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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By The Sundial of Armoy (1847) (Selected Lyrics). II. Heavenly Changes in the Departed

Richard Mant (1776–1848)

O COME the day-spring never ending,

When, freed from sin and sinful stain,

With the free soul the body blending

Shall rise again!

Till, sown in weakness, rais’d in power,

All glorious rais’d, all worthless sown,

Purged from earth’s dross, the golden ore

Heaven’s impress own.

And life mortality shall banish,

And health efface corruption’s spot,

And death by death self-stricken vanish,

And sin be not.

Then, angel-like, their God adoring,

Just men the angels’ course shall run,

In God’s own realm a brightness pouring

Forth as the sun.

God’s city theirs, a holier dwelling

Than Sion’s mount and Salem’s gates,

God’s temple, where devotion telling

His glory waits.

All sin, all grief, all death, for ever

Shall cease; and kind affection’s tie,

Which death erewhile for once could sever

New life supply.