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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

VI. National

Hatikvah—A Song of Hope—Naphtali Herz Imber (Trans. Henry Snowman)
Zionist Marching Song—Naphtali Herz Imber (Trans. Israel Zangwill)
Onward—J. M. Manicoff
On!—George Benedict
To the Glory of Jerusalem—Judah Ha-Levi
Jerusalem—P. C. L.
Zion—Louis Federleicht
A Song of Zion—Walter Vernon-Epstein
The Shoshanah—George E. Chodowsky
The Return—R. E. I.
On to the Promised Land—Rufus Learsi
To Zion—M. B. S.
Zionism—Samuel Roth
Wandering—Samuel Roth
The Promised Land—Jessie E. Sampter
Jerusalem—John Kebble Hervey
The Wailing Place in Jerusalem—Louis Federleicht
Lament of the Daughters of Zion—J. F.
Longing for Jerusalem—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Emma Lazarus)
Awakening—Jessie E. Sampter
Daughter of Zion—Anonymous
But Who Shall See?—Thomas Moore
The Latter Day—Thomas Hastings
And Zion Be the Glory Yet”—Anonymous
The Harp of Zion—James Willis
The Restoration of Israel—James Montgomery
Israel’s God—Lawrence Cohen
He Watcheth Over Israel—Solomon L. Long
Tis to the East—Anonymous
Ee-Chovoud—S. R. Hirsch
The Dawn of Hope—C. Pessels
The Jews Weeping in Jerusalem—James Wallis Eastburn
Dying in Jerusalem—Thomas Ragg
When I Think of Thee, O Zion—John D. Nussbaum
Good Tidings to Zion—Thomas Kelly
A Cry for Zion—L. Smirnow
A Song of Zion—Carroll Ryan
Zionism—Miriam Blaustein
Zionism—Herbert N. Carson
Rallying Song—Jessie E. Sampter
In the Land of Our Fathers—K. L. Sillman
On to the East—Naphtali Herz Imber (Trans. Rebecca A. Altman)
The Cedars of Lebanon—Henry Schnittkind
O Sweet Anemones!—Jessie E. Sampter
Zion—Eugene Kohn
The Awakening of Israel—Anonymous
Sing Unto God a New Song—Eugene Kohn
In Exile—Morris Rosenfeld (Trans. Isidore Myers)
Psalm CXXVI—I. R. B.
Zionism—Joseph Leiser
Theodore Herzl—Felix N. Gerson
To Theodore Herzl—Gustav Gottheil (Trans. George Alexander Kohut)
Theodore Herzl—Israel Zangwill
Theodore Herzl—Harry Myers
The Poet’s Spirit—Joseph Fitzpatrick
A Hymn of Zion—Joel Blau