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Joseph Friedlander, comp. The Standard Book of Jewish Verse. 1917.

V. Liturgical

Hymn of Unity—Samuel Ben Kalonymus (Trans. Alice Lucas)
The Hymn of Glory—Judah He-Hasid (Trans. Israel Zangwill)
The Hymn of Glory—(Trans. I. A.)
Hymn of Glory—(Trans. Alice Lucas)
The Kaddish—W. W.
Ode on Chazanuth—Nina Davis
Adon Olam—D. A. de Sola
Adon Olam—Israel Zangwill
Adon Olam—George Borrow
Paraphrase of Adon Olam—David Nunes Carvalho
Adon Olam—Anonymous
Adon Olam—Jessie E. Sampter
Adon Olam—Israel Gollancz
Our Creed—J. Leonard Levy
Yigdal—Israel Zangwill
Yigdal—Florence Ahronsberg
Yigdal—Philip Abraham
Yigdal—Alice Lucas
The Mezuzah—Alter Abelson
Tephillin—Aaron Schaffer
Morning Song—Henry S. Jacobs
Morning Song—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Alice Lucas)
Song of Israel to God—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Alice Lucas)
Morning Invocation—Solomon Ibn Gabirol
The Night Prayer—Florence Weisberg
Bless’d art Thou, O Lord of all”—Alice Lucas
Cause us, our Father, to lie down in peace”—Alice Lucas
Nishmas—Florence Weisberg
Nishmas—Penina Moïse
Adoration—David Levy
The Benediction—Harry Weiss
Grace After Meals—Anonymous (Trans. Alice Lucas)
Man, the Image of God—Penina Moïse
Grace for the Sabbath—Alice Lucas
Faith—Alice Lucas
Rude Are the Tabernacles Now—Anonymous
God Is Nigh to Contrite Hearts—David Levy
A Prayer—Alice Lucas
A Prayer—V. H. Friedlander
Sacred Lyric—Isidore G. Ascher
The Voice of God—M. M.
Prayer—Solomon Ibn Gabirol
Hope for the Salvation of the Lord—Abraham Ibn Ezra
God Everywhere—Abraham Ibn Ezra (Trans. D. E. de L.)
The Living God—Abraham Ibn Ezra (Trans. Alice Lucas)
A Song of Life—Abraham Ibn Ezra (Trans. E. N. A.)
God, Whom Shall I Compare to Thee?—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Alice Lucas)
O Lord, I Call on Thee—Abraham Ibn Ezra
Lord, Thou Great Jehovah—Albert Frank Hoffmann
Lord, Do Thou Guide Me—Alice Lucas
Song of the Dew—(Trans. Solomon Solis Cohen)
And the Heavens Shall Yield Their Dew—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Solomon Solis Cohen)
The Burning of the Law—Meir of Rothenberg (Trans. Nina Davis)
The Royal Crown—Israel Abrahams
New Year Hymn—Joseph Krauskopf
The Royal Crown—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Rebecca A. Altman)
Servant of God—Judah Ha-Levi (Trans. Israel Zangwill)
Yea, More Than They—Alice Lucas
Adonai Melech—(Trans. Solomon Solis Cohen)
Thee I Will Seek—Simeon ben Isaac ben Abun (Trans. Israel Zangwill)
Even as the Daily Offering—Solomon ben Abun (Trans. Alice Lucas)
Supplication—Jose ben Jose
Lo! As the Potter Mouldeth—Elsie Davis
Happy He Who Saw of Old—Solomon Ibn Gabirol (Trans. Alice Lucas)
The Lifting of Mine Hands—Mordecai ben Shabbethai (Trans. Nina Davis)
Since We Be Standing—Ephraim ben Isaac (Trans. Nina Davis)
I Am the Suppliant—Baruch ben Samuel (Trans. Nina Davis)
All the World Shall Come to Serve Thee—(Trans. Israel Zangwill)
In the Height and Depth of His Burning—Meshullam Ben Kalonymus (Trans. Israel Zangwill)
Lord, I Remember—Mordecai ben Shabbethai (Trans. Nina Davis)