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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By I. Death (“Slowly, slowly, darkening”)

Samuel Greg (1804–1877)

SLOWLY, slowly darkening

The evening hours roll on;

And soon behind the cloud-land

Will sink my setting sun.

Around my path life’s mysteries

Their deepening shadows throw

And as I gaze and ponder,

They dark and darker grow.

But there’s a voice above me

Which says, “Wait, trust, and pray;

The night will soon be over,

And light will come with day.”

Father! the light and darkness

Are both alike to Thee;

Then to Thy waiting servant,

Alike they both shall be.

The great unending future,

I cannot pierce its shroud;

Yet nothing doubt, nor tremble,

God’s bow is on the cloud.

To Him I yield my spirit;

On Him I lay my load:

Fear ends with death; beyond it

I nothing see but GOD.

Thus moving towards the darkness

I calmly wait His call,

Now seeing,—fearing nothing;

But hoping, trusting—all!