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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Selected Sonnets. V. Flamborough Lighthouse

Richard Wilton (1827–1903)

(From Bridlington)

AS on the beach, moist with an ebbing tide,

Pensive I wandered at the close of day,

I saw a crimson beacon, miles away,

Beam suddenly above the waters wide.

Then chancing to look downwards, I espied

Burning across the sands, a level ray,

Which, moving as I moved, before me lay,

And the low shore with a red glory dyed.

Thus, o’er the rolling ages, lifted high,

The beacon of the Cross afar I see,

And through the misty centuries strain my eye;

But bright reflections from that Crimson Tree

Across the sands of Time stretch sweetly nigh,

Right to my feet, as if for none but me!