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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Hymns. V. “Their names are names of kings”

Samuel John Stone (1839–1900)

The “Athletes of the Universe”
(An expression used by S. Chrysostom)

THEIR names are names of kings

Of heavenly line,

The bliss of earthly things

Who did resign.

Chieftains they were, who warr’d

With sword and shield;

Victors for GOD the LORD

On foughten field.

Sad were their days on earth,

’Mid hate and scorn;

A life of pleasures dearth,

A death forlorn.

Yet blest that end in woe,

And those sad days;

Only man’s blame below—

Above, GOD’S praise!

A city of great name

Was built for them,

Of glorious golden fame—


Redeemed with precious Blood

From death and sin,

Sons of the Triune GOD,

They entered in.

So did the life of pain

In glory close;

LORD GOD, may we attain

Their grand repose!