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Jacob A. Riis (1849–1914). Theodore Roosevelt, the Citizen. 1904.

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coming. Of how he has helped all of us we heard the echo in the resolution that instructed the delegates of Luzerne County, Pennsylvania, the first to be chosen anywhere to the National Convention of the Republican party, to vote for him for President.
  “We admire the courage,” it ran, “that prompts him to do right to all men, without respect to race, color, or condition. We trust that he may long be spared to stand as an example of virile American manhood, fearing nothing but failure to do his duty toward God and man.”
  When that can be truly said of a man, the rest matters little. To him apply the words of Washington, which will never die:
  “Let us rear a standard to which the wise and the honest may repair. The event is in the hands of God.”