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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Original Hymns. II. The Communion of Saints

John Mason Neale (1818–1866)

(From “Hymns for the Young”)

Acts xii. 15.

THEY whose course on earth is o’er,

Think they of their brethren more?

They before the Throne who bow,

Feel they for their brethren now?

Yea, the dead in Christ have still

Part in all our joy and ill;

Keeping all our steps in view,

Guiding them, it may be, too.

We by enemies distrest,

They in Paradise at rest;

We the captives,—they the freed,—

We and they are one indeed:

One in all we seek or shun;

One, because our Lord is One;

One in Home, and one in love;

We below, and they above.

Those whom many a land divides,

Many a mighty sea besides,

Have they with each other part?

Have they fellowship in heart?

Each to each may be unknown,

Wide apart their lot be thrown;

Differing tongues their lips may speak,

One be strong, and one be weak:

Yet in Sacrament and prayer

Each with other hath a share;

Hath a share in tear and sigh,

Watch, and Fast, and Litany.

With each other join they here

In affliction, doubt, and fear;

That hereafter they may be

Join’d, O Lord, in bliss with Thee.

Now our hearts and voice we raise,

And we share in Angels’ praise:

Rendering worship, thanks, and love,

To the Trinity above!