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Jacob A. Riis (1849–1914). Theodore Roosevelt, the Citizen. 1904.

Page 427

  ON FELLOWSHIP (in address to New York State Conference on Church Federation): “People make an unspeakable mistake when they quarrel about the boundary line between them. They have a common enemy to face, who demands united attention and united action.”
  ON HOW TO HELP A NEIGHBOR: “In charity the one thing always to be remembered is that while any man may slip and should at once be helped to rise to his feet, yet no man can be carried with advantage either to him or to the community.”
  “If a man permits largeness of heart to degenerate into softness of head he inevitably becomes a nuisance in any relation of life.”
  “If, with the best of intentions, we can only manage to deserve the epithet of ‘harmless,’ it is hardly worth while to have lived in the world at all.”
  ON SUCCESS IN LIFE (in speech at LaCrosse, Wis., 1903): “If you want your children to be successful, you should teach them the life that is worth living, is worth working