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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By II. The Two Wills (“Oft as I act”)

Philip Stanhope Worsley (1831–1866)

OFT as I act, or think, or speak,

Comes battle of two Wills within,

This like an infant poor and weak,

That like a Demon strong for sin.

This labours, flutteringly alive,

As if a cold spark went and came

That other doth against it drive

Red torrents of devouring flame.

Yet, mark th’ exceeding Power of God,

How like a rock His Promise stands—

That Demon to the dust is trod,

Slain by the feeble Infant hands.

That fluttering life so faint and cold,

That one pale spark of pure desire

Sun-like arises, and behold!

God’s Rainbow in the falls of fire.

O Mystery far beyond my thought!

I trembled on the brink of Hell:

Into what Paradise am I caught!

What Heavenly anthems round me swell!