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Alfred H. Miles, ed. The Sacred Poets of the Nineteenth Century. 1907.

By Translated Hymns. I. “Sing Alleluia forth”

John Ellerton (1826–1893)

Mozarabic Breviary

SING Alleluia forth in duteous praise,

Ye citizens of heaven; O sweetly raise

An endless Alleluia.

Ye Powers who stand before the Eternal Light,

In hymning choirs re-echo to the height

An endless Alleluia.

The Holy City shall take up your strain,

And with glad songs resounding wake again

An endless Alleluia.

In blissful antiphons ye thus rejoice

To render to the Lord with thankful voice

An endless Alleluia.

Ye who have gained at length your palms in bliss,

Victorious ones, your chant shall still be this,

An endless Alleluia.

There, in one grand acclaim, for ever ring

The strains which tell the honour of your King,

An endless Alleluia.

This is sweet rest for weary ones brought back,

This is glad food and drink which ne’er shall lack,

An endless Alleluia.

While Thee, by whom were all things made, we praise

For ever, and tell out in sweetest lays

An endless Alleluia.

Almighty Christ, to Thee our voices sing

Glory for evermore; to Thee we bring

An endless Alleluia.