Upton Sinclair, ed. (1878–1968). The Cry for Justice: An Anthology of the Literature of Social Protest. 1915.

Book XIV: Humor

Comedy of the social struggle; masterpieces from those who have had the courage to fight the battle for social progress with the weapon of laughter.
The Reserved Section—Wilbur D. Nesbit
The Monthly Rent (From “The Game of Life”)—Bolton Hall
Penguin Island—Anatole France (1844–1924)
Mr. Dooley” on Success—Finley Peter Dunne
Diomedes the Pirate to Alexander—François Villon (1431–1463?)
The Leisure Class—Anonymous
The Influence of Servants (From “The Reign of Gilt”)—David Graham Phillips (1867–1911)
A Gentleman and His Boots (From “A Traveler from Altruria”)—William Dean Howells (1837–1920)
Song of the Lower Classes—Ernest Jones (1819–69)
Tom Dunstan: or, the Politician (“How Long, O Lord, How Long?”)—Robert Buchanan
Lines—Stephen Crane (1871–1900)
The Memoirs of Li Hung Chang (1823–1901)
From Ecclesiasticus
The Pauper’s Drive—T. Noel
Complaint to My Empty Purse—Geoffrey Chaucer (c.1340–1400)
Mr. Dooley” on Poverty—Finley Peter Dunne
Don Quixote—Miguel De Cervantes (1547–1616)
The Freebooter’s Prayer (Scotland, 1405)—Anonymous
The Freebooter’s Prayer, A Modern Version (U. S. A., 1905)—Arthur Guiterman
Zadig—Voltaire (1694–1778)
For the Other 365 Days—Franklin P. Adams (1881–1960)
The Road to Success (From “Random Reminiscences of Men and Events”)—John D. Rockefeller (1839–1937)
The Latest Decalogue—Arthur Hugh Clough (1819–61)
Mr. Dooley” on the Trusts—Finley Peter Dunne
What the Moon Saw—Vachel Lindsay (1879–1931)
Portrait of a Supreme Court Judge—Louis Untermeyer (1885–1977)
The Furred Law-Cats (From “Pantagruel”)—François Rabelais (c.1490–1553)
The Gentleman Inside—Damon Runyon (1884–1946)
The Memoirs of Li Hung Chang (1823–1901)
Penguin Island—Anatole France (1844–1924)
Mr. Dooley” on the Tariff—Finley Peter Dunne
The Preacher and the Slave (Tune: “Sweet Bye and Bye”)—J. Hill
Work for All but Father—Henry M. Tichenor
Mr. “Dooley” on Industry—Finley Peter Dunne
Lines to a Pomeranian Puppy Valued at $3,500—Louis Untermeyer (1885–1977)
Labor and Capital Are One (From The “Game of Life”)—Bolton Hall
Mr. Dooley” on Prosperity—Finley Peter Dunne
Why the Socialist Party Is Growing (Dedicated to the School of Journalism)—Franklin P. Adams (1881–1960)
The Babble Machines (From “When the Sleeper Wakes”)—H. G. Wells (1866–1946)
The Ballad of Kiplingson—Robert Buchanan
Militancy—Israel Zangwill (1864–1926)
Mr. Dooley” on Woman Suffrage—Finley Peter Dunne
Heloise sans Abelard (A Modern Scholar on a Mediæval Nun)—Joel Elias Spingarn (1875–1939)
In the Shadows: the Priest—Arthur Upson
Thinking—Anatole France (1844–1924)
The Tail of the World—John Amid