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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By I. “From hidden source arising”

Richard Frederick Littledale (1833–1890)

FROM hidden source arising,

A mighty river ran,

Through Eden’s pleasant garden,

Where God created man.

Thence, parted into branches,

In four great streams it rolled,

To water fields and vineyards,

To wash down sands of gold.

And so, from highest heaven,

The Lord, the Holy Dove,

In fourfold manner sends us

The tale of Jesu’s love.

The tale whose words are golden,

The tale whose flood divine

Makes glad the Lord’s own garden

With plenteous corn and wine.

Four are the sacred voices,

The story is but one;

In fourfold wise they praise Him,

The Sole-Begotten Son.

A Man is Matthew’s emblem,

And Mark’s the Lion’s might,

The Ox is Luke’s fit token,

And John’s the Eagle’s flight.

True Man St. Matthew speaks Him,

Mark gives the Victor laud,

Luke tells of His oblation,

And John proclaims Him God.

To Him, the King and Victim,

The God, whom Mary bore,

With Father and with Spirit

Be praise for evermore.