. Portrait. 1751.

    The Works of Sir Walter Ralegh, Kt., now first collected; to which are prefixed the Lives of the Author, by Oldys and Birch. Oxford, 1829. 8 vols.

    Apologie for his voyage to Guiana. 1650.

    The Discoverie of the large, rich and bewtiful Empyre of Guiana, with a relation of the Great and Golden Citie of Manoa (which the Spanyards call El Dorado) And of the Provinces of Emeria, Arromaia, Amapaia, and other Countries, with their rivers adjoyning. 4to. 1596. Reprinted in Hakluyt’s Voyages, III (1598). See also Voyages of the Elizabethan Seamen, ed. Payne, E. J., 1880. Ed. Schomburgk, Sir R. H. (Hakluyt Society, vol. for 1848), with copious notes, a life of Ralegh and some hitherto unpublished documents.

    A Discourse of Sea Ports; principally of the Port and Haven of Dover. 1700. Reprinted in Harleian Miscellany, IV (1744), X (1810).

    A Discourse of Tenures, which were before the Conquest. Gutch, J., Collectanea Curiosa. 1781.

    An Essay on Ways and Means to maintain the Honour and Safety of England, to encrease Trade, etc. 1701.

    The History of the World. In Five Bookes. 1614. Licensed to Walter Burre, 15 April, 1611. (For later editions see Brushfield.) The History of the World in five books. By Sir Walter Ralegh, Kt., printed from a copy revis’d by himself. To which is prefixed the Life of the Author, newly compil’d from Materials more ample and authentick than have yet been publish’d; by Mr. Oldys. Also his Trial, with some Additions: together with A new and more copious Index. 2 vols. Folio. 1736.

    An Abridgment of Sir Walter Raleigh’s History of the World. In five books. To which is added

  • (a) His Premonition to Princes.
  • (b) Of the first invention of shipping.
  • (c) A Relation of the Action at Cadiz.
  • (d) A Dialogue between a Jesuite and a Recusant.
  • (e) An Apology for his unlucky Voyage to Guiana.
  • Publish’d by Phillip Raleigh. 1698 ff.

  • The Interest of England with regard to foreign alliances, explained in two Discourses. I. Concerning a Match propounded by the Savoyan between the Lady Elizabeth and the Prince of Piemont. II. Touching a Marriage between Prince Henry of England and a Daughter of Savoy. By Sir Walter Rawleigh, Knt. 1750.

    An Introduction to a Breviary of the History of England, with the Reign of King William the I entitled the Conqueror. 1693. (It is very uncertain whether this is by Ralegh.)

    Observations, touching Trade and Commerce with the Hollander, and other Nations, as it was presented to K. James. 1653.

    The Poems of Sir Walter Raleigh now first collected. With a Biographical and Critical Introduction: by Sir Egerton Brydges. 1813, 1814.

    Poems by Sir Henry Wotton, Sir Walter Raleigh and others. Edited by John Hannah. 1845, etc. See also Hannah’s Courtly Poets, 1870, etc.

    The Prerogative of Parliaments in England Proved in a Dialogue (pro and contra) betweene a Councellour of State and a Justice of Peace. 4to. Midelburge, 1628; Hamburgh, 1628. Reprinted in all editions of the Remains from 1657.

    The Prince, or Maxims of State. Written by Sir Walter Rawley, and presented to Prince Henry. 1672.

    A Report of the truth of the fight about the Isles of Acores, this last Sommer. Betwixt the Revenge, one of her Majesties Shippes, and an Armada of the King of Spaine. 4to. 1591. Reprinted in Hakluyt’s Voyages (1598–60), Pinkerton’s Voyages (1808), Somers’s Collection of Tracts (1809) and in English Reprints by Arber, E.

    To-day a man, To-morrow none: or Sir Walter Rawleigh’s Farewell to his Lady, the night before hee was beheaded. Together with his advice concerning Her and her Sonne. 1644. Reprinted in Ashbee’s Occasional.… Reprints (in facsimile), No. 26, 1872; in the Old Book Collector’s Miscellany, by Hindley, C. (1873), etc.

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    [Cf., also, the political writings of Thomas Scott (1580?–1626), for list of which see D. of N. B.; and Thomas Harriot’s New-Found Land of Virginia, 1588.]